Saturday, April 3, 2010

Epicness comes with a price.

Well, I can't wait to log in to WAR! I'ts going to be a while, seeing as my house flooded out here in the Outer Banks, but I'tll be worth the wait. Thans to the Realm War, on the WAR site, I checked my guildrank. The Dark Brotherhood is lvl 20 out of 40!! Halfway to the top! W00t.

Now, I like WAR lots, specially cause of the PvP. My WLs awesomeness makes my 80 Pally look like a scrub! I mean, a lot of people underestimate White Lions. Just cause we suck as a DPS, are a literally 1-shot kill for the enemies, and pull the guards all the time doesn't mean we aren't a good class, right?

Let me put it this way: Theres a reason we suck, but that makes the best part all the better.

As Yahtzee (My idol) puts it: Theres a reason they're no Assault Rifles in Cyrodill.

They get swords. They get shields.

We get heat-seeking missiles.

Yeah, you heard me. My Lion is IMMUNE to cc, can NOT be taunted off its target, has a crap load of health (Just around 15k HP, with 75% negation and resists of 70%) and enough damage to out-heal even the best zealot. I mean, I, myself, suck, but hiding behind scenery while still topping the charts for solo kills beats tanking any day. Also, if you are flagged, you can put lion of defensive, go AFK at a PQ, then come back to a full inventory.

My other fav class in a PvP game is CombatHealer. For Destro, its a DoK, and my god they kick ass! I play in T1 only for destro, cause t2 we own everything, t3 is empty and depressing, and in t4 Order wipes us. We can barely hold onto IC enough to get a B/B run, for god's sake!

So, me, being the smart gamer I am, decided to make a Trial account, so I could freeze my XP gain. Thus, Syvii entered Nordland, and every time I solo a warband of people and come out at 99% HP, I remind myself how awesome i really am.

And now: Time for my CoH Diary!

Day one: I entered CoH, only to find out the game recently died. Whoops. Guess I shouldn't have quit myself for 6 months.

And finally:

Your gun is of course your best friend;
On which you must always depend;
When you get into fights,
You can look down the sights,
And bullets come out of the end.

The gun choice, its not too exciting.
Two machine guns; a rifle for sniping.
But later on BFGs
coming with guarantees
To shoot various flavors of lightning!

Tah tah for now!

~Rien (Still single! Still looking!)

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