Friday, April 30, 2010

Missing Person Alert!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This is an emotional post. No funnies, no jokes, no laughter please. This is a serious issue Iwant everyone to know about..... sigh.

A while ago, after I got my 40 on WAR, I made a new character who wasnt invited to my guild. I got to chapter two and joined The Forces of Order just as soon as I saw my future idol, MythicDraclas, advise a person about talismans. Well, at the time, he wasnt my idol. I had no idea Mods existed outside of soulless CSRs, who talk in "Robotic Monotone" and cant solve anything at all whatsoever themselves. So, he was talking, and my response was:

[Guild][MythicDraclas]: Yarr!
[Guild][Syvii]: Buh! Buh! MODS?
[Guild][MythicEresite]: Say whaaaaaaat?
[Guild][Syvii]: THEYRE MULTIPLYING ARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
[Guild][MythicDraclas]: Where?
[Guild][MythicCindab]: Mods? Who are these "Mods" you speak of?
[Guild][Syvii]: Now theres THREE!

As you can see, I was mildly alarmed. I mean terrified. But, heres the thing. This Draclas guy, I call him Drac, was awesome. As he would say, Pure Awesomeness. He did. He called me that several times. I always liked, the guy.... oh who am i kidding. I was in love. Full on game crush love. He was the person I could talk to. I always thought he was really nice, but on Valentines Day, when i asked him to be my valentine (eValentine....... :P) he said, and I quote,

[Guild][MythicDraclas]: Im not sure im the best person for you.... you could do a lot better then me.

Then he logged out. Sigh. Some people told me he was saying "Go AWAY!" in Mod language. THey arent allowed to express candid opinions, cause the boss reads the logs, so I think he doesnt like me at all..... Still, I cant help but wonder....

Flash foward a month. I am twinked on my DoK, rolling Prudent and a Gale Cape, and farming order for gear aplenty. I log on to my twink, who, by the way, is on a trial account seperate from my subscriber, to talk to Drac. I made an AM on my sub account named Istather, to supervise Part-Time when the Mods go on lunch break. I have made my guild by then, but before I found Nael. One day, I hear Drac talking to Jita.... In a way that would suggest a relationship. I promised myself not to do this anymore. It was pathetic. He was obviously a grown man, and I am only 14. He desnt like me! i remind myself. I cant help it.... And then comes the day I say no more.

I told him I was quitting WAR. I didnt quit war....

He told me NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO and I asked why, cause I thought he thought I was annoying and never liked me, only put up with me to hold onto his job. He said....

He said I was Pure Awesomeness.

And then.... flash foward a week or two.

I log onto my DoK after missing a day.

I ask for Drac, I dont see him, i think "Oh well" and log onto my main. The next day, he is gone too. I skip a week of asking....

Then, when I ask later.....

A helpful person points out that hes been gone for a while. They say he was fired. Drac is gone. The Mods are gone... All gone. I never got to say goodbye.

Flash to now, a month later. I still miss you, Draclas. I want you to come back. I dont know if you are reading this, I dont know if you remember me, I dont know who you are, but I want to know. This seems pathetic, but Im not sure what else to do.

I thought I was over this. Im not. Last night, I had a dream about meeting him in real life. Im so sad...... I feel so wrong for liking a probable old man with no life whos 30 years older then me, and I feel worse for telling you guys.

Thats why im writing this. I need to get it off my chest. Its not right for me to like an older man, expecially not at my age. I just.... i just want to know who he is. I know hes out there somewhere, i just dont know where to start looking, other then walking in MythicHQ's front door and asking, but it is against the law and company policy to reveal personal information about current and former employees, and besides i dont know who to ask.

But... but SOMEONE has to know, right? SOMEONE must know Drac in real life. He couldnt tell me his real account cause of policy, but he must have told someone outside of his employee account.

Someone has to know...... thats all im holding on to right now.

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Big News

Ok, then. You all remember my post about Krogust? Well, hes gone. Gone. All gone. Yay us.

Check his guild on the Realm War. Its only him. No posts on the AH.

We won...... Now I have nothing to troll about. Any suggestions?


Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Quick one

And, sorry for doubly posting in the same 5 min period, but whoever voted "yes" on my poll is going to get some nice hate-mail pretty soon. Yes, I can see who voted what. :P

Just Kidding!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Well, due to the outstanding amount of not only comments BUT emails from everyone who read my blog over the last few weeks convinced me to come back.

Well.... not convinced. More like hounded till I died. :P

In other news I might just be quitting WAR anyway. At least until my Gryphon comes in. (No jokes about that quote)

In other other news, My Arachnos Soldier is lvl 27 now, with a whopping 11 merits! Farming? Me? Howd you guess?

In other other other news, my lvl 50 Scrap has 4. No, I didnt buy anything. He went into Atlas AE and never came out, cept to build my 40 room base. Which, by the way, has a pool. And a sacraficial pit. And a library. And a podium. And a throne room. And a dance club. And an outdoor garden. I love my SG.

In other other other other other news, Read this blog:

In other other other other other other news: I love "I'm Awesome" by Spose.

