Wednesday, September 22, 2010


Well, well, Rien is here AGAIN cause she is once AGAIN addicted to some new game....

Minecraft ftw.

Also, I logged back into CoH.

I made a new bio:

This character is a memento. I ruined 1,600 people's fun. I brought the
house down ontop of my enemies... I had friends in the same room with them. I
miss Guyver. I miss the big SG vs small SG wars, the DK vs Chronos fights. I
miss building for King, Viggy farming on Vicodin. I miss jumping from group to
group, browsing members and items alike.

I miss being the natural outcast.

I want it all to go back to when the empire crushed people, but we never
lost hope. With nothing to fight for, I fell.

I am 14, I deserved to be exiled. I fought the odds, my "friends" destroyed
the structure.

I wish I never bought that stupid mic.

Now, I have no group. I am ashamed to be with Chronos, guilty if I am with
my "friends."

I'm sorry, Chronos.

Thats me. BSW. The memento.

I am tired, so damn tired, of this whole thing.

I need to get Guyver back.

I need Chronos back.

I need to never play an online game again. If my friends get hurt when I am angry, I don't want to make other people sad.

I need a second chance. I need another way. I need to make everything right again, I need to find the solution.

Which is why I am asking you, readers, to help. Right now, all I know is Guyver is playing WoW. If you play, scour your server.

Help me look for him.

I need to make things right.


Saturday, August 28, 2010


My 60th post. Yay....?

Well, over the 60 posts ive seen my reader count jump from 8 to over 180, then down to 18.

What happened, guys?


Monday, August 23, 2010

Wonderful news!

Ohkaaaay here we go!

Alright, so I have this friend named Brooke, and she is like my big sister! I totally love the girl, and she reads this blog, and so then she showed it to her professor at school, and apparently he loves it! He uses it as an example in class, and has suggested his students start a blog!!!!

I got her like a million gajillion extra credit points too :D

So, Mr. Professor, can you do me a favor? I AM actually aspiring to be a writer, and would LOVE constructive criticism, and my email is right over this way <~ so it would be nice for you to get in touch! I LOVE more people reading my blog, and yes, I DO look up to Brooke! She is a lovely, sweet, caring, and brilliant person, and I am sorry I skipped over her, but I... uh forgot, i guess. I have a short attention spa-i bet you were waiting me to say something like 'oOOOH A SQUIRREL," but, sadly, no squirrels live inside a monitor of a PC. to continue-n, so I apologise... Oh, and THANKS FOR SHOWING MY WORK!!!!!!!!!!!! No amount of exclamation marks can show my gratitude, so instead I just found a picture of a lion riding a horse:

And now that my thanks are done and said, heres the news!!!!

I am playing RydahStory now, the popular hack of Maplestory. Yeah, yeah, ethics and such, but, hey! Its a fun game! Its a private server, no one else is on it but hackers!!!! hacking is only bad because of the disadvantage it gives to players, but with only hackers, there IS nothing wrong. I am Rienuaaa, a Warriorbased female with over 80 reborns. Maxxed str, dex, and luk, almost done with Int. I have a 60% scrolled Timeless Excecutioner, and a WOmens Bathrobe, and then transparent everything else that covers dragon armor, zakum helm, and a 53/53/53/53 horntail pendant. Godlyness. Period.

And in OTHER news: I am STILL hooked on WAR t1 twinkies. I AM GOD IN THAT GAME! Over 2,ooo solo RvR kills, and 38 deaths. My gear is not only godly, but it doesnt exist anymore. I am the ONLY ONE WITH MY ARMOR!! *grins evily*

Alright, ran outa typing time cause my dads doing boring work crap.


Monday, August 16, 2010


Ah, my altitis makes a comeback, and I both character and server hopped! Now I am WassupWorld, a level 35+ Aran with a Blizzard Polearm and an awesome haircut! I am so loving how easy Maplestory is...

Ah, I got my braces off, too, so now I just have a retainer!

Today must be "good news day" or something.


Tuesday, August 10, 2010


Well...... ahaha i cant stop laughing!!!!!! Hehehe! Wow.... hehehehe!!! I mean... ahaha!!!!!! Ok, ok.... *snicker snicker* ok ok ok! I was playing Maplestory, alright, and in maplestory you buy NX at a rate of 1k for 1 dollar, so like 10 bucks gets you 10,000 NX. And, with every currency-tied in game, there are hackers. Maplestory has a hacker rate higher than any other MMO besides combat arms (i actually looked it up... lol i can haz no life) but its mostly injectormemory packets, stuff that gives you powers or godmade or crap. No one really strays into the area of NX, seeing as you can get into HUUUGE legal trouble for literally counterfitting money. So, im walking to the FM, and lo and behold, a megaphonepops up, advertising for gamecom, the #1 hack website, with a special deal. 10,000 NX for only $11.5. Now, I just figured something out. Why the hell would anyone pay an extra $1.5 for counterfit NX? You get your account banned for only a dollar and a half more then you would pay for the NX. That makes no sense. Who the hell would pay for that? It seems so dumb for them to try to charge more for something thats readily available.... I honestly cant stop giggling in my head.... I think that might be my new forum sig for MS forums: "$10 NX for only eleven fifty! THAT makes sense!"

Moving on: I just finished re-reading "Funny Misshapen Body," a memoir by Jeffrey Brown. I think that might be my second favorite book, my favorite being "Gamer Girl," by Mari Mancuosi. Its the story of him having Crohns disease and him writing his other books. i reccomend it for any summer reading.

Well, im heading back to Maple World.

Rieniuiaa, level 42 Evan!!!!!


Thursday, August 5, 2010

A long and overdue goodbye.

Well, here it is....

1) Viggy: I am going to miss you the most. I am not kidding. You are like my father I wanted to have, I don't want to say goodbye but I think I have to. I know the day I heard your voice was the day you had teeth pulled... I also know that you are a good person. Never forget that. You have the intergrety I don't, and I always appreciated your crude sense of humor... I mean, listen: If you were able to make such a difference on a 14 year olds life, you can't be stupid or a bad person. I see the good in you, and you know what I mean. I've tried to tell you this before, but I never found the oportunity. You are my best friend, Viggy. Think about that.

2) TnT: Well, I am finally going to say it. You didn't like me, did you. Well, see, I have this saying: If you like me, then alright, if you don't, FUCK YOU! Well, TnT. Fuck you. There have been reasons for me to jump to the conclusion that you don't enjoy listening to me, but, yeesh. I am just glad I wont have to listen to you correct me anymore. Oh, and by the way. Jew camp.

3) Paul: Well.... Paul doesn't know who I am anymore. FAIL, Paul.

4) Phantom: My god, you are a good person. I will be logging in from time to time, you know, so don't boot Psionic Ninja from the roster, I'd love to work on your base while you were out then you come back to a brand new room! Oh, and... Phantom, I appreciate your friendship. It seemed to me that you really appreciated my work. You were the only person that still trusted me after Viggy lost his trust. Thank you.

To be continued ~


AKA: Server: Galacia:
Rieniuiaa, 40+ Evan, guild: DragonStar

come visit me..... please!

Monday, August 2, 2010

Maplestory Time!

Ahah! I KNEW I was due for a MMO change, and, by god, I've found it! Maplestory may not be invlving in the people sense, but it makes up for it with cute graphics and the fact that I pwn.

My characters:

Rieniuiaa, 35+ Evan;
2BladesohYeah, 40+ Acolyte (my bros);
TwilightGrip, 10 Cygnus, used as a bank.

I started WAY later then my bro, but I am catching up fast!

Oh, and bad news....

CoH.... I dont think I will be playing anymore.



Thursday, July 29, 2010

My Brute

Ok, I found this totally addictive awesome automated game!

click the link, fight my brute!


Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Uh oh!

Well, it's finally happened. I am bored of CoH.

I think it's time for me to give WoW a real chance. That may be the only MMO immersive enough for my tastes.


Thursday, July 1, 2010

Everything is... just peachy

Huh. Nothin to complain about. I must be losing my touch, which guarentees that I cannot spell guarentee, nor make friends for more then 2 weeks without showin my true colors (rainbowtastical) and losing what trust I had made.

Scary. Something must be wrong.

In other news, turns out Mental's black, Viggy's skinny, Cinder and Rezzez are getting it on, Guyvers in WoW, Paul is also black, and Bens in taiwan.



Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Alright alright

Seems like every time I open my mouth I dig my grave a little deeper.

Ben left for Taiwan yesterday, hes gone all summer.

I miss him....


Friday, June 25, 2010

The Best Description

I wish I had superpowers. I want to be super. I want to be happy, I want to do
things I can't do in real life. I want to be someone, something, not just the
background. I feel so alone... There are so many things I want to do before my
mind becomes totally blank.....

Thats what I wrote a while back, when I was all depressed and shit. I still am depressed and shit, mind you, just this time, it isnt Guyvers fault.

I think, this time, its totally my fault.

I shouldnt have raided the base. Viggy says people are afraid of me now. I wanted to have a reputation, just not as a terrible person...................

Huh. Karma, you really screwed me this time. Last time, all you took was my family. This time, you took my escape from reality.


The Final Update

Viggy, this post is for you.

I'm sorry, Viggy. I still don't honestly know what I did wrong, but... but... but... I want to still play. I just don't want to play like this. The group that you made, it's all my friends. I don't steal from friends. I want to talk to them, but I can't because you'll ban me. I think I overreact a lot, but I'd never destroy anything!!! I MADE the base! You finished it, yeah, but.... I'm sorry it took so long. There've been a lot of things on my mind, mostly why everyone seems to hate me online. I knew it... i knew that you didn't like me. I thought that you just took me in so you wouldn't feel guilty. I'm not a good player, am I. I am horrible with other people. I've alienated almost all of my friends, and you Global Ignoring me is the mark of you hating me. I don't know what to do, or what to say.... Please, un-ban me! I live for this game! I'll do whatever you want... I just want to see my friends again. I want to talk to you again. You were my first friend from vent. you stuck up for me. I left Chronos for you. You introduced me to Brooke. You let me build, apparently horrible builder I may be. I'll remember this game not for the game but for the people, and you are the first one that comes to mind. I'll also miss Brooke, Paul, Allastair, Rezzez, Platinum man, TnT, and the rest of you guys. I love City of Heroes..... I don't know how to apologise for something I can't apologise for, but here I go anyway....

