Friday, April 2, 2010

Close the Blinds!

Blind inviting: The heart and soul of a well-run guild.

In general, the more members = better guild/clan/SG/whatever else there is, I don't know or care.

So, the BIIIIIG question people ask me, or, rather, I just asked myself right now, is "Wheres the bathroom?" And I answer, "Down the hall, to the right."

After that, people ask me "How come your guilds or SGs or clans always have the most members?"

The answer is: Lots and lots and lots of blind inviting people.

The system is perfect! If you can invite around 100 people, an average of 50 will join, BUT, if you talk with people and/or GIVE THINGS AWAY, the rate is more like 99 out of 100! With, one being a person who is AFK and/or comatose at the keyboard.

Simple guide for BLINDS!

For WAR:

Make a macro! Just press Esc, then Macros, Type in /guildinvite, choose an icon, then drag to the hotbar and POOF there you go! Then, go to Nordland, in the WC for t1, and click toons, then the button! You can average 70-80 a minute if you run while tapping the "Target Nearest" keymap.

For CoH/CoV:

Step one: Make SG.
Step two: Go to Team, hit Find, then lvls 1-10, then spam right click + S to invite 4000 people in around 3, maybe 4 minutes,

For WoW:

Step One: Make a Guild
Step Two: Go to WoW conventions.
Step Three: Make lots of friends who play WoW, casually invite them. POOF active people who wont leave for fear of out-of-game retribution!

For Aion:

Step one: Buy gun
Step two: shoot self in face so you can't reproduce

And now, the most important part:


Every time you invite people, no matter what game, a few (kill em all!) people who everyone hates will ask you why/what guild/who are you/what time is it/why wont you stop inviting me... etc. The simple, yet ineffective response is to ignore them. However, there is another way!


[Imretarded --> You][Imretarded tells you]: Hey, why the invite? Do I know you?
[You --> Imretarded][You tell Imretarded]: Whoops! I meant to invite someone behind you, sorry!
[Imretarded --> You][Imretarded tells you]: Oh, ok! What guild was that?
[You --> Imretarded][You tell Imretarded]: The Dark Brotherhood. Wanna join?
You invite Imretarded to join your guild!
Imretarded has joined the guild!
[Guild][Reinuaa]: Welcome!
[Guild][Imretarded]: Hey! Thanks for the second invite!

See how it's done?

Join me next week for "How to keep an audience and other tips for making people obey you!"

~Rein (Again, it's RAIN, not ran.)

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