Heres me trying to sing it:

Im awesome!
No your not dude dont lie
Im awesome
drivin round in my moms ride
im awesome
quarter of my life gone by
I will run away from a brawl
im awesome
No voice mail, nobody call!
Im awesome!
cant afford to buy 8 balls
and i talk to myself on my facebok wall!
now i let my pants sag low
even tho
that went out of style like ten years ago
i got the swagger of a cripple
got little biceps getting fatter in that middle
(mumble mumble.... skipping a bit)
now ill nevah date an actress
got to many back zit
plus my own home aroma is cat piss
every show i do in poorly promoted
and if you like this, its cause
my little sistah wrote it!

In the last other other other other other other other other news, I ran out of news. Hey, were not all perfect! Well, I am..... hehe


Till next time! AKA when im bored of doing to 8:00 EST IC push! (Its every night. I timed it. The message pops up at 8:00 EST every night. How bout that.)


Saturday, April 24, 2010


Well, since Ive gotten totally bored with blogging, this is my last post forever and all that jazz. I dont think anyone will miss me, and, quite frankly, I dont care if you do or not. Im probly quitting WAR anyhow, its gotten boring now. CoH/CoV at least isnt boring, its just full of assholes.

Goodbye, guys. Specially Chicken, who was the first person to read my blog, and Rudepox, who did nothing at all, although his name is familiar.

Hope to see you guys someday in real life.


Thursday, April 22, 2010

Mythic is AWESOME!


I got charged several times, for over $1000, BUT: MY MONEY CAME BACK!

READ THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hello everyone,

Two weeks ago, a serious event occurred which
resulted in the unintended billing of some of our customers. For this and any
difficulties the event caused, we are truly sorry and today we wish to explain
what happened, and to make a renewed commitment to your trust and security. We
have taken this very seriously. In our 15 year history, trust has been the
foundation of our relationship with the gaming community and we intend to
rebuild that trust.

Between March 18 and April 7, our payment gateway, experienced a processing flaw that was beyond the scope of our control. Instead of being submitted for processing once, some transactions were submitted multiple times, resulting in some people being charged multiple times. On April 8, we determined what had happened and acted with urgency to arrange for bulk reversal of all erroneous charges. The majority of players saw the refund within 2-3 business days. Some banks did not post refunds until a few days later, a delay that was contingent on the banking institution. We worked quickly to inform affected players of the situation and understand the frustration this waiting period may have caused.

As a result of this event, we significantly increased customer service staffing who have been working with all impacted subscribers to waive any overdraft fees. The majority of the banks have waived these fees as they recognize the unusual nature of this event. In the rare cases that the banks have not reversed the charges, EA is covering the fee.

Once the corrective action was completed, we turned our attention to analyzing the
problem in more detail. We determined the root cause, developed a
definitive fix and implemented monitoring precautions that will allow us to
prevent similar situations from reoccurring. These steps have been in place
since April 13 with no further issues.

To be clear, at no point during this event was there a security breach or was subscriber account information compromised.

As of today, we believe we have resolved the issue. However, we
remain committed to assisting anyone who has been financially affected in ways
we are not aware. For any players still in need of assistance, please
contact our Billing Support department by calling 650-628-1001 from 10:00 AM EDT - 10:00 PM EDT, 7 days a week. For those outside of the U.S. who do not wish to make an international call, please create an in-game appeal; for instructions on
how to file an appeal click here. Over the past 15 years we have always
strived to do what’s best for our players. We are truly sorry, and want to work
to make things right and restore our relationship. We hope you will accept
this small token of our appreciation for your continued commitment to our


For starters all players will earn 100%
bonus experience and renown when killing enemies and monsters for two weeks. As well, during this time we’ll be hard at work designing and implementing a special vendor. This vendor will only accept special tokens that will be sent to your mailbox, using these two tokens each of your characters will be able to receive two of the following items:

Bottomless Black Dye

Bottomless White Dye

Imperial Griffon Mount (Order)

Enslaved Manticore Mount (Destruction)

WAR Tract
– earn a free level

Choose from any of these pets – Order: Imperial Hunting Hound
or Dwarf Keg Handler; Destruction: Warlord’s Fell Hound or the Goblin

Change your appearance with any of these illusion items: Skaven Skin
Cloak (skaven), Kossar’s Helm (bear), or the Signet of the Cursed Company



Monday, April 19, 2010


Well, heres the thing.

My first MMO was maplestory. Good, fun, wacky and boring grind to 200. My next, which I played ages 8-14, was CoH/CoV. While flying around Paragon City, I heard a LOT of crap about Aion. Like, a lot. Since it was my first really MMO that wasnt a 2D sidescroller, the opinions expressed really got into me. But, after making this blog, I read a lot of other blogs. Most of em like Aion. I am trapped. See, I automatically associate Aion with crap, because that was the general opinion fed to me, but all the same it seems pretty cool. What should I do? I dunno if i should give it a spin, so I am gonna ask a few questions about it, hopefully you guys can give me an answer.

