Saturday, April 24, 2010


Well, since Ive gotten totally bored with blogging, this is my last post forever and all that jazz. I dont think anyone will miss me, and, quite frankly, I dont care if you do or not. Im probly quitting WAR anyhow, its gotten boring now. CoH/CoV at least isnt boring, its just full of assholes.

Goodbye, guys. Specially Chicken, who was the first person to read my blog, and Rudepox, who did nothing at all, although his name is familiar.

Hope to see you guys someday in real life.



Arisechicken said...

I don't recall giving you permission to leave.

Rienuaa said...

Well, its just Ive run out of things to lie about. My life in WAR isnt really that interesting. I dunno what to talk about, its getting kind of sad to check my blog and have no new comments or posts or poll votes or whatever.

Hams said...

This will make me a sad panda. Your blog always makes me chuckle on the train to work.

Kind regards


(Karak Norn EU)

Rienuaa said...

Glad to help. Im suprised anyone said anything :D

Synic said...

Just recently started reading your blog, but I like that the fact that it wasn't a serious blog. :) Sorry to see you go, best wishes.


P.S. Regarding the a-holes in CoH, I'm guessing you play on the Freedom server. ^_^

Rienuaa said...

Freedom.... Yeah. Howd you guess? Mr. Guyver and his Chronos fucktards wont stop recruiting. Me n' Dark Gods of the Apocalypse can barely sustain our membership now. At least Vitriol and Dark-Prophet PL my Arachnos Soldier.... :D

Synic said...

I just assumed it was Freedom from my own personal experience among other things.