I'm sorry, Viggy. I really am.

Thanks for listening, thanks for reading, thanks for the boyfriend advice... Thanks for sticking up for me, for making mey laugh time and again.

I really.... I.... I.... I'm sorry.

And, if you don't accept my apology, feel free to take my Enhancements from the bin. They we're mine... All of them. I had 7 in my inventory, plus the ones I crafted, plus the ones I got from reward rolls. I swear to god I made all of them. I'll take you to the blueside base, on Virtue, to see the logs, too. You can look at all of the logs. On Dark Kingdom, I put ALL OF IT BACK BEFORE you asked me to. I took one, worthless IO. Its not stealing if I made them 100k prestiege before I joined Chronos. I don't steal. I scavenge. Dead bases are free for alls, you know that. I was flipping through the base along with someone else, who had a lower rank then me so I got the best things. You can have the blueside stuff too. Theres some nice stuff on Kinetics Stalker. If you want, I'll strip my toon and pass you the IOs. I want you guys to have good stuff.... I'll just blow my money on some nice crap then put it in the bin.

And finally, goodbye, Viggy. If you don't accept my apology, at least let me say goodbye.


Sunday, June 20, 2010

Of course

Honestly..... I not sure where to begin.

Why do you guys always explain things slower to me? Treat me like a bad player, not like a child.


On another note, according to my blog (miniature blog) i met LegacyX befor he joined Dark Kingdom. Huh. Small world. Small Paragon City, that is.

I was also the first to join Dark Kingdom on my Fire Fire dom, Fire Enforcer.



Friday, June 18, 2010

Ventrilo.......... what a stupid name for a program.

Teamspeak was better. I mean, you SPEAK to your TEAM.

Right now, all vents doing is puttin me with my enemies.

Yeah, i know. I was finally banned from Chronos vent. Fuck you, Red Hot Lips. Drama? MY ASS! YOU are starting this drama. I just logged in. Thanks for the warning. I still dont know what I did wrong.

At least Viggy, my newest best online friend, is being cool. He's a nice person.... a very nice person. I think maybe he is smarter then everyone thinks. I know he gets a lot of flack from Chronos... Sigh.

I miss talking to Brooke.

At least Rezzez seems nice, i suppose.

She can build bases though. Not as good as a certain someone, *ahem*, but still, her desks are stacked well.


Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Viggy's Playhouse

Of course, what a great name. >:P

Hehe.... my little groups been running strong now!

Seeing as Chronos is reforming, im pissed as hell, but killing the head of the Hydra is good, right?



Monday, June 14, 2010

Whoop de DOO DAH!


Holy shit holy shit holy shit holy shit CHRONOS DISBANDED! GUYVER QUIT COH! THE COALITION IS BROKEN!

I'm being serious here..... this is awesome. We... the little group I've been with, the ones who quit.... we single-handedly TOOK THAT SUKKAFISH DOWN!!!!!

Special thankies toooooooOOO:

Viggy, for being a very very good friend.

Brooke, for consoling me with the Vent harassment and being a great eSister.

King, for letting me basebuild,

Taz, for taking us in after we quit,

Hawks, for being a good guy, being awesomely hilarious, and for keeping Brooke informed,

Me, for being a bystander who did nothing but is taking credit for this,

Deasile, for his (maybe his, not sure... O.o whos vent IS this???!!!!??) vent,

She-Woman, for AV, EB, Boss, Liutenna(however the hell you spell it, i give up), minion, and underling class types,

Hell's Surgeon, for i19: Stranger Danger,

Blue Shadow Flare, for teaming with me so many times I lost count (stalkerz!!),

Bear, for doing nothing I can report seeing as I have only heard him in passing,

Dark Lord Death, for being retarded,

My Dad, for forcing me off the computer at 9:30 sharp so I can JUUST miss all the fun... oh, wait... why is HE here?

My Brother, for all of the stuff I stripped off his retired toons,

Seth Adonis, for being my BFF like 8 months ago, leading me to talk about him on my mini-blog, so then he googles himself while oversees to find me and send me a heartfelt and awesomely kind message reporting that seeing his name on there changed his week around for the better,

As well as anyone else I may have missed and/or skipped over cause I hate you secretly.

Tah Tah for now!!!!!


What Really Happened (sorta)

Well, well, well...... this is a messy situation. Very messy indeed......

I'm not sure where to begin, other then the beginning, so I guess I'll start there.

long story......... dont trust ANYTHING red hot lips says about it. Shes lying, or just not saying anything. Guyver presents a one sided story. theyre using Viggy as a scapegoat for the recent blueside base destruction. its messy stuff, sis. messy. Asking Viggy is the best bet, he doesnt wanna talk about it tho. Deasile is biased. Bear is biased. There are no right answers. I pieced together a basic story tho.... Viggy is leader, as you know. He was friends and teaming with Deasile. Guyver is blaming Deasile and bear for the blueside base destruction, in which an entire base was ransacked and destroyed. All the IOs were gone, the salvage made stuff was destroyed. There were screenshots in which a oon that looked like Bears was in. Theyre using viggy as the scapegoat which passed red star to Bear who then tore it apart. Viggy was conftronted by guyver, he denied the claims, he was forced to choose between Chronos and his friends. Viggy stepped down, a lot of people like TnT ragequitted Chronos, and the fractured propaganda is being filtered throughout Chronos making it look like Viggy and our gang planned the whole thing. Taz and her DK took us in, offered us a home (DK Pvp) but we declined, Viggy started Viggy's Playhouse, and here we are. We're using a borrowed vent and minimal prestiege, but I'm building for us and people are having fun. We wont recruit for this. I guess we finally made a home. Also, Bear is only SUSPECTED of basecrashing, never proved.

I wrote this for Brooke, copypasting works well for me. This is what i THINK happened, not what did. I think I am wrong, honestly, but with the minimal clues I've gotten this seems like the most logical choice.


Saturday, June 12, 2010

In Conclusion

Well, this is it. I finally quit Chronos. Seems they kicked Viggy, too, which is a biiig part of why I am leaving. He's a really nice guy. To bad Guyver is so selfish he fails to realize how much we've done for the Coalition. I build bases for him. Viggy gets millions of prestiege and farms people. We both make jokes on vent, do mishes to help, badgehunt with lowbies and people needing accolades. He did literally nothing wrong in my eyes. I don't understand the politics of groups in this game. I honestly think WAR was easier to understand. The people there followed patterns, more so then in here. I am a people person, but not in the way anyone understands. I play online games to dominate people in my minds. I guess I'm crazy, I think I might be insane, but I honestly don't think it makes a difference. I play to play with people. In real life, I don't have any leverage. In online worlds, I can make some.

I'm not sure how to handle this situation.

I think maybe I should quit CoH altogether. I downloaded the Worl of Warcraft 30 day trial, maybe I can make some peons.....

More so then in Paragon City or the Rouge Isles.

I miss The Mystic Defenders. My god, what a fun SG. I had people to obey me, back then. Man....

Sigh. It seems nowadays my age gets ahead of me. No one takes me seriously. I am 14, yes, but do I act like one? Do I talk like one? I am mature, more so then anyone I've met my age. I feel so oppressed, like I can't find myself in my characters anymore. I base them off of what I wish I was.

I wish I had superpowers. I want to be super. I want to be happy, I want to do things I can't do in real life. I want to be someone, something, not just the background. I feel so alone... There are so many things I want to do before my mind becomes totally blank.....

I want to meet the Joker. He is my idol, more so then Kor. The perfect example of who I'd like to be. No remorse. No powers. Just what I want to do.

I feel insane. I probobly am insane.

I don't know what to do.........


Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Death Roll

Yeah, I feel like I'm on it.

I am so tired of Vent. I am so tired of Chronos. It's just so hard to.... withstand being wrong ALL THE TIME!

God, I suck at this game.

I wish I never told anyone about my age.

Sorry, Brooke.... Sorry. Thats it. There you go. Have fun, have a nice time, I hope I'll still be in Chronos when you get back from wherever you're going.



Monday, June 7, 2010

My side of the story

Like anyone cares.

Alright, alright. Fine. Fine. Ill get off your fucking vent server. You guys have banned people before, no need to TAKE A FUCKING VOTE! Just send me a kick, ill move along, but nooOOO! You guy just HAVE to drag this out! I mean, OH MY GOD!

A 14 year old in vent. Imagine how I FUCKING FEEL!

You have no IDEA what its like to log onto a server and get massive logs from people! You guys have NO IDEA! I dont CARE if im a leader, if my FUCKING PRESENCE DISTRUPTS THINGS KICK ME FROM THE MOTHERFKKING SERVER! ITS NOT THAT GODDAMNED HARD! You guys are AFRAID to kick me! AFRAID! Jesus christ! And you guys treat me like a BABY! Im 14, yes, but IM MORE MATURE THEN A LOT OF PEOPLE AND DESERVE TO BE TREATED WITH RESPECT! I curse my ass off in there and NO RESPONSE! I am NO DIFFERENT then anyone else! TREAT ME FAIRLY!


Well the thing that REALLY sets me off is your COWARDICE! you guys are AFRAID! That somehow MR KARMA is going to walk up and kick you in the FUCKING BALLS! I am a nerd, NOT A 14 YEAR OLD GIRL! I will NOT call the police, show up at your house, make you feel guilty, ect. Suuuuuure, being nice to me is great, but do what is the best intrest of the SG, not what your personal concience says.


And I cant honestly stress the importance of kicking people. Thats what makes you a good leader. Its right there in the F'ING DILBERT PRINCIPAL! GET RID OF THE ASSHOLES! IF IM AN ASSHOLE, GET RID OF ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


*Bangs desk with head*

Dont get me wrong, i love it when you people stick up for me, but reforming the vent situation, changing all the rules, screwing with the order of things is.... iss..... pathetic.


Another update.

Now Viggy only owes me a bike.



Saturday, June 5, 2010

An update is in order, i suppose

Viggy now owes me a bike and a rematch, he gave me the exps already.