  1. Does Aion have a realistic movement/flight mechanic that represents both gravity and the ability to travel fast?
  2. Is it heavily dependent on time-consuming activities you cannot interrupt? (Such as dungeons that make you reset if you quit the team)
  3. Is gear a large part of the way you play?
  4. Is the economy balanced with large amounts of ways to make money that do not require player interaction (vendoring) ?
  5. Is the grind to the maximum level too long to really make you interested for the endgame?
  6. Does the endgame have new things that encourage you to continue playing?
  7. Is the playerbase stable, with enough to team up effectively to conquer group effort required tasks?
  8. Is there PvP, and if so, is it fair?
Thanks if you reply.

~ Rien


I hate my brother.


Saturday, April 17, 2010

So damn LOUD!

This is my second.... uh..... "post" today. Or maybe its my second "blog" today. Or whatever. I cant think clearly, because my brother, resident BaseBuilder of CoV (Im the CoH one) and nerd-hater (Closeted Geek is the term describing him) has Band Practice today. At MY HOUSE! H plays the drums, too. All I hear right now is BAH DAM DAM DAM DAM BOOM BOM DOM BAM BAP BAP BOM BOOM DAM DOM BOOM BAH BOOM DAM DOM DOM BOOM BAM BAM BOOM DOM DAM DAM BOOOOOOOOOOM buhdahbuhdahbudahbudah BAM! BOOM! BAHBOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOM!

He just walked up and asked me what a Closeted Geek is. I say hes in denial. He is a nerd! He should be PROUD of it!


Also, wasting your life is to damn fun to miss.

In the news of the day. Rien is almost to renown 41 on her WL. I want my goddamn conq wrists! I want the set bonus! I want to stop wearing my [Wristguards of the Fallen Explorer] to imitate conq! I also want my Sentinal Mane, too. It looks better then the conq one. And I get 66 Wounds from the set bonus. Yay! Maybe now I wont suck.

In more news of the day, I got a sweet BaseBuilding job. 100 Mil for an Arcane Base, with just about 20 million prestige to play with. This doesnt include the plot or the rooms, which are already placed. Im thinking of a Mythic Defenders Control Room reprive, with a pool overlaying the ground Control rings, with black light and torches behind the Spheres to make them have a Halo.

In even MORE news of the day, I got my 12 month CoH/CoV Vet award today. Now I have the 1337 run powers and the Sands of Mohawk. No, its the Sands of Mohave. Or Mohekan. Or Molotov. It starts with an M, THAT I know. I also got the BaseBuilding Vet items, so my Museam can be completed! Part storage, part vet reward place. Everything sterile looking and clean.

In MORE more news of the day, House Mortale gave me a Prudent Mantle of Brawn for Syvii, my DoK twink mirror. I can has no Destro, so I can has no farmers. Thus, the free shoulders brightened my loud day considerably.

In the MORE more more news of the day, this blog was featured on several blogs, whom I dont know. This means my popularity is spreading! Or maybe theyre laughing at how stupid I sound. Blah.

In the last news of the day, VOTE IN MY POLL OR ELSE I WILL COME TO YOUR HOUSE AND UNPLUG YOUR COMPUTER RIGHT BEFORE YOU ARE ABOUT TO LOOT A COOL ITEM OR SOMETHING! I dunno. If you dont vote, leave your Name, Address, and when you are online in the comments section. Or else! /fistshake


Making a Splash in T1!

Ok, so.

As the people who know me in WAR know, I spend a lot of time in t1. This isnt because I like playing t1. I just like how the Destro PQs are full of soon-to-be flagged destro players, and you get tings like lvl 4 shoulders from them. Scavenged is the Green. Purloined is the Blue. Theyre the lesser version of Gale-Runner's and Storm-Courser's, and they sell for a LOT. Oh, ad beating the crap out of hordes of destro on my Endless Trial Account's Fully Twinked WP (Prudent Mantle of Brawn, Gale Str cape, War-Torn Helm with +17 str, Prudent Cassock and boots and gloves and 3 rings of Brawn, too.) I can one-shot a lvl 4. Two shot, it theyre a tank. As long as I'm next to an enemy, I am at 99% hp 100% of the time. They give me 1 damage.

I just enjoy the feeling of invincibility.

Also, I make destro players who just joined the game or the server rage quit. So, I am helping out RvR. :D

In other news: If you have a blog you want to put it on this website, put it in the comments section with a link or the URL, as well as the name. And take a look at the nifty widdle Poll ovah theyah


and give a vote!

Tah Tah till my game crashes!

If you find me in T1, at the Destruction of the Weak Destro PQ on my Order WP on Iron ROck, I'll let you tag along to the Destro Launch point!


Monday, April 12, 2010


Todays post: Krogust.

God, I hate him.

This was back before Iron Rock (Motto: If you wipe, Rage Quit!) and I was on Gorfang destro. I ran into Everyones Favorite Godforsaken Soulless Bastard one day while searching the AH for some Linments, and I instantly recognised him because he owns 98% of Gorfang's economy.

