Monday, April 12, 2010


Todays post: Krogust.

God, I hate him.

This was back before Iron Rock (Motto: If you wipe, Rage Quit!) and I was on Gorfang destro. I ran into Everyones Favorite Godforsaken Soulless Bastard one day while searching the AH for some Linments, and I instantly recognised him because he owns 98% of Gorfang's economy.

He buys anything anyone sells lower then him, but sells things super cheap so no one gets anything sold but him, and people lose fortunes trying to sell things because Krogusts prices are so low. He owns 98% of the AH. And so, with his newfound riches, he realized the only thing he cant buy is a rank 40 guild. So, he made WAR IS LIFE, and pays people to lvl up. But, people spend the money on his AH things, so you get nothing.

And he gets guild exp.

And we all get a tyrant who steals our money, and a guild that soaks up all the players on Gorfang who want money, so guilds other then his have a hard time ranking.

Needless to say, we hate him.

But, we cant make him go away.

He'll take everything with him.

This is why it is the Infestation. If he gets into your server's AH, he'll screw it up beyond repair. He causes a lot of poeple to be unable to make prophits. I know owning, for example Sov (Bad example, its BOP :/ ) is a major accomplishment, but if EVERYONE had it (just not equipped) would you really be best? Do you think you could have a brag point? Its like what Tyrant was: At the beginning, people who had it were famous and rare. Now, they outnumber rr80s. Also, wheres the new, cheap stuff coming from? NOWHERE! He decreased the prices of everything WITHOUT INCREASING THE SUPPLY! Everythings going in a downward spiral of doom!


I suppose you are screaming at the screen now. "Why are you PROTESTING lower prices! I get better gear with him!" Well, let me answer that. He only does this for certain things, things that are expensive but are high quality, such as Gale-Runner's gear for the huge twink market and Pots/Linments. Other things, like Sandstorm weps and t4 sets, remain sky high. If you want to sell one thing to buy another, you might just be in the shitter.

And the worst part isn' even that. The worst part is if we make him go away.

We loose 98% of our items and 80000 trillion that should have been distributed.

Also, there is the HUGE risk of the Krogust Infestation spreading. Right now Gorfang is shot to hell, but what if EVERY server has its personal greedy tyrant? What if