Also, forgot to include Brooke, my NEW big sister, who seems to enjoy being a girl on the net as much as I do. Like, I sign into vent to hear her, and my respnse is "Oh my god! A girl on the internet? Those exist?" :P

Also also, i apologise Guyver, I do not think you're odd, its just like a sort of sibling rivalry. You should feel proud, usually I'm not jealous of anyone I meet, but right now i sure as hell am. I want ur SG guyver!


Thursday, June 3, 2010

Revenge of the Stupid

Well now! I havent been posting in a while, lemme fill you readers in on the details:

I am in CoH mode now..... god, that game rocks! Playing my newest 50, Black Soldier Widow (called BSW) is the most fun i've had with a toon in a MMO in a loooong time.

I finally got a mic! Now i'm inhabiting and annoying the Chronos channel, in which i met 2 new friends, who are.....

1) Viggy.
Viggy is a Zoalord, a funny person, and a very compassionate "internet wierdo" who has so far been totally awesome to me. Also, he owes me a bike, a rematch, and 2 nem farm runs. I think his name is "mike" or "michael" or something, and he recently had teeth pulled. I think he's going to Florida soon.

2)Hot Lips.
Another girl on the channel, she is viggys bff. occasionally chiming in to comment on the idiocy of other players (such as super-Derek, a retard who spammed a raid with retarded macros the entire time) and the stupidness of ITF quitters. I dunno how old she is, but she sounds mature.

Also on vent i met a few other characters of note:

1) Guyver.
He is the leader of Chronos, and to be honest, he gives me the willies. If he's reading this right now, dont boot me for my opinions, i am not trying to insult you. I am simply stating that those who like to lead (IE me) dont get along with other leaders. I have rather prominent authority issues, but I am not so stupid as to insult him in full, but I just think something's off. On top of that, he is a nice guy, or should i say guyVER (terrible joke, no?) and he seems to love leading.

2) Dark Lord Death.
Now, heres an interesting one. This guy is, in my opinion, a completely idiotic immature bitch with no talent and a horrible temprement. I honestly could name 10 times where I and other members of both Chronos and DK have gotten him kicked. He was GlobalBanned from DK, not sure about Chronos, but the only reason i dont have him on global ignore is cause i feel sorry for him. This guy is so annoying it honestly amazes me how oblivious he is. I think he needs to go find another mmo, cause I am close to seeking him out and taking a ballpeen hammer to both his tower and his face.

3) King.
Ah, King. That was MY name, you namestealer! King Dragon Blade, or just "King" was MY thing! He gave me a BaseBuilding job, so I can't complain, and the 30-40 mil he's given me has helped me tolerate this rip-off of my identity, but I still have to remind myself to not respong to King in broadcast or coalition chat.

4) Bane Shake.
My biffle..... man, he's awesome! Ive ran with him for as long as I can remember, and this guy totally knows how to make me laugh. from saying "Hai!!!!" to me in Coalition to just plain being great, this guy totally deserves some prize.

5) Kiyoshii.
This Fire/Kin has PLed me a lot, and I have taken a liking to him/her. 'Nuff said.

Ok, thats all I can think of!



Monday, May 24, 2010

Warhammer: I miss u!!!

I miss WAR. I logged on Rienuaa today..... the new patch seems to be going good. I figured that with the Scen Currency x3 i'd have enough to at least afford one trophy, but that is not the case. I dont think the multiplier has applied yet, or maybe the idea was nerfed, but I remember reading in the patch notes they were getting multiplied. Anyway, after flying around on my gryphon a bit, saying hi to Arcis, Oldsoul, VVrath, ect, I logged on Rienuaaa to completely skullfuck some lowbies in their PQs...... I don't know how to say this, but I saw 0 people in t1. RvR, scenarios, not even in the root towns. I jumped into their WC, and saw a shammie at the mailbox, but nothing else.... at least he /laughed my corpse though. Shows SOMEONE here is awake and/or alive. Maybe theyre all at some obscure PQ, planning something, but I rely on killing people in t1 to find my twink gear, so I can make a profit at the new AH. Took me half an hour to find a lowbie...... killed him, loled his corpse, got another Twisting Tentacle Pie kill..... (PIE ASSASSIN!!!) but nothing else.

However, my Saturday was much better then I thought. As some of you may realize, I am playing City of Heroes/City of Villains nowadays. In CoH, instead of Guilds and Clans its SGs, for Super Groups.

Well, actually...... I found an old old old blog I wrote about CoH. It explains some things, sooo

lemme copypaste it lol

It was a while ago, excuse the poor spelling and terrible grammar. It goes off-topic a bit at first, but gets to hardcore leetspeak later on.

HERES MY OLD BLOG! The bottom is the first entry.

The Darkest Brotherhood is up and running! We are a mirror of the oblivion's Dark Brotherhood. I am the listener, then there are the speakers, then assasin, then exicutioner, then murderer. We have a SG costume required for everyone but the top rank, speaker. The costume is a mirror of the shrouded armor that is given upon your joning of the dark brotherhood. The top costume is a mirror of the black hand cloak and hood. The shrouded one is all exproto set, with a hood for a head and the "boneface" for a mask. The better one is a robe with hood and cape. Everyone has either one or the other. I am making a statie of the night mother for the first base room, and am thinking of making the crypt of sithis, the daedra of death. We already have quite a few beacons, and I have all the money/salvage, all I need is the prestige. I am also soon thinking of making an entrance exam that involves stealing from a big SG. Also, they will have to know a bit about oblivion and hopefully already have a costume. I know! How about when you get your costume, you get promoted! Then, only the good people can access the base! This is going to be awesome!

No time to really go into detail, but Im making an oblivion SG and its gonna rock i have everything planned out!!!!!!!!!

Nothing happened on CoH last night, all of my gaming time was spent getting a flu shot. I got both the seasonal shot, and the H1N1 inhalent. My left arm is sore. When I got back home, I did a lot of homework, then played Spore for a bit. I also get Benji to watch the "Zero Punctuation" videos. This guy (his screen name is "the escapist" ) does complete and funny video game reviews - Without pausing at all! Heres the opening from the fallout 3 movie:
Alright, alright. If I had Ryam Mason’s Phone number, I'll tell you what Id do. Id nervously call him up, blurt out something about how Darkman was good, then slam the reciever down and run away. But hypothetically, and I wasnt an idiot, Id talk him into playing a character in my video game. His name would be Captain Dynamite and hed have the face of fred zappin and nuclear missiles for legs. He'd fly around the world for the entire course of the game in a magical space buggy sprinkling rose petals and friendship. The point Im trying to make here is that Bethesda Software seems to hire the best voice actors in the industry and have them drop off the face of the earth before you've even picked a class. They did it to captain piccard in OblIVion, and now theyre doing it again to _____ (insert name of voice actor, I forget).
Please note that oblivion is the fourth morrowind game. Hence oblIVion. You know, IV? Four? Oh well its still a nice touch. Heh they are so funny, and VERY true. EVERYTHING in his reviews are true.

Oh man oh man i think CoH is better then ever. I played more with Liam and Benji last night, but only for a little bit cause i had to go eat dinner. I also worked on my Spore adventure a long time. I think I can submit it now. Also, I think that i might start playing Warhammar online...... oh whats the point all i feel about writing about is what happened in 3rd pd. My exboyfriend, Rahul, who I broke up with a few weeks ago (we both broke up w/ each other. No one really dumped either one. It was mutual) was talking during class and i got blamed and I said it was him. Then, later, he said that I was creepy. he said that he really never liked me, and that he only went out with me so i would not go crazy on him. He said that he stopped emailing or talking to me to try and give me the message. He started spreading horrible rumors about me, and how I "went over to his house" and "wouldnt stop calling him" and how I was a creeper and stalking him. He says he dumped (again, the feelings were mutual, i didnt get dumped) me because I was "scary" and "wierd" and tells everyone else that i was crying when he told me. Now my reputation is down the toilet, in english im stuck next to the guy who about 15 mins after we broke up got a new girlfriend and rubbed it in my face, and I feel like such an idiot for not realizing it sooner. *sigh* and everyone think I like Liam. And Tal. *sigh again* And I dont know what to do. I didnt go over to his house and try to break in, i know I didnt. YOU believe me, right? Someone has to. I wish I knew how to get back at rahul, somehow. *sigh* its just so hard. I dont know why i ever went out with him. Hes just mean. Oh and he also says that our dates to the parties once a month were cause he thinks only assholes go there. He lied to me so many times, and hes lying right now probly, about how I kept showing up at his house in the summer. I think maybe, with the right amount of luck, I can keep a paper bag over my head for the entire school year.

On CoH, I am playing a bit more then usual. Mostly because I started Skyping while playing with Benji and Liam. They both have the trial account, and I am showing off big time. We are playing throiugh the game on redside. I promised to take em on a mayhem mish (mahem missions are redside only, when you go into Paragon City (set of the heroes, also in Rhode Island in real life.) and blow things up, such as cars and civilians. A mayhem's goal it to break into the vault (by blowing things up) and steal money. It is timed, but you can get more time by killing things and people.) And so the closest mayhem mish is lvl 15, and there are 6 days left in their trial, and we are only lvl 8, so i think that if I play MY way and get to lvl 15, then get the mish myself and let them team w/ me. Also, I might let them do a GM w/ me blueside on my 50. Theyl be SSKed to 49, and we can get a few other 50s, and see what happens. Also, my dad is in singapore, so I get to play more! *sigh* My dad is ALWAYS on trips. I hardly see him anymore. But on a llighter note, I gt the Spore Expansion Pack! Its called "Galactic Adventures, and its got this "planet editor" that lets you choose everything from water color to tree types! You can drag and grop buildings and people and walls and plants and its AWESOME! I cant wait to go home and play.... Oh and according to Tal, Liam likes me. Like, LIKE likes me. Apparently he sent me "virtual Flowers" but I dont trust Tal at all! Oh well..... Its not like I like Liam. I mean, hes a friend, but.... oh dea this is hard to explain. Ill just chat for a bit about the new CoH thing. Now theres a "herocon" which is a comic con that if you go will get you cool online stuff! Last time, it was the "freakshow" armor, which is basically adding metal grafted directly to your skin. I hope this time is going to be maybe like fish stuff, or something. Theres also rumors on the CoH forums about i17, which is rumored to be about base building. If it is, then we can go on the test server and get a prestige bonus!!!!!!!!! Yay! Maybe I can make a SG that gives everyone a spot to build! Like a museum! Ill call it "The Building Showcase" and give everyone a 1x1 spot to do whatever! Heh i think that it will be awesome. Ok so I also just wanted to say that CoX is a great game, and that I hope that I can get Liam and Benji to buy a subscription, cause thay can be in my SG and earn BUCKETS of prestige. I can make the group only for us and our alts (alternate toons, a lot of SGs dont allow inactive alts) and they can be in awe of my building prowess! Heh I cant wait for tonight when I can convince them to buy the game.