He buys anything anyone sells lower then him, but sells things super cheap so no one gets anything sold but him, and people lose fortunes trying to sell things because Krogusts prices are so low. He owns 98% of the AH. And so, with his newfound riches, he realized the only thing he cant buy is a rank 40 guild. So, he made WAR IS LIFE, and pays people to lvl up. But, people spend the money on his AH things, so you get nothing.

And he gets guild exp.

And we all get a tyrant who steals our money, and a guild that soaks up all the players on Gorfang who want money, so guilds other then his have a hard time ranking.

Needless to say, we hate him.

But, we cant make him go away.

He'll take everything with him.

This is why it is the Infestation. If he gets into your server's AH, he'll screw it up beyond repair. He causes a lot of poeple to be unable to make prophits. I know owning, for example Sov (Bad example, its BOP :/ ) is a major accomplishment, but if EVERYONE had it (just not equipped) would you really be best? Do you think you could have a brag point? Its like what Tyrant was: At the beginning, people who had it were famous and rare. Now, they outnumber rr80s. Also, wheres the new, cheap stuff coming from? NOWHERE! He decreased the prices of everything WITHOUT INCREASING THE SUPPLY! Everythings going in a downward spiral of doom!


I suppose you are screaming at the screen now. "Why are you PROTESTING lower prices! I get better gear with him!" Well, let me answer that. He only does this for certain things, things that are expensive but are high quality, such as Gale-Runner's gear for the huge twink market and Pots/Linments. Other things, like Sandstorm weps and t4 sets, remain sky high. If you want to sell one thing to buy another, you might just be in the shitter.

And the worst part isn' even that. The worst part is if we make him go away.

We loose 98% of our items and 80000 trillion that should have been distributed.

Also, there is the HUGE risk of the Krogust Infestation spreading. Right now Gorfang is shot to hell, but what if EVERY server has its personal greedy tyrant? What if no one could afford the rare stuff, but couldn't sell the common drops? What happens if it all becomes worthless? Two things would happen: One, the Gold Sellers would finally shut up. Two, it would only take one person to amass everything, which was free before, then start inventing his OWN prices! We have a solid economy on Iron Rock, one that can't be changed much, but what if Krogust comes around?

We'd be bowing to his personal army while coughing up free gear to him, so he can enjoy owning us all.


Saturday, April 10, 2010

Missile Launch!

Shoop Da Woop! Seems I made a mistake with my previous entry:

Now, I like WAR lots, specially cause of the PvP. My WLs awesomeness makes my 80 Pally look like a scrub! I mean, a lot of people underestimate White Lions. Just cause we suck as a DPS, are a literally 1-shot kill for the enemies, and pull the guards all the time doesn't mean we aren't a good class, right?

Let me put it this way: Theres a reason we suck, but that makes the best part all the better.

As Yahtzee (My idol) puts it: Theres a reason they're no Assault Rifles in Cyrodill.

They get swords. They get shields.

We get heat-seeking missiles.

Yeah, you heard me. My Lion is IMMUNE to cc, can NOT be taunted off its target, has a crap load of health (Just around 15k HP, with 75% negation and resists of 70%) and enough damage to out-heal even the best zealot. I mean, I, myself, suck, but hiding behind scenery while still topping the charts for solo kills beats tanking any day. Also, if you are flagged, you can put lion of defensive, go AFK at a PQ, then come back to a full inventory.

It should have said "75% Negation '50%' resists."

Also, the best part about WLs is NOT thier missiles or armor right out of the lore: It's Pounce!

Yeah, you heard me. Theres nothing like launching yourself 100 feet up hills or over gaps at forty thousand miles per hour.

In other news, I am looking for Gaar's Email, if anyone has it please share!


Friday, April 9, 2010

Mythic Meeting!

Well, word on the Internets is that Mythic got a few top bloggers into the HQ to interview to devs. I didn't get picked because... Uh.... I dunno. Maybe because half of it is about non-WAR things and I have 10 posts. Oh, well, you can still read the transcripts at , where Gaar from good ol' Iron Rock / Order got to meet the devs!

In other news, I just got Chicken's answers to my interview, most of the answers were Bacon. She got most of the answers right. Cough.

In other other news, Rien had a great idea. Its where you pay three thousand IRL $$$ and all of your toons are upgraded to rr80 and gifted a set of Sov. And you get an 80% mount that looks like a dragon, with White for Order and black for destro. And you get cake. And Belgum.

I have to quote her on one thing:

Is Krogust still owning the AH with his millions? Yeah,
Who IS Krogust? He is... the pain
you feel when you scrape your knee while learning to roller skate. He is the
moment after you drink out of the Dr. Pepper can that was there for 2 days on
the coffee table instead of the new one next to it that you took out of the
fridge. He is the soy sauce that was spilled on your new white Gucci dress that
you got for your birthday and you barely even wore it for 30 minutes before some
dumbass baby in a stroller though it would be really funny to swipe at your
table while it strolled by in the food court. Krogust is neither man, nor
machine. But he does exist, and he fucking blows.
Why does joining
WAR IS LIFE seem so.... cheap, even though its easy money? Because Mr. Moneybags is using you guys to make himself more
money. His "business" model depends on you, the unsuspecting guild members,
being dumb enough to use your spoonfed gold to buy up his auctions while you
level, thus returning all the gold he gave you to himself. Like one of those zen
desktop fountains from Bed Bath & Beyond, the gold cycles back into his
accounts and the money never belongs to you unless you shove your meaty little
rebel fist in there and TAKE IT. Or your cat drinks out of it...or something.
Did I mention Krogust blows? Hes smart but he blows.

