Friday, April 9, 2010

Chickend Again!

Well, I wrote to Arisechicken about her blog and if I could get my blog on there as a link. I sent her 70 questions. Heres the Email I sent:

Hey! You probly dont know me. Actually, I KNOW you don't know me. Im
on Order and another server, Iron Rock. I read your blog, and I have a few
questions about it, I hope you wont mind answaring them for me and a few of my
guildslaves..... I mean guildmates. Im a guildmaster and the unofficial Fill-in
for MythicDraclas (Rest in Virtual Peace) in the Forces of Order. Half my time
is in [The Dark Brotherhood] and half in [The Forces of Order] because I have
fallen in love with my t1 Twink, which was possible because my 40/40 is great at
farming and because Endless Trials are so easy to make. Anyway, If it wouldnt be
to much trouble, I'd love for you to answer a few questions.
  1. What happened about the Rue thing?
  2. Did you get dropped form the Meeting at MythicHQ?
  3. Did you know I can see the MythicHQ from my house?
  4. If I somehow had a blog, would you post a link in one of your sidebar
    things, or do something like what you did with Kaegen?
  5. I had a few members of your guild take a spin at Order, they joined my
    guild, they knew you, they were a slayer/IB (Look the same to me in t2)
    and a KotBS, so I was wondering who, in your guild, took time off to play IR? I
    was just wondering, it was when your Magus friend took a week off.
  6. How in the world did you get Gaar to read your blog?
  7. How did Andy find your blog?
  8. How could you possibly survive the grind to 80 without killing
  9. Is Krogust still owning the AH with his millions?
  10. Who IS Krogust?
  11. Why does joining WAR IS LIFE seem so.... cheap, even though its easy money?
  12. How do you like your chicken cooked?
  13. How about beef?
  14. Do you like salmon?
  15. How close are you to MythicHQ?
  16. Did you fly there?
  17. What happens when it goes rr80 RP to rr80 Zealot with no outside help?
  18. Can anyone win?
  19. Is it like a DoK WP fight?
  20. Where do Sov drop from?
  21. Really?
  22. I got some from a rr80 Magus during a premade, is that normal?
  23. Do you have ADD?
  24. How about ADHD?
  25. Are you really a girl?
  26. I am a girl, and no one believes me, how did you convince your guild?
  27. Who introduced you to WAR?
  28. Did you make your guild at lvl 40?
  29. Did you even MAKE that guild?
  30. If so, how did you come up with the name?
  31. Did you blind invite during the earlier ranks of your guild?
  32. Are you even the Guildmaster? If you werent the GM, im sorry, disregard
    those last few.
  33. What happened to make you so sad recently?
  34. Can I buy your Keymapped oven?
  35. If so, how much?
  36. If no, why not?
  37. If no, how did you get an oven that is compatable?
  38. Did you know that theres a CSR with a soul?
  39. His name is CSAefli, have you ever seen him?
  40. How many times have you fallen through the geometry?
  41. I got my AHHHHHHHHH title from falling through the Apix in IC when I was
    pushing with my guild, do you have your AHHHHHHHH yet?
  42. Do you cheat during duels, and heal from afar?
  43. Can you DO that?
  44. Really?
  45. How?
  46. Why do Zealots go down easier when you are on their side?
  47. How come I can never get a WBT team going without having to, like, go out to
    family dinners?
  48. Why cant they be at 4PM, when I get home from school?
  49. Why is there school?
  50. I learn more from bossing my 110 guildmates and my 14 main core players then
    from writing about "teamwork" and shit, why do I even have to go?
  51. Do you like fat guys or thin guys?
  52. I like fat ones and I'm female and rather pretty, why does everyone seem so
  53. Whats your opinion on Aion?
  54. Why do people hate Aion so much?
  55. Ive never played, how about you?
  56. Have you seen the movie "Charlie in the Chocolate Factory?"
  57. The new one or the old one?
  58. The new one is Johhny Depp with a stupid haircut, right?
  59. Really?
  60. Do you like cheese?
  61. Why not?
  62. What do you mean, 'its evil!!!'???
  63. Whaaaaa?
  64. Whats the proper procedure from fighting back during a shark attack?
  65. How about aligators?
  66. Whats the difference between Aligators and Crocodiles?
  67. Why did you make a blog?
  68. How old are you?
  69. Dont lie!
  70. Whats your opinion of the UN, and how has the global structure affected the
    american economy recently? (500-1000 words, single spaced, typed.)

Thats all I can come up with, ty for answering!

Rienuaa Shiningclaws, 40/40 WL on IR


Scarybooster said...

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Rienuaa said...

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