DOUBLE EXP WEEKEND HAS BEGUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! From 9 this morning to midnight on monday night, there is double exp, influence, and infamy, and prestige! Im so pumped! Also, I got plans to meet Liam tonight in AP (atlas park) and show him how epic I am. I think maybe ill go on as my kheldian (sigh, look. If you want to know what a kheldian is, then scroll DOWN!) and her name is Blazing Sunrise. She wears all baggy ultirior clothes, and is a tri-formed build. (tri formed means that you are a kheldian that specializes in shapeshifting. A build is when you get to lvl 15, you can get your 2nd build, which means you start at lvl 1 and can train (visiting trainer to get new powers and slot yourself (slotting is when you add spaces for enhancements or enhns) up to the lvl you are on your 1st build. Some people have several builds, one for fighing, and one for shifting.) Anyway, Blazing Sunrise is lvl 32 i think, and If I play a bit before liam shows up, she can probly get to lvl 35. I really also want to play of King, cause if i lure him into my base, then i can mess w/ his mind by adding stuff and trapping him in a room or something. also, if you double click while in build mode, then you can teleport instantly so I can really be cool.

On CoH, I'm getting pumped. On the 8th, the double exp weekend will begin! It is five days long, I think, and I'm getting both Liam and Stephen to play. Theyre my classmates. They have the impression that im "ledgendary" so I'd better get a reputation by the 8th. Otherwise, I'm gonna be humiliated. At least I get to freak em out. See, Im going to lead them to my base, then into a room, then block the door off. They will be suprized, and Ill make a throne are, and freak them out by adding things like guns and wild robots. heh. Its gonna be great!

Day whatever. Ok, so I was watching my bro play CoH last night, on Frost-Freeze (his lvl 50 hero.) and he was flying around the map called "Eden" which is the place with a LOT of Devouring Earth. Anyway, he was looking for DE (Devouring Earth are plant-fungi monsters created by the one, the only HAMIDION!!! The Hamidion (or Hami) is THE BIGGEST, BADDEST MONSTER IN THE ENTIRE GAME!!!!! The Hami is a large cell0thing, that has about 300 monsters inside of it, and he/she/it (the hami) spawns more every minuite. The reccomended team for killing it is 60-80 people!!!! Wow! Usually, the GMs (Giant monsters, or Game-masters depending on context. GameMasters are Admin with lvl infinity people, and they show up when you find a bug in the game. You type /petition, and then fill out the boxes, and withing 1 min a GM will send you a tell, asking if you need help. They can alter the game in cool ways, such as deleting enemies and completing your missions. Ive needed to petition twice, once on GB (genesis bot, fav person o play on) and then 3 days ago on Lord Rae, for the cape mission.) Ok, so now youve lost your place in the origional sentance, so take a min to re-read the first part. Usually, the GMs have a team size of 6 or 7, max 10, but this one needs (really!) 60-80! Ive heard it takes 2 hours to kill, and thats with 80 lvl 50s, all working together! I was hoping he would spawn infront of Frost, but alas, no such thing happened. Hey, so I made a person on Virtue, the incredible server full of people who spend their time not playing as a superhero, but playing as a mage or wizard. Heh. I mean, REALLY NOW! This game is supposed to be for people who want to have superpowers, not "magical essence." Ok, so since I have no more spots on Freedom, I made a toon (remember, thats the slang for character) called Atlantian Warrior, and he looks like a fish-man! I copied his idea from someone else, but oh well, no one knows and/or cares. I think that if i get the vanguard (vanguard is the both hero and villain thing where they can team up to fight Rikti, which i believe I told you about. If you complete certain missions, then you get costume parts that look awesome) costumes and the.. uhmmm, if i remember ill say..... oh right its the Greek armor sets. I need the winged boots and vanguard belt to make my costume complete, and then I will enter a lot of CCs. (CCs are costume contests. CCs are not official, and they are when a person gets a lot of people to compete for a lot of money by showing off their costumes. The sample prize is about 100 mil, which is a LOT of money. If i win a few, then I will change the money into either bribes, PLing (powerlvling) or prestige. You can change 1 mil into 2k prestige. So, if i get say... 100 mil, then I can get 200k prestige! Well, im outa time to write, Ill be on tomorrow!

Ok, so I went on Rae and designed the base over again.It is now a hi-tech base, set inside a mystical ruins area. I have stuff like supercomputers, and racks of salvage. I also did more with desk stacking. Hey, there is a DOUBLE EXP WEEKEND SET UP FOR OCT 8!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

On CoH, im getting bored. Lord Rae hasnt lvled in a while. Ahh oh well, i guess. My bro is taking over my stuff, i think

Ok, so online, Lord Rae is lvl 23. He has 4 minions, still. Im outa time for today, ill write more tomorrow.

Day 10: Lord Rae is lvl 18!!!! He now has a quartet of zombies that follow him! My best zombie comes in 8 lvls, though. Closer to my goal: lvl 20! At lvl 20, you can do a special mish (mission) that can give you the ability to put on capes at the tailor/facemaker (tailor for heroes, facemaker for villains. They allow you to alter your costume.) My toon (character) is gonna look so cool! Oh, and at lvl 30, I get auras! (auras are costume things that you can add. They are things like adding flaming fists, or electricity coming out of your eyes. They dont do anything but look awesome!) Lvl 30 is a long way away, though. Im settling for just working toward 20. Yesterday, my VG got its first teliporter to mecy isle! Yay! Im out of prestige, though. :( But, my freinds Lord Recluse jr and Seth Adonis are earning prestige by the hundreds, and we are gaining members! We have a full teli set on our coalie base, so Im not in a huge rush. I also learned that Seth Adonis is apparently old enough to drink, because in the middle of chatting he shouted "beer run" and went afk (away from keyboard). I also learned that people in my VG think Im great with desk stacking. This is my first desk base, so i was surprized. I was chatting in spanish class today, and Christian said that he was going to start playing the game. He thinks it sounds pretty cool. He wants to be on blueside, though. I was really exited to have him join my VG, but then i remembered that only paying members can join SGs or VGs. he can go into my bases though, but he has to be on a team. People came up to me in PAWS yesterday and asked if i was famous online. I said "sorta, i guess" and they left. Sammy asked too. I wonder if theyre asking just to make fun of me. And i really hope christian isnt joining just to see how nerdy I look. Im worried. I also am thinking of making a team of lvl 1 mms, and watching that as they lvl, their summons go up. I think that a team of all mms would be so cool. mms can naturally heal everyone, and can put up shields on their teammates. I think that if all of us just buff our summons completely, none of them will die. We could make an unstoppable team. Especially if they are zombie summons, becuase i got a power that when one of my summons dies, I ca revive it more powerful then it was before, but it stays for only about 3 mins. I wonder if it would be better with summon gangs, because they have a power that tempararily calls about 10 gang members to attack. Or maybe ninjas, cause.... I have no idea..... Ive never played with ninjas before. Id better try it over the weekend.

Day: 8 (again, i dont know). Ok, lots to tell about my CoV campaign. First off, my VG got a few new members! They are Astonoshing Arrow and Amythyst, who are boyfriend and girlfriend. This really shows how diverse the people in the game are. I think they are pretty cool. Ok, so Lord Rae is lvl 16 or 15, I forget which. I think he might get to lvl 18 today. I think I get my Lich (most powerful summon) at lvl 30, so Im halfway there! My new best online freind, Lord Recluse Jr. is now my 2nd in command at my SG. He does most of the recruiting, and I make the base and get prestige by organising SG events. See, my SG was formed when a lot of people got to be friends through teaming. I started the VG and invited most of them. Im also getting a coalie (coalition. It means the SGs or VGs can access each others bases and talk in coalition chat, so all of our coaltions can hear.) from Dark Ninja of Doom's friend LegacyX. Ok, Lord Rae can also rez allies now, but the power has a large recharge time. After I get my third summon, Im getting all the sheilds and stuff (sheilds are buffs (powers that help our allies, the opposite of debuffs) that give a bonus to dafence. My sheilds are fire themed, so they give a large resistance to fire damage and also smashing and lethal (non elemental attacks))

Day: 7 (I think...............) Well, guess what! I got christian to go online last night. He said that he couldnt download the game till the weekend, but im happy anyway. In the game, Lord Rae got to lvl 14. He can fly now. My VG is going well. Ill have enough money for teliporters today, i think. (in case i didnt say, teliporters are objects you can put in your base that allow you to go directly to the zone you want.) My 2nd in command, Lord Recluse Jr. (lord recluse is the main "bad guy" in the game.) is doing very well in both inviting and earning prestige. I hope that someday, I will be known throughout the servers, but right now, I'm settling for being famous on one. This is about SG Helper, by the way. I think that now, after everyone is accustomed to i16, more SGs will be started, and people will have more of a use for a builder. Actully, I really hope that my frinds on my SG come back on (The mystic defenders) because they earned the most prestige.