Happy Hunting, Happy Healing, Happy Suicide Pouncing!


Chickend Again!

Well, I wrote to Arisechicken about her blog and if I could get my blog on there as a link. I sent her 70 questions. Heres the Email I sent:

Hey! You probly dont know me. Actually, I KNOW you don't know me. Im
on Order and another server, Iron Rock. I read your blog, and I have a few
questions about it, I hope you wont mind answaring them for me and a few of my
guildslaves..... I mean guildmates. Im a guildmaster and the unofficial Fill-in
for MythicDraclas (Rest in Virtual Peace) in the Forces of Order. Half my time
is in [The Dark Brotherhood] and half in [The Forces of Order] because I have
fallen in love with my t1 Twink, which was possible because my 40/40 is great at
farming and because Endless Trials are so easy to make. Anyway, If it wouldnt be
to much trouble, I'd love for you to answer a few questions.
  1. What happened about the Rue thing?
  2. Did you get dropped form the Meeting at MythicHQ?
  3. Did you know I can see the MythicHQ from my house?
  4. If I somehow had a blog, would you post a link in one of your sidebar
    things, or do something like what you did with Kaegen?
  5. I had a few members of your guild take a spin at Order, they joined my
    guild, they knew you, they were a slayer/IB (Look the same to me in t2)
    and a KotBS, so I was wondering who, in your guild, took time off to play IR? I
    was just wondering, it was when your Magus friend took a week off.
  6. How in the world did you get Gaar to read your blog?
  7. How did Andy find your blog?
  8. How could you possibly survive the grind to 80 without killing
  9. Is Krogust still owning the AH with his millions?
  10. Who IS Krogust?
  11. Why does joining WAR IS LIFE seem so.... cheap, even though its easy money?
  12. How do you like your chicken cooked?
  13. How about beef?
  14. Do you like salmon?
  15. How close are you to MythicHQ?
  16. Did you fly there?
  17. What happens when it goes rr80 RP to rr80 Zealot with no outside help?
  18. Can anyone win?
  19. Is it like a DoK WP fight?
  20. Where do Sov drop from?
  21. Really?
  22. I got some from a rr80 Magus during a premade, is that normal?
  23. Do you have ADD?
  24. How about ADHD?
  25. Are you really a girl?
  26. I am a girl, and no one believes me, how did you convince your guild?
  27. Who introduced you to WAR?
  28. Did you make your guild at lvl 40?
  29. Did you even MAKE that guild?
  30. If so, how did you come up with the name?
  31. Did you blind invite during the earlier ranks of your guild?
  32. Are you even the Guildmaster? If you werent the GM, im sorry, disregard
    those last few.
  33. What happened to make you so sad recently?
  34. Can I buy your Keymapped oven?
  35. If so, how much?
  36. If no, why not?
  37. If no, how did you get an oven that is compatable?
  38. Did you know that theres a CSR with a soul?
  39. His name is CSAefli, have you ever seen him?
  40. How many times have you fallen through the geometry?
  41. I got my AHHHHHHHHH title from falling through the Apix in IC when I was
    pushing with my guild, do you have your AHHHHHHHH yet?
  42. Do you cheat during duels, and heal from afar?
  43. Can you DO that?
  44. Really?
  45. How?
  46. Why do Zealots go down easier when you are on their side?
  47. How come I can never get a WBT team going without having to, like, go out to
    family dinners?
  48. Why cant they be at 4PM, when I get home from school?
  49. Why is there school?
  50. I learn more from bossing my 110 guildmates and my 14 main core players then
    from writing about "teamwork" and shit, why do I even have to go?
  51. Do you like fat guys or thin guys?
  52. I like fat ones and I'm female and rather pretty, why does everyone seem so
  53. Whats your opinion on Aion?
  54. Why do people hate Aion so much?
  55. Ive never played, how about you?
  56. Have you seen the movie "Charlie in the Chocolate Factory?"
  57. The new one or the old one?
  58. The new one is Johhny Depp with a stupid haircut, right?
  59. Really?
  60. Do you like cheese?
  61. Why not?
  62. What do you mean, 'its evil!!!'???
  63. Whaaaaa?
  64. Whats the proper procedure from fighting back during a shark attack?
  65. How about aligators?
  66. Whats the difference between Aligators and Crocodiles?
  67. Why did you make a blog?
  68. How old are you?
  69. Dont lie!
  70. Whats your opinion of the UN, and how has the global structure affected the
    american economy recently? (500-1000 words, single spaced, typed.)

