Saturday, April 3, 2010

Audience Approval

Well, I'm at home again. Finally. I can't wait to log onto WAR and CoH, they're the only currency involved guild systems i've seen.

INC topic: How to get an audience.

Well, its simple! Be god at something, then rub it in people's faces!

I said GOD, not good. A lot of people are good, only I am God. Well, not really. I'm more of the evil version of the red teletubby. Whatshisname.... Popo. Heh. Heh.... heh...... *waggles eyebrows*
Going back to topic for second time:

Well, I have an audience cause I share EVERY. SINGLE. THING. I do with region chat, Guild chat, team chat, ect. Make people pay attention! The more you talk, the more chances you have to make allies. I do stuff in my MMOs that no one else did.

For example: In CoH, I made a toon called SG Helper. I flew around with my PB Energy Flight, asking for SGs to blind invite for, to basebuild for, to badgehunt for, ect. People loved me. My friends list was full in just 3 days of asking. I made over 60 million in donations.

In WAR: I farmed for Gale-Runner's and Storm-Courser's shoulder and helmet items, then played Hide-and-seek, with the winner taking over 50g worth of twink gear. I got over 180 guild recruits in ONE HOUR. I had half the game running around in the lake, searching for me!

In Maplestory: I made a lvl 40 INSIDE THE STARTING ZONE and somehow became guildleader after Awesomesin42 left the guild "FlamingNinjas" to me, then made over 100 people play ONLY IN THE TUTORIAL ISLAND! I used the NexonCash traderthingie to get myself a Christmas Whip and other cool stuff, then blinded, binded, blinded till I DCed!

You get the idea! Play, play well, but play Outside The Box!!! ( BOX! [_] hehe)


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