Day 6: I don't know if it really is day 6.... oh well. Yesterday afternoon, I gave more thought to the after school thing I might start. I think its a great idea. Back to the game:I made my VG (its a SG but on the villain servers.) called The Legion of Villains. I made some of the base. It uses desk stacking a lot (desk stacking is using the set of desks to stack, not the safes and tiles. The desks auto stack, which takes more time but looks better. They are either rounded corners or blocks. I realized that if you use the "rustic" desk set, and use firelight, they glow like gold. This could be interesting.) My new base only has 3 rooms, as opposed to my big base's over 30, but my VG is full of cool people. Lord Rae reached lvl 13, and got his very first Grave Knight (medium summon). He still has 2 zombies (low lvl summon) but at lvl 18 he gets his third. With my minion count at three, I can do much more damage. Also, I met a really annoying person while teaming (teaming up with) a few other people. His name was "over killer" and he begged for a rez (ressurect, for when you die) and a "summon (I assumed he meant a teliport. Some characters can choose to teliport their freinds away from danger.) Also, people who don't capitalize their name are usually annoying. Well, some good news is that at lvl 14, Lord Rae gets to fly! Flying in this game is the best. Other games have fly powers that are time-limited, cost stamina or endurance or magic power, and are really unnecesary. Fly in this game costs nothing, has no time limit, quadruples your speed, and allows you to go over five miles in the sky. You press -space- to go up, and x to go down, then use the arrows to move. All my characters choose fly over teliportation, superspeed, and super jump. Finally, I think that I have found an archype thats right for me. Ok, now going back to the blueside (blueside means on the hero part of the game) characters, I went on Helper and visited a few bases. One of them copied directly from -base builder's base for Dragon Star. (-base builder, whos global name (member address, all your characters have the same one. Mine is HelloJoJo) is stacker, build the base for Dragon Star then posted it on the forums. I watched him make almost the whole thing. The entrance looks like an elevator. I sorta copied him, but only for the basic idea for the medical room.) Anyway, I can't wait to work on Lord Rae. If he gets to lvl 18 today, which he might if he keeps teaming, Ill get a total of 4 minions! My best mm (remember, mm = mastermind) is called Genesis Bot. He has a small army of robots that follow him. He is lvl 35, so he has all 6 main summons, as well as a force feild generator, an acid-shooting moartar, a pair of small drones that explode on contact, and a thing called a "trip mine" that does "extreme" damage. He belongs to the SG "Darkness of the Apocalipse". Everyone there just calls me GB.

Day: 5. Over the weekend, a lot happened. Well, I was playing on one of my other characters I made on Friday, named Lord Rae (you may notice most of my characters are guys. this is because the costumes are more advanced on boy characters, and also everyone is "male till proven female" and I dont want to be suspicious.) and anyway, he is a mm. (mm=mastermind. It is a villains only archtype that lets you summon things. There aer 5 types: robots, thugs, ninjas, zombies, and soldiers. I can summon zombies. I only have 2 right now, but at lvl 12 i get a stronger type, and at lvl 18 i get my 3rd of the weakest.) I can shoot "dark" blasts at enemies and fly. I am making a lot of freinds through teams. We might make a new SG. Anyway, I dont think im going to play on Helper anymore. Base building gets boring sometimes. Ok, so I said I would elaborate on the Rikti. The Rikti are an alien species that the heroes are against. They walk upright, and somehow speak english. The Rikti moonkeys are the weakest rikti, but they can be a challenge. Rikti monkeys are a summon by people who are fire controllers (or fire trollers) and they can have 3 at a time. Other trollers can summon things too, but the most is by illusion control. they can summon 3 "decoys", 1 "phantasm", and the phantasm can summon another phantasm, and also a special not-monster summon that causes "fear" (fear means the enemies tremble and do not move). Also, i gave more thought to the semester long RPG class. I can write to NCscoft and ask em for a private server, and to reset the names on it, because if we make all 1,000 kids in the school play, thats a lot of money. the school could take a part of the prophits to help fund programs. Also, i want to be recodnised as the best player in the school. Ill just usemy knowledge to lvl up fast, then use the newer players to boost my rating. I can also make a school wide SG, and base build. Im starting to think I had a good idea. See, if you charge 20.00 to start the program to each person, NCscoft gets 15 (the required thing) and the school gets 5. thats 5,000 $ for the school, and theyre having fun and learning teamwork! Also, it could be an opportunity for extra credit. you could be graded based off of your progress in the game. Im thinking of scheduling a meeting with the school's administrators to start this program up. I really also recomend this game, it is by far the best RPG ive ever seen. The creators deserve a thousand new people playing.

Free write! Ill write about how CoH is dying..... Well, the devs (administrators and other employees at NCscoft) took away the AE farming, and people are leading the game. Its getting less and less fun. I miss some of my old freinds. Anyway, people are moving out of AP (atlas park, the lvl 1 place where everyone hung out) and into PI (Pendragon Isle, a different map). The game has changed..... I like the old game better. Meanwhile, I met one of my old freinds again. He is from the SG "The Imagineers." They were a really popular group a while ago. They know all the best SGs, like Ravenshield. Anyway, I remade their base a while ago, and the leader, Infectious Smile, kept saying how cool I was. Turns out that the origional base was built by none other then Iz a Bunny Man, my brother! I thought my bro's reaction was hilarious. He got mad at me for ruining the base. Now that AE was nerfed (completely trashed by the devs with no thoughts) people are getting desperate for the sense of accomplishment of lvling up. On a lighter note, when the devs nerfed AE, they opened up i16: Power Spectrum! Now, you can change the look of your powers. They also added a bunch of new powersets (powers thet you can get when you lvl up, such as flying and invisibilty) and I see a lot of F/kins (Fire/Kinetics controller, the best and most powerful archtype in the game. They can trap enemies and use kinetics to drain their damage) with different colored Imps (Imps are fire Rikti (space invaders, more on them later) that a controller can control if they have fire control, they attack enemies along with the players). This game is huge........ Oh and yesterday, someone asked me if I was an Admin (NCscoft employee) because I was so nice and polite to everyone. I said no, only because if I lie about that, my account will be deleted.

Day 3: On CoH, things are starting to unravel. I went on King yesterday, only to find all of my best freinds (Like Electropsy, LadyAgent, DiamondEagle, VolcanicBlast, Mind-Freek...) have been offline for 20+ days. I did, however, meet one of my first base editing deal's owner, NightFather. We chatted for a while, mostly about Oblivion, which is what his SG and characters are based off of. Then, I made a new character on Virtue (another server, less populated but full of RPers.) called SG Helper II. She is a PB (Peace-bringer, an epic archtype, who can fly automatically. The PBs and WS (warshades) are unlocked after getting a hero to lvl 50) and she advertised free base building. However, I forgot that the people on virtue are RPers (roleplaying) and they thought that I was "a freedumb awesomesauce AE noob" See, my real characters are all on Freedom, where there is a lot of "farming" (This means abusing AE, architect entertainment, to make a large mission with lots of people in it to get a lot of exp and money fairly fast) and "awesomesauce" is the unnoficial motto for Freedom. And a "noob" means a new player. One player, did, however, let me tour his base...... It was so cool I have to try it for myself! Now, when I save up enough money, I am going to build a floor with fire shooting out! Back on freedom, I started a new SG called The Builders of Freedom, where every person who joins gets a place to edit. No one joined, though..........

Day 2: Yesterday, the new issue (new patch) came out, now you can customize your powers' colors. I made a new character called "Electric Elf" and she could hit people with large amounts of white electricity. Then, I switched to "King Dragon Blade" to check on my SG (supergroup. Its like a group of people that can access my base, which is a special map that I can design!) My King is my only lvl 50 character (max lvl) and he can use DB (dualblades) and fire armor. Anyway, my SG is really cool. Moving on, my best freind (Ro) and I were talking last night, and she wants me to be her "backup." See, Ro is THE MOST FAMOUS BASE BUILDER IN THE GAME!!!! and people send her tells (private messages) asking her to design their bases. Anyway, one of my old freinds "Moon Watcher" wants Ro to make his base, but I get to do it instead! I think that maybe, one day, I'll be just as famous as Ro!

Day 1: I am getting payed, in online money, to base build. I retired from lvling up altogether. Life is good online, people are giving me compliments wherever I go. Oh and CoX stands for City of Heroes, City of Villains


Friday, May 21, 2010

City of Heroes

Well, my lvl 44 Bane, Black Soldier Widow, is off to a good start.

And by good start i mean she has more badges then most lvl 50s.

I miss WAR, i wish it didnt die.

Im getting tired of blogging about MMOs, actually.

Ah, everything seems off recently.

I dunno.


Thursday, May 20, 2010

Im late tellin yu about this, i know...... but, back when I was sad about not being in the roll call, some ppl said "oh em gee ur gonna be in the next 1 u kno it!!!1111!!!!" but ZOMG IM ON THE WAR WEBSITE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Oh, and I still feel like shit, thanks for caring.


Im sick.

Hi, all. I haven't posted in a while, and right now, seeing as I am sitting in my tech class with the flu, seems like a good idea.

Yeah, Rien has the flu. It isn't fun. It also sucks, because everything hurts. Literally. My hair feels sore. It actually hurts to stare at a screen, for the first time in my life. I don't know how I got it, I don't care. I wanna go home.

I really wanna go home.

Sigh. The clinic lady sucks. Everyone I know says my forehead is burning, I am literally shaking with the chills, my pencil case seems to have gained 30 pounds, because lifting it started to hurt. Anyway, the asshole clinic lady watches me walk in, asks me whats wrong. I say "I have a fever." and she..... she nods, then goes back to her work on the computer. I sit there for 7 minutes, 34 seconds (timed it via digital wall clock) and she looks up, sticks something in my ear, and gets a reading of 97.1. I ask her, in despiration, to at least try with a mouth thermometer. She says if i raise my voice one more time im gonna be written up. I go back to class...........

I spent all gym curled up, in the fetal position, in the corner of the gym.

Im cold. Im very cold. im cold, and im sore, and my head hurts, and my stomach hurts. I have no idea how im gonna survive my hour long bus ride. (not kidding, its 1 hour 4 minutes with normal traffic.) I want to lie down, I want some tums, and I want to just curl up and die right now..........

This sucks so much.


Thursday, May 13, 2010


Bad news, evveryone. Im officially WAR-free, but your poll ( over there <-----) told me not to. Im shifted into CoH..... Even Andy says not to go! Ah, well. Least this song is so completely bitch-ass awesome!

I'd suggest you watch it. The claims for my stuff and guild are on! Leave your requests below in the comments section.


ONE rank 22 guild, The Dark Brotherhood.
ONE Sov SM chain, net worth 500g.
TWO pairs of Warlord Boots for WL
FIFTEEN bottles of Midnight Blue dye
A BANK WORTH of misc. Anni, Conq, Invader, and Warlord gear, looted from ORvR, not bound
A GUILD VAULT WORTH of Misc low lvl gear, unbound, net worth 300g
500G in guild vault.
ONE well-mounted skull, event item you use on dead bodies of ppl.
THREE Ushabti charms, worthless, but collect 10 for a tome thing
A LOT of really crappy heal pots.
3 STACKS of Linment of WAR: Blood
NINETY FOUR Twisting Tentacle Pies (Pie Assassin)

and other assorted things.