Thats all I can come up with, ty for answering!

Rienuaa Shiningclaws, 40/40 WL on IR

Monday, April 5, 2010

Skool Sucks

Holy crap. It's Rien in school. Betcha didn't see that coming!

See, my first period is Tech. And, I disabled the blocker (SHHHH!) so, I play on AddictingGames and watch The Escapist.

Moving on: Spring Break is over. I'll try to update every day, but Kilmer has a lot of homework.... BAHAHA Im just kidding! I just play MMOs from 3 till 10, so I got no time for the "blog" crap. I guess I could do it in school, but then I'd have to do tech at home, and I wouldn't be able to keep up with Gaar and AriseChicken's blogs. KUDOS to Chicken for being not only hilarious, but nailing the contribution of a BW. "Stacking 3 red-haired mouthbreathers in a group totally screams I AM AWESOME to the world!"

Speaking of Brightwizards, I HATE bomb groups. Being critted to death before my goddamn lion will stop freezing in place and attacking walls, cause, god forbid, they might attack me somehow and thus need to be burst damaged to oblivion. I really hate my lion. Although it is, technically, a heat-seeking auto-locking high damage unkillable 75% negated 70% resist missile with legs and teeth, it doesn't obey me at all! It'll be on passive, then LAUNCH itself at the guards, killing me and my team. It pulled the goddamn KING! How do you DO that?? It's bad enough I managed to infiltrate a King group, but pulling it, which one-shotted me, and revealed my lack of Wards, got me booted so fast I didn't even have time to ask for a rez. Sheesh. At least I'm gonna be rocking Tyrant soon enough. I hope I can snag a Hide of Djaf on my first ToVL run, my Precurser Hide looks like crap. Well, my GuildCape looks leeter then Sov, cause

MY GUILD GOT TO LVL 20 w000000000t!!!!!!!!

Only..... 20 lvls to go!


Now we have the Black and White awesomeness instead of the gold origional crap. I totally love the design, I might post a screenie soon. I was totally hoping for a red hand on black, but only destro has that. I wsh I could do a guild transfer for realms, not just servers. Bah. I also wish for a RR80 Tank and a guild full of 40s who ran t4 with me. All I have by ways of t4 awesomemess is Naelal, the bestest healer and my bestest friend. She watches the guild wile im at school, I atch it when shes asleep. Officers are one thing, shes the co-leader!

Crap! Teacher says "Get to work" so I'd better go!


Saturday, April 3, 2010

Epicness comes with a price.

Well, I can't wait to log in to WAR! I'ts going to be a while, seeing as my house flooded out here in the Outer Banks, but I'tll be worth the wait. Thans to the Realm War, on the WAR site, I checked my guildrank. The Dark Brotherhood is lvl 20 out of 40!! Halfway to the top! W00t.

Now, I like WAR lots, specially cause of the PvP. My WLs awesomeness makes my 80 Pally look like a scrub! I mean, a lot of people underestimate White Lions. Just cause we suck as a DPS, are a literally 1-shot kill for the enemies, and pull the guards all the time doesn't mean we aren't a good class, right?

Let me put it this way: Theres a reason we suck, but that makes the best part all the better.

As Yahtzee (My idol) puts it: Theres a reason they're no Assault Rifles in Cyrodill.

They get swords. They get shields.

We get heat-seeking missiles.

Yeah, you heard me. My Lion is IMMUNE to cc, can NOT be taunted off its target, has a crap load of health (Just around 15k HP, with 75% negation and resists of 70%) and enough damage to out-heal even the best zealot. I mean, I, myself, suck, but hiding behind scenery while still topping the charts for solo kills beats tanking any day. Also, if you are flagged, you can put lion of defensive, go AFK at a PQ, then come back to a full inventory.

My other fav class in a PvP game is CombatHealer. For Destro, its a DoK, and my god they kick ass! I play in T1 only for destro, cause t2 we own everything, t3 is empty and depressing, and in t4 Order wipes us. We can barely hold onto IC enough to get a B/B run, for god's sake!

So, me, being the smart gamer I am, decided to make a Trial account, so I could freeze my XP gain. Thus, Syvii entered Nordland, and every time I solo a warband of people and come out at 99% HP, I remind myself how awesome i really am.

And now: Time for my CoH Diary!

Day one: I entered CoH, only to find out the game recently died. Whoops. Guess I shouldn't have quit myself for 6 months.

And finally:

Your gun is of course your best friend;
On which you must always depend;
When you get into fights,
You can look down the sights,
And bullets come out of the end.

The gun choice, its not too exciting.
Two machine guns; a rifle for sniping.
But later on BFGs
coming with guarantees
To shoot various flavors of lightning!

Tah tah for now!

~Rien (Still single! Still looking!)

Audience Approval

Well, I'm at home again. Finally. I can't wait to log onto WAR and CoH, they're the only currency involved guild systems i've seen.

INC topic: How to get an audience.

Well, its simple! Be god at something, then rub it in people's faces!

