Saturday, April 3, 2010

Geeky Unique-y

So many times nowadays in my many (5) MMOs I play (CoH/CoV, WAR, WoW, DDO, and Maplestory) I see guilds or clans named crap like "Crucible" or "end of destruction." And no, I didn't forget to capitalize that, the retard who made this piece of shit actually forgot. I mean, I'll join anything, then quit in a spectacular display of nerdrage, then go and make my own, better guild, but I will not even TALK to idiots that cant spell or capitalize their own PERMANENT LOGO.

Simple Rules for Guilds:

  1. Spell the name correctly. PLEASE!
  2. Capitalization is your friend, making one with no caps is a giant label of tardness.
  3. Don't make guilds with no theme at all! Be creative and people wont leave!
  4. Boot all the assholes asap, or people will leave. A player kicked means both admiration from that persons enemy AND fear for you. If you cant win people by respect, go for force! This isn't really a naming thing, but it makes a difference!
  5. Do NOT, I repeat, do NOT, make a guild for "People who dont want guilds." If they dont want a guild, then they aren't going to join!
  6. Don't duplicate your guild, even if it is full. That only makes yours seem generic. If your roster is full, boot the people offline for more then a week, boot the alts, boot the people you don't like. Then, invite more to fill it with ACTIVE people!
  7. When naming your guild: If the name you want is taken, don't spell it wrong or add symbols and shit. Just DON'T! You have a brain, right? If so, go find something else!
Ok, then. 8 rules. Wow, this is pretty cool, seeing as I started with 3. Heh. I Guess I'm creative. Oh! Waiiiit!

9. Don't make a guild named "The Dark Brotherhood," "The Mystic Defenders," or "Flaming Ninjas," or "The MythicDraclas Fan Club," or even "Talk Nerdy to Me." Mine!

I made those up, with 2 on WAR, one on WoW, one on Maplestory, and one on CoH. No guild so far in DDO, seeing as I play with 2 IRL buddies, and not the rest of the world. Go Alt-Q-Q and cry, then, cause I ain't paying for a stupid thing I don't have to.

See ya in the Fray! And not the band, the Fray, cause they suck. Green Day all the way!

~Rien (Rain)

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