Limit one per person.
Can only claim 50g at a time
Guild goes to the highest bidder, the money will go to you all.

(NOTE: I reserve the right to AT ANY TIME deny the custody of the items to any person.)


Monday, May 10, 2010


Well, derr..... WAR is suing

I dunno what to say, other then this is the single funniest legal suit ive seen.

Theyre SUING their FAN CLUB?

Whiskey Tango Foxtrot, yo!


EDIT: I completely misunderstood. All of this is false. 'Cept for the WTF part. Thanks to the alert reader who has an IQ over that of toast that helped out!

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Guess What?

Lets just say this picture is epic, and get on with our lives. Ok?

Thursday, May 6, 2010


I got my Gryphon! I got my Gryphon! Yessssssss!!!!!!!

It also shits black dye, too! Great for parties!

Anyone get the Skull White box? Im interested on the shade of white it is.


Monday, May 3, 2010

Smart me

Well... I dunno. Im feeling super depressed lately. In CoH im stuck in DGotA, in WAR i feel guilty about quitting, and it turns out all of my friends got into TJ and I didn't even apply...

Someone cheer me up, please...

Friday, April 30, 2010

Missing Person Alert!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This is an emotional post. No funnies, no jokes, no laughter please. This is a serious issue Iwant everyone to know about..... sigh.

A while ago, after I got my 40 on WAR, I made a new character who wasnt invited to my guild. I got to chapter two and joined The Forces of Order just as soon as I saw my future idol, MythicDraclas, advise a person about talismans. Well, at the time, he wasnt my idol. I had no idea Mods existed outside of soulless CSRs, who talk in "Robotic Monotone" and cant solve anything at all whatsoever themselves. So, he was talking, and my response was:

[Guild][MythicDraclas]: Yarr!
[Guild][Syvii]: Buh! Buh! MODS?
[Guild][MythicEresite]: Say whaaaaaaat?
[Guild][Syvii]: THEYRE MULTIPLYING ARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
[Guild][MythicDraclas]: Where?
[Guild][MythicCindab]: Mods? Who are these "Mods" you speak of?
[Guild][Syvii]: Now theres THREE!

As you can see, I was mildly alarmed. I mean terrified. But, heres the thing. This Draclas guy, I call him Drac, was awesome. As he would say, Pure Awesomeness. He did. He called me that several times. I always liked, the guy.... oh who am i kidding. I was in love. Full on game crush love. He was the person I could talk to. I always thought he was really nice, but on Valentines Day, when i asked him to be my valentine (eValentine....... :P) he said, and I quote,

[Guild][MythicDraclas]: Im not sure im the best person for you.... you could do a lot better then me.

Then he logged out. Sigh. Some people told me he was saying "Go AWAY!" in Mod language. THey arent allowed to express candid opinions, cause the boss reads the logs, so I think he doesnt like me at all..... Still, I cant help but wonder....

Flash foward a month. I am twinked on my DoK, rolling Prudent and a Gale Cape, and farming order for gear aplenty. I log on to my twink, who, by the way, is on a trial account seperate from my subscriber, to talk to Drac. I made an AM on my sub account named Istather, to supervise Part-Time when the Mods go on lunch break. I have made my guild by then, but before I found Nael. One day, I hear Drac talking to Jita.... In a way that would suggest a relationship. I promised myself not to do this anymore. It was pathetic. He was obviously a grown man, and I am only 14. He desnt like me! i remind myself. I cant help it.... And then comes the day I say no more.

I told him I was quitting WAR. I didnt quit war....

He told me NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO and I asked why, cause I thought he thought I was annoying and never liked me, only put up with me to hold onto his job. He said....

He said I was Pure Awesomeness.

And then.... flash foward a week or two.

I log onto my DoK after missing a day.

I ask for Drac, I dont see him, i think "Oh well" and log onto my main. The next day, he is gone too. I skip a week of asking....

Then, when I ask later.....

A helpful person points out that hes been gone for a while. They say he was fired. Drac is gone. The Mods are gone... All gone. I never got to say goodbye.

Flash to now, a month later. I still miss you, Draclas. I want you to come back. I dont know if you are reading this, I dont know if you remember me, I dont know who you are, but I want to know. This seems pathetic, but Im not sure what else to do.

I thought I was over this. Im not. Last night, I had a dream about meeting him in real life. Im so sad...... I feel so wrong for liking a probable old man with no life whos 30 years older then me, and I feel worse for telling you guys.

Thats why im writing this. I need to get it off my chest. Its not right for me to like an older man, expecially not at my age. I just.... i just want to know who he is. I know hes out there somewhere, i just dont know where to start looking, other then walking in MythicHQ's front door and asking, but it is against the law and company policy to reveal personal information about current and former employees, and besides i dont know who to ask.

But... but SOMEONE has to know, right? SOMEONE must know Drac in real life. He couldnt tell me his real account cause of policy, but he must have told someone outside of his employee account.

Someone has to know...... thats all im holding on to right now.

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Big News

Ok, then. You all remember my post about Krogust? Well, hes gone. Gone. All gone. Yay us.

Check his guild on the Realm War. Its only him. No posts on the AH.

We won...... Now I have nothing to troll about. Any suggestions?


Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Quick one

And, sorry for doubly posting in the same 5 min period, but whoever voted "yes" on my poll is going to get some nice hate-mail pretty soon. Yes, I can see who voted what. :P

Just Kidding!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Well, due to the outstanding amount of not only comments BUT emails from everyone who read my blog over the last few weeks convinced me to come back.

Well.... not convinced. More like hounded till I died. :P

In other news I might just be quitting WAR anyway. At least until my Gryphon comes in. (No jokes about that quote)

In other other news, My Arachnos Soldier is lvl 27 now, with a whopping 11 merits! Farming? Me? Howd you guess?

In other other other news, my lvl 50 Scrap has 4. No, I didnt buy anything. He went into Atlas AE and never came out, cept to build my 40 room base. Which, by the way, has a pool. And a sacraficial pit. And a library. And a podium. And a throne room. And a dance club. And an outdoor garden. I love my SG.

In other other other other other news, Read this blog:

In other other other other other other news: I love "I'm Awesome" by Spose.

Heres me trying to sing it:

Im awesome!
No your not dude dont lie
Im awesome
drivin round in my moms ride
im awesome
quarter of my life gone by
I will run away from a brawl
im awesome
No voice mail, nobody call!
Im awesome!
cant afford to buy 8 balls
and i talk to myself on my facebok wall!
now i let my pants sag low
even tho
that went out of style like ten years ago
i got the swagger of a cripple
got little biceps getting fatter in that middle
(mumble mumble.... skipping a bit)
now ill nevah date an actress
got to many back zit
plus my own home aroma is cat piss
every show i do in poorly promoted
and if you like this, its cause
my little sistah wrote it!

In the last other other other other other other other other news, I ran out of news. Hey, were not all perfect! Well, I am..... hehe


Till next time! AKA when im bored of doing to 8:00 EST IC push! (Its every night. I timed it. The message pops up at 8:00 EST every night. How bout that.)


Saturday, April 24, 2010


Well, since Ive gotten totally bored with blogging, this is my last post forever and all that jazz. I dont think anyone will miss me, and, quite frankly, I dont care if you do or not. Im probly quitting WAR anyhow, its gotten boring now. CoH/CoV at least isnt boring, its just full of assholes.

Goodbye, guys. Specially Chicken, who was the first person to read my blog, and Rudepox, who did nothing at all, although his name is familiar.

Hope to see you guys someday in real life.


Thursday, April 22, 2010

Mythic is AWESOME!


I got charged several times, for over $1000, BUT: MY MONEY CAME BACK!

READ THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hello everyone,

Two weeks ago, a serious event occurred which
resulted in the unintended billing of some of our customers. For this and any
difficulties the event caused, we are truly sorry and today we wish to explain
what happened, and to make a renewed commitment to your trust and security. We
have taken this very seriously. In our 15 year history, trust has been the
foundation of our relationship with the gaming community and we intend to
rebuild that trust.

Between March 18 and April 7, our payment gateway, experienced a processing flaw that was beyond the scope of our control. Instead of being submitted for processing once, some transactions were submitted multiple times, resulting in some people being charged multiple times. On April 8, we determined what had happened and acted with urgency to arrange for bulk reversal of all erroneous charges. The majority of players saw the refund within 2-3 business days. Some banks did not post refunds until a few days later, a delay that was contingent on the banking institution. We worked quickly to inform affected players of the situation and understand the frustration this waiting period may have caused.

As a result of this event, we significantly increased customer service staffing who have been working with all impacted subscribers to waive any overdraft fees. The majority of the banks have waived these fees as they recognize the unusual nature of this event. In the rare cases that the banks have not reversed the charges, EA is covering the fee.

Once the corrective action was completed, we turned our attention to analyzing the
problem in more detail. We determined the root cause, developed a
definitive fix and implemented monitoring precautions that will allow us to
prevent similar situations from reoccurring. These steps have been in place
since April 13 with no further issues.

To be clear, at no point during this event was there a security breach or was subscriber account information compromised.

As of today, we believe we have resolved the issue. However, we
remain committed to assisting anyone who has been financially affected in ways
we are not aware. For any players still in need of assistance, please
contact our Billing Support department by calling 650-628-1001 from 10:00 AM EDT - 10:00 PM EDT, 7 days a week. For those outside of the U.S. who do not wish to make an international call, please create an in-game appeal; for instructions on
how to file an appeal click here. Over the past 15 years we have always
strived to do what’s best for our players. We are truly sorry, and want to work
to make things right and restore our relationship. We hope you will accept
this small token of our appreciation for your continued commitment to our


For starters all players will earn 100%
bonus experience and renown when killing enemies and monsters for two weeks. As well, during this time we’ll be hard at work designing and implementing a special vendor. This vendor will only accept special tokens that will be sent to your mailbox, using these two tokens each of your characters will be able to receive two of the following items:

Bottomless Black Dye

Bottomless White Dye

Imperial Griffon Mount (Order)

Enslaved Manticore Mount (Destruction)

WAR Tract
– earn a free level

Choose from any of these pets – Order: Imperial Hunting Hound
or Dwarf Keg Handler; Destruction: Warlord’s Fell Hound or the Goblin

Change your appearance with any of these illusion items: Skaven Skin
Cloak (skaven), Kossar’s Helm (bear), or the Signet of the Cursed Company



Monday, April 19, 2010


Well, heres the thing.

My first MMO was maplestory. Good, fun, wacky and boring grind to 200. My next, which I played ages 8-14, was CoH/CoV. While flying around Paragon City, I heard a LOT of crap about Aion. Like, a lot. Since it was my first really MMO that wasnt a 2D sidescroller, the opinions expressed really got into me. But, after making this blog, I read a lot of other blogs. Most of em like Aion. I am trapped. See, I automatically associate Aion with crap, because that was the general opinion fed to me, but all the same it seems pretty cool. What should I do? I dunno if i should give it a spin, so I am gonna ask a few questions about it, hopefully you guys can give me an answer.

  1. Does Aion have a realistic movement/flight mechanic that represents both gravity and the ability to travel fast?
  2. Is it heavily dependent on time-consuming activities you cannot interrupt? (Such as dungeons that make you reset if you quit the team)
  3. Is gear a large part of the way you play?
  4. Is the economy balanced with large amounts of ways to make money that do not require player interaction (vendoring) ?
  5. Is the grind to the maximum level too long to really make you interested for the endgame?
  6. Does the endgame have new things that encourage you to continue playing?
  7. Is the playerbase stable, with enough to team up effectively to conquer group effort required tasks?
  8. Is there PvP, and if so, is it fair?
Thanks if you reply.

~ Rien


I hate my brother.


Saturday, April 17, 2010

So damn LOUD!

This is my second.... uh..... "post" today. Or maybe its my second "blog" today. Or whatever. I cant think clearly, because my brother, resident BaseBuilder of CoV (Im the CoH one) and nerd-hater (Closeted Geek is the term describing him) has Band Practice today. At MY HOUSE! H plays the drums, too. All I hear right now is BAH DAM DAM DAM DAM BOOM BOM DOM BAM BAP BAP BOM BOOM DAM DOM BOOM BAH BOOM DAM DOM DOM BOOM BAM BAM BOOM DOM DAM DAM BOOOOOOOOOOM buhdahbuhdahbudahbudah BAM! BOOM! BAHBOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOM!

He just walked up and asked me what a Closeted Geek is. I say hes in denial. He is a nerd! He should be PROUD of it!


Also, wasting your life is to damn fun to miss.

In the news of the day. Rien is almost to renown 41 on her WL. I want my goddamn conq wrists! I want the set bonus! I want to stop wearing my [Wristguards of the Fallen Explorer] to imitate conq! I also want my Sentinal Mane, too. It looks better then the conq one. And I get 66 Wounds from the set bonus. Yay! Maybe now I wont suck.

In more news of the day, I got a sweet BaseBuilding job. 100 Mil for an Arcane Base, with just about 20 million prestige to play with. This doesnt include the plot or the rooms, which are already placed. Im thinking of a Mythic Defenders Control Room reprive, with a pool overlaying the ground Control rings, with black light and torches behind the Spheres to make them have a Halo.

In even MORE news of the day, I got my 12 month CoH/CoV Vet award today. Now I have the 1337 run powers and the Sands of Mohawk. No, its the Sands of Mohave. Or Mohekan. Or Molotov. It starts with an M, THAT I know. I also got the BaseBuilding Vet items, so my Museam can be completed! Part storage, part vet reward place. Everything sterile looking and clean.

In MORE more news of the day, House Mortale gave me a Prudent Mantle of Brawn for Syvii, my DoK twink mirror. I can has no Destro, so I can has no farmers. Thus, the free shoulders brightened my loud day considerably.

In the MORE more more news of the day, this blog was featured on several blogs, whom I dont know. This means my popularity is spreading! Or maybe theyre laughing at how stupid I sound. Blah.

In the last news of the day, VOTE IN MY POLL OR ELSE I WILL COME TO YOUR HOUSE AND UNPLUG YOUR COMPUTER RIGHT BEFORE YOU ARE ABOUT TO LOOT A COOL ITEM OR SOMETHING! I dunno. If you dont vote, leave your Name, Address, and when you are online in the comments section. Or else! /fistshake


Making a Splash in T1!

Ok, so.

As the people who know me in WAR know, I spend a lot of time in t1. This isnt because I like playing t1. I just like how the Destro PQs are full of soon-to-be flagged destro players, and you get tings like lvl 4 shoulders from them. Scavenged is the Green. Purloined is the Blue. Theyre the lesser version of Gale-Runner's and Storm-Courser's, and they sell for a LOT. Oh, ad beating the crap out of hordes of destro on my Endless Trial Account's Fully Twinked WP (Prudent Mantle of Brawn, Gale Str cape, War-Torn Helm with +17 str, Prudent Cassock and boots and gloves and 3 rings of Brawn, too.) I can one-shot a lvl 4. Two shot, it theyre a tank. As long as I'm next to an enemy, I am at 99% hp 100% of the time. They give me 1 damage.

I just enjoy the feeling of invincibility.

Also, I make destro players who just joined the game or the server rage quit. So, I am helping out RvR. :D

In other news: If you have a blog you want to put it on this website, put it in the comments section with a link or the URL, as well as the name. And take a look at the nifty widdle Poll ovah theyah


and give a vote!

Tah Tah till my game crashes!

If you find me in T1, at the Destruction of the Weak Destro PQ on my Order WP on Iron ROck, I'll let you tag along to the Destro Launch point!


Monday, April 12, 2010


Todays post: Krogust.

God, I hate him.

This was back before Iron Rock (Motto: If you wipe, Rage Quit!) and I was on Gorfang destro. I ran into Everyones Favorite Godforsaken Soulless Bastard one day while searching the AH for some Linments, and I instantly recognised him because he owns 98% of Gorfang's economy.

He buys anything anyone sells lower then him, but sells things super cheap so no one gets anything sold but him, and people lose fortunes trying to sell things because Krogusts prices are so low. He owns 98% of the AH. And so, with his newfound riches, he realized the only thing he cant buy is a rank 40 guild. So, he made WAR IS LIFE, and pays people to lvl up. But, people spend the money on his AH things, so you get nothing.

And he gets guild exp.

And we all get a tyrant who steals our money, and a guild that soaks up all the players on Gorfang who want money, so guilds other then his have a hard time ranking.

Needless to say, we hate him.

But, we cant make him go away.

He'll take everything with him.

This is why it is the Infestation. If he gets into your server's AH, he'll screw it up beyond repair. He causes a lot of poeple to be unable to make prophits. I know owning, for example Sov (Bad example, its BOP :/ ) is a major accomplishment, but if EVERYONE had it (just not equipped) would you really be best? Do you think you could have a brag point? Its like what Tyrant was: At the beginning, people who had it were famous and rare. Now, they outnumber rr80s. Also, wheres the new, cheap stuff coming from? NOWHERE! He decreased the prices of everything WITHOUT INCREASING THE SUPPLY! Everythings going in a downward spiral of doom!


I suppose you are screaming at the screen now. "Why are you PROTESTING lower prices! I get better gear with him!" Well, let me answer that. He only does this for certain things, things that are expensive but are high quality, such as Gale-Runner's gear for the huge twink market and Pots/Linments. Other things, like Sandstorm weps and t4 sets, remain sky high. If you want to sell one thing to buy another, you might just be in the shitter.

And the worst part isn' even that. The worst part is if we make him go away.

We loose 98% of our items and 80000 trillion that should have been distributed.

Also, there is the HUGE risk of the Krogust Infestation spreading. Right now Gorfang is shot to hell, but what if EVERY server has its personal greedy tyrant? What if no one could afford the rare stuff, but couldn't sell the common drops? What happens if it all becomes worthless? Two things would happen: One, the Gold Sellers would finally shut up. Two, it would only take one person to amass everything, which was free before, then start inventing his OWN prices! We have a solid economy on Iron Rock, one that can't be changed much, but what if Krogust comes around?

We'd be bowing to his personal army while coughing up free gear to him, so he can enjoy owning us all.


Saturday, April 10, 2010

Missile Launch!

Shoop Da Woop! Seems I made a mistake with my previous entry:

Now, I like WAR lots, specially cause of the PvP. My WLs awesomeness makes my 80 Pally look like a scrub! I mean, a lot of people underestimate White Lions. Just cause we suck as a DPS, are a literally 1-shot kill for the enemies, and pull the guards all the time doesn't mean we aren't a good class, right?

Let me put it this way: Theres a reason we suck, but that makes the best part all the better.

As Yahtzee (My idol) puts it: Theres a reason they're no Assault Rifles in Cyrodill.

They get swords. They get shields.

We get heat-seeking missiles.

Yeah, you heard me. My Lion is IMMUNE to cc, can NOT be taunted off its target, has a crap load of health (Just around 15k HP, with 75% negation and resists of 70%) and enough damage to out-heal even the best zealot. I mean, I, myself, suck, but hiding behind scenery while still topping the charts for solo kills beats tanking any day. Also, if you are flagged, you can put lion of defensive, go AFK at a PQ, then come back to a full inventory.

It should have said "75% Negation '50%' resists."

Also, the best part about WLs is NOT thier missiles or armor right out of the lore: It's Pounce!

Yeah, you heard me. Theres nothing like launching yourself 100 feet up hills or over gaps at forty thousand miles per hour.

In other news, I am looking for Gaar's Email, if anyone has it please share!


Friday, April 9, 2010

Mythic Meeting!

Well, word on the Internets is that Mythic got a few top bloggers into the HQ to interview to devs. I didn't get picked because... Uh.... I dunno. Maybe because half of it is about non-WAR things and I have 10 posts. Oh, well, you can still read the transcripts at , where Gaar from good ol' Iron Rock / Order got to meet the devs!

In other news, I just got Chicken's answers to my interview, most of the answers were Bacon. She got most of the answers right. Cough.

In other other news, Rien had a great idea. Its where you pay three thousand IRL $$$ and all of your toons are upgraded to rr80 and gifted a set of Sov. And you get an 80% mount that looks like a dragon, with White for Order and black for destro. And you get cake. And Belgum.