I said GOD, not good. A lot of people are good, only I am God. Well, not really. I'm more of the evil version of the red teletubby. Whatshisname.... Popo. Heh. Heh.... heh...... *waggles eyebrows*
Going back to topic for second time:

Well, I have an audience cause I share EVERY. SINGLE. THING. I do with region chat, Guild chat, team chat, ect. Make people pay attention! The more you talk, the more chances you have to make allies. I do stuff in my MMOs that no one else did.

For example: In CoH, I made a toon called SG Helper. I flew around with my PB Energy Flight, asking for SGs to blind invite for, to basebuild for, to badgehunt for, ect. People loved me. My friends list was full in just 3 days of asking. I made over 60 million in donations.

In WAR: I farmed for Gale-Runner's and Storm-Courser's shoulder and helmet items, then played Hide-and-seek, with the winner taking over 50g worth of twink gear. I got over 180 guild recruits in ONE HOUR. I had half the game running around in the lake, searching for me!

In Maplestory: I made a lvl 40 INSIDE THE STARTING ZONE and somehow became guildleader after Awesomesin42 left the guild "FlamingNinjas" to me, then made over 100 people play ONLY IN THE TUTORIAL ISLAND! I used the NexonCash traderthingie to get myself a Christmas Whip and other cool stuff, then blinded, binded, blinded till I DCed!

You get the idea! Play, play well, but play Outside The Box!!! ( BOX! [_] hehe)



I hate laptops. Especially this one. The letter U fell off. I just have the tiny stub it was glued to. Moving on, right now I am on vacation, with nothing but a gamecube and a laptop with no U. Fuuuuuuun. So, no MMOs, cause even though Macs work better then windows, my games arent working. Boo.

So, bored out of my mind and wishing for an escape, I tried Harvest Moon, AnWL. I am even MORE bored now, AND my gamecube (Dont ask how) was submerged, so it caught on fire.

So did my toaster.


When you think of how well toasters work, its amazing how anyone gets on an airplane.

Well, now my laptop is out of power, theres even a time in the corner saying I have 4 mins 36 seconds to go. I wish you all were here. I'm having a blast........ T.T


Links Ahoy!

Well, online I have standards. Not very good ones, of course, I am the master at flaming people, no matter how popular they are. Well, today, I believe the person I used to envy, and thus made jokes about, was..... well...... a lower RR then me in WAR. I'm talking about Krogust, the multi-bajilionaire in WAR. (That IS a number!) He's got, like, a couple MILLION G. I have..... OVER NINETHOUSAND! Actually, 9k even. Over on my 40/80 on Gorfang, I helped Mr. Krogust with his guild, WAR IS LIFE. My 40/80 will not be named, she is retired and Magi suck now.... Anyway, today I figured out the ruler of the server, the top of the heap, the king of the castle is..... is..... 29 ranks below me. 80-51=29... right? Anyway, he is not only crap, but his gear is crap, too. Primevil shoulders? What the crap? I'm in Sov, and I'm lighting shrines to THIS? (Link below to Krogust's profile!) Oh, you can see my newest WAR 40 here, too! Read on, readers! Also in the links in Zero Punctuation, whom I envy, too. I steal his jokes as well. (Secret shame) This one is for FF13!

Ok, now, I'm going to start posting my CoH blog, cause WAR is tiring me out.

Me! (This is my newest 40, not my 40/80)
Krogust (Pity him.......)
Zero Punctuation FF13!!!! (WATCH IT OR ELSE /fistshake)

Until next time!


Geeky Unique-y

So many times nowadays in my many (5) MMOs I play (CoH/CoV, WAR, WoW, DDO, and Maplestory) I see guilds or clans named crap like "Crucible" or "end of destruction." And no, I didn't forget to capitalize that, the retard who made this piece of shit actually forgot. I mean, I'll join anything, then quit in a spectacular display of nerdrage, then go and make my own, better guild, but I will not even TALK to idiots that cant spell or capitalize their own PERMANENT LOGO.

Simple Rules for Guilds:

  1. Spell the name correctly. PLEASE!
  2. Capitalization is your friend, making one with no caps is a giant label of tardness.
  3. Don't make guilds with no theme at all! Be creative and people wont leave!
  4. Boot all the assholes asap, or people will leave. A player kicked means both admiration from that persons enemy AND fear for you. If you cant win people by respect, go for force! This isn't really a naming thing, but it makes a difference!
  5. Do NOT, I repeat, do NOT, make a guild for "People who dont want guilds." If they dont want a guild, then they aren't going to join!
  6. Don't duplicate your guild, even if it is full. That only makes yours seem generic. If your roster is full, boot the people offline for more then a week, boot the alts, boot the people you don't like. Then, invite more to fill it with ACTIVE people!
  7. When naming your guild: If the name you want is taken, don't spell it wrong or add symbols and shit. Just DON'T! You have a brain, right? If so, go find something else!
Ok, then. 8 rules. Wow, this is pretty cool, seeing as I started with 3. Heh. I Guess I'm creative. Oh! Waiiiit!

9. Don't make a guild named "The Dark Brotherhood," "The Mystic Defenders," or "Flaming Ninjas," or "The MythicDraclas Fan Club," or even "Talk Nerdy to Me." Mine!

I made those up, with 2 on WAR, one on WoW, one on Maplestory, and one on CoH. No guild so far in DDO, seeing as I play with 2 IRL buddies, and not the rest of the world. Go Alt-Q-Q and cry, then, cause I ain't paying for a stupid thing I don't have to.

See ya in the Fray! And not the band, the Fray, cause they suck. Green Day all the way!

~Rien (Rain)

Friday, April 2, 2010

Close the Blinds!

Blind inviting: The heart and soul of a well-run guild.

In general, the more members = better guild/clan/SG/whatever else there is, I don't know or care.

So, the BIIIIIG question people ask me, or, rather, I just asked myself right now, is "Wheres the bathroom?" And I answer, "Down the hall, to the right."

After that, people ask me "How come your guilds or SGs or clans always have the most members?"

The answer is: Lots and lots and lots of blind inviting people.

The system is perfect! If you can invite around 100 people, an average of 50 will join, BUT, if you talk with people and/or GIVE THINGS AWAY, the rate is more like 99 out of 100! With, one being a person who is AFK and/or comatose at the keyboard.

Simple guide for BLINDS!

For WAR:

Make a macro! Just press Esc, then Macros, Type in /guildinvite, choose an icon, then drag to the hotbar and POOF there you go! Then, go to Nordland, in the WC for t1, and click toons, then the button! You can average 70-80 a minute if you run while tapping the "Target Nearest" keymap.

For CoH/CoV:

Step one: Make SG.
Step two: Go to Team, hit Find, then lvls 1-10, then spam right click + S to invite 4000 people in around 3, maybe 4 minutes,

For WoW:

Step One: Make a Guild
Step Two: Go to WoW conventions.
Step Three: Make lots of friends who play WoW, casually invite them. POOF active people who wont leave for fear of out-of-game retribution!

For Aion:

Step one: Buy gun
Step two: shoot self in face so you can't reproduce

And now, the most important part:


Every time you invite people, no matter what game, a few (kill em all!) people who everyone hates will ask you why/what guild/who are you/what time is it/why wont you stop inviting me... etc. The simple, yet ineffective response is to ignore them. However, there is another way!


[Imretarded --> You][Imretarded tells you]: Hey, why the invite? Do I know you?
[You --> Imretarded][You tell Imretarded]: Whoops! I meant to invite someone behind you, sorry!
[Imretarded --> You][Imretarded tells you]: Oh, ok! What guild was that?
[You --> Imretarded][You tell Imretarded]: The Dark Brotherhood. Wanna join?
You invite Imretarded to join your guild!
Imretarded has joined the guild!
[Guild][Reinuaa]: Welcome!
[Guild][Imretarded]: Hey! Thanks for the second invite!

See how it's done?

Join me next week for "How to keep an audience and other tips for making people obey you!"

~Rein (Again, it's RAIN, not ran.)

Look out world! It's the First One!!

Well, look. I've gone out and started a blog.

I honestly didn't see this coming.

Usually, I'd be the person laughing at those bloggers for doing crap like this, but, hell, I guess even people like me can be both hypocritical AND geekyaweomesauce at the same time.

Oh, well, plenty more fish in the see to look down on!

Whoops. Totally forgot about my actual blog title and all that. Talk Nerdy to Me..... This blog is about guilds, Geeks, Games, and Awesomesauce MMOs. Everything from WAR, my fav, or WoW, or even some Aion bashing, for old times sake. Baaaah Aion! /barf.
Mostly, it's about guilds. See, im a guildmaster by heart and a leader by soul, as well as an asshole by nature.

See, he problem with MMO guild systems is that people know jack shit about em. I mean, everyone knows how to blind invite, but do you know how to cover it up? Can you make a macro that invites everyone in the entire MAP? How about everyone online? In an (not making this up) AoE Arc? Well, that last one is, as far as I can tell, impossible and most likely will make your computer spontaneously combust, but it's totally worth a shot. Going back to original nerd rage rant: How about make a guild that fits everyone? Something unique? And no, a guild for people who don't want a guild isn't unique, its annoying as shit STOP INVITING ME! I mean, my latest guild, on WAR, is modeled after a faction in a rpg for murderers and assassins (The Dark Brotherhood, on Iron Rock) and just spamming "What is the color of night?" into the region chat gets me 4 or 5 recruits, ready to pledge themselves cause they relate to what the topic is.

My final point: Please, please, please, don't make a guild that is A) Spelled incorrectly. B) Uncapitalized. C) Named "Guildless" cause people won't join cause if they dont want a guild, then why make one for them!?! or finally D) Something so bland and generic that it makes my monitor start coughing up wallpaper paste when I view your bio.

Read on, readers! Tell your friends (not that you have any! Hey, niether do I! I'm hypocritical, remember?) or even your parents! But, most importantly, DONT SCREW UP YOUR GUILD! And follow this blog. And read it everyday. And send me money in a box.

~Rien (pronounced "rain")