I have to quote her on one thing:

Is Krogust still owning the AH with his millions? Yeah,
Who IS Krogust? He is... the pain
you feel when you scrape your knee while learning to roller skate. He is the
moment after you drink out of the Dr. Pepper can that was there for 2 days on
the coffee table instead of the new one next to it that you took out of the
fridge. He is the soy sauce that was spilled on your new white Gucci dress that
you got for your birthday and you barely even wore it for 30 minutes before some
dumbass baby in a stroller though it would be really funny to swipe at your
table while it strolled by in the food court. Krogust is neither man, nor
machine. But he does exist, and he fucking blows.
Why does joining
WAR IS LIFE seem so.... cheap, even though its easy money? Because Mr. Moneybags is using you guys to make himself more
money. His "business" model depends on you, the unsuspecting guild members,
being dumb enough to use your spoonfed gold to buy up his auctions while you
level, thus returning all the gold he gave you to himself. Like one of those zen
desktop fountains from Bed Bath & Beyond, the gold cycles back into his
accounts and the money never belongs to you unless you shove your meaty little
rebel fist in there and TAKE IT. Or your cat drinks out of it...or something.
Did I mention Krogust blows? Hes smart but he blows.

Happy Hunting, Happy Healing, Happy Suicide Pouncing!


Chickend Again!

Well, I wrote to Arisechicken about her blog and if I could get my blog on there as a link. I sent her 70 questions. Heres the Email I sent:

Hey! You probly dont know me. Actually, I KNOW you don't know me. Im
on Order and another server, Iron Rock. I read your blog, and I have a few
questions about it, I hope you wont mind answaring them for me and a few of my
guildslaves..... I mean guildmates. Im a guildmaster and the unofficial Fill-in
for MythicDraclas (Rest in Virtual Peace) in the Forces of Order. Half my time
is in [The Dark Brotherhood] and half in [The Forces of Order] because I have
fallen in love with my t1 Twink, which was possible because my 40/40 is great at
farming and because Endless Trials are so easy to make. Anyway, If it wouldnt be
to much trouble, I'd love for you to answer a few questions.
  1. What happened about the Rue thing?
  2. Did you get dropped form the Meeting at MythicHQ?
  3. Did you know I can see the MythicHQ from my house?
  4. If I somehow had a blog, would you post a link in one of your sidebar
    things, or do something like what you did with Kaegen?
  5. I had a few members of your guild take a spin at Order, they joined my
    guild, they knew you, they were a slayer/IB (Look the same to me in t2)
    and a KotBS, so I was wondering who, in your guild, took time off to play IR? I
    was just wondering, it was when your Magus friend took a week off.
  6. How in the world did you get Gaar to read your blog?
  7. How did Andy find your blog?
  8. How could you possibly survive the grind to 80 without killing
  9. Is Krogust still owning the AH with his millions?
  10. Who IS Krogust?
  11. Why does joining WAR IS LIFE seem so.... cheap, even though its easy money?
  12. How do you like your chicken cooked?
  13. How about beef?
  14. Do you like salmon?
  15. How close are you to MythicHQ?
  16. Did you fly there?
  17. What happens when it goes rr80 RP to rr80 Zealot with no outside help?
  18. Can anyone win?
  19. Is it like a DoK WP fight?
  20. Where do Sov drop from?
  21. Really?
  22. I got some from a rr80 Magus during a premade, is that normal?
  23. Do you have ADD?
  24. How about ADHD?
  25. Are you really a girl?
  26. I am a girl, and no one believes me, how did you convince your guild?
  27. Who introduced you to WAR?
  28. Did you make your guild at lvl 40?
  29. Did you even MAKE that guild?
  30. If so, how did you come up with the name?
  31. Did you blind invite during the earlier ranks of your guild?
  32. Are you even the Guildmaster? If you werent the GM, im sorry, disregard
    those last few.
  33. What happened to make you so sad recently?
  34. Can I buy your Keymapped oven?
  35. If so, how much?
  36. If no, why not?
  37. If no, how did you get an oven that is compatable?
  38. Did you know that theres a CSR with a soul?
  39. His name is CSAefli, have you ever seen him?
  40. How many times have you fallen through the geometry?
  41. I got my AHHHHHHHHH title from falling through the Apix in IC when I was
    pushing with my guild, do you have your AHHHHHHHH yet?
  42. Do you cheat during duels, and heal from afar?
  43. Can you DO that?
  44. Really?
  45. How?
  46. Why do Zealots go down easier when you are on their side?
  47. How come I can never get a WBT team going without having to, like, go out to
    family dinners?
  48. Why cant they be at 4PM, when I get home from school?
  49. Why is there school?
  50. I learn more from bossing my 110 guildmates and my 14 main core players then
    from writing about "teamwork" and shit, why do I even have to go?
  51. Do you like fat guys or thin guys?
  52. I like fat ones and I'm female and rather pretty, why does everyone seem so
  53. Whats your opinion on Aion?
  54. Why do people hate Aion so much?
  55. Ive never played, how about you?
  56. Have you seen the movie "Charlie in the Chocolate Factory?"
  57. The new one or the old one?
  58. The new one is Johhny Depp with a stupid haircut, right?
  59. Really?
  60. Do you like cheese?
  61. Why not?
  62. What do you mean, 'its evil!!!'???
  63. Whaaaaa?
  64. Whats the proper procedure from fighting back during a shark attack?
  65. How about aligators?
  66. Whats the difference between Aligators and Crocodiles?
  67. Why did you make a blog?
  68. How old are you?
  69. Dont lie!
  70. Whats your opinion of the UN, and how has the global structure affected the
    american economy recently? (500-1000 words, single spaced, typed.)

Thats all I can come up with, ty for answering!

Rienuaa Shiningclaws, 40/40 WL on IR

Monday, April 5, 2010

Skool Sucks

Holy crap. It's Rien in school. Betcha didn't see that coming!

See, my first period is Tech. And, I disabled the blocker (SHHHH!) so, I play on AddictingGames and watch The Escapist.

Moving on: Spring Break is over. I'll try to update every day, but Kilmer has a lot of homework.... BAHAHA Im just kidding! I just play MMOs from 3 till 10, so I got no time for the "blog" crap. I guess I could do it in school, but then I'd have to do tech at home, and I wouldn't be able to keep up with Gaar and AriseChicken's blogs. KUDOS to Chicken for being not only hilarious, but nailing the contribution of a BW. "Stacking 3 red-haired mouthbreathers in a group totally screams I AM AWESOME to the world!"

Speaking of Brightwizards, I HATE bomb groups. Being critted to death before my goddamn lion will stop freezing in place and attacking walls, cause, god forbid, they might attack me somehow and thus need to be burst damaged to oblivion. I really hate my lion. Although it is, technically, a heat-seeking auto-locking high damage unkillable 75% negated 70% resist missile with legs and teeth, it doesn't obey me at all! It'll be on passive, then LAUNCH itself at the guards, killing me and my team. It pulled the goddamn KING! How do you DO that?? It's bad enough I managed to infiltrate a King group, but pulling it, which one-shotted me, and revealed my lack of Wards, got me booted so fast I didn't even have time to ask for a rez. Sheesh. At least I'm gonna be rocking Tyrant soon enough. I hope I can snag a Hide of Djaf on my first ToVL run, my Precurser Hide looks like crap. Well, my GuildCape looks leeter then Sov, cause

MY GUILD GOT TO LVL 20 w000000000t!!!!!!!!

Only..... 20 lvls to go!


Now we have the Black and White awesomeness instead of the gold origional crap. I totally love the design, I might post a screenie soon. I was totally hoping for a red hand on black, but only destro has that. I wsh I could do a guild transfer for realms, not just servers. Bah. I also wish for a RR80 Tank and a guild full of 40s who ran t4 with me. All I have by ways of t4 awesomemess is Naelal, the bestest healer and my bestest friend. She watches the guild wile im at school, I atch it when shes asleep. Officers are one thing, shes the co-leader!

Crap! Teacher says "Get to work" so I'd better go!


Saturday, April 3, 2010

Epicness comes with a price.

Well, I can't wait to log in to WAR! I'ts going to be a while, seeing as my house flooded out here in the Outer Banks, but I'tll be worth the wait. Thans to the Realm War, on the WAR site, I checked my guildrank. The Dark Brotherhood is lvl 20 out of 40!! Halfway to the top! W00t.

Now, I like WAR lots, specially cause of the PvP. My WLs awesomeness makes my 80 Pally look like a scrub! I mean, a lot of people underestimate White Lions. Just cause we suck as a DPS, are a literally 1-shot kill for the enemies, and pull the guards all the time doesn't mean we aren't a good class, right?

Let me put it this way: Theres a reason we suck, but that makes the best part all the better.

As Yahtzee (My idol) puts it: Theres a reason they're no Assault Rifles in Cyrodill.

They get swords. They get shields.

We get heat-seeking missiles.

Yeah, you heard me. My Lion is IMMUNE to cc, can NOT be taunted off its target, has a crap load of health (Just around 15k HP, with 75% negation and resists of 70%) and enough damage to out-heal even the best zealot. I mean, I, myself, suck, but hiding behind scenery while still topping the charts for solo kills beats tanking any day. Also, if you are flagged, you can put lion of defensive, go AFK at a PQ, then come back to a full inventory.

My other fav class in a PvP game is CombatHealer. For Destro, its a DoK, and my god they kick ass! I play in T1 only for destro, cause t2 we own everything, t3 is empty and depressing, and in t4 Order wipes us. We can barely hold onto IC enough to get a B/B run, for god's sake!

So, me, being the smart gamer I am, decided to make a Trial account, so I could freeze my XP gain. Thus, Syvii entered Nordland, and every time I solo a warband of people and come out at 99% HP, I remind myself how awesome i really am.

And now: Time for my CoH Diary!

Day one: I entered CoH, only to find out the game recently died. Whoops. Guess I shouldn't have quit myself for 6 months.

And finally:

Your gun is of course your best friend;
On which you must always depend;
When you get into fights,
You can look down the sights,
And bullets come out of the end.

The gun choice, its not too exciting.
Two machine guns; a rifle for sniping.
But later on BFGs
coming with guarantees
To shoot various flavors of lightning!

Tah tah for now!

~Rien (Still single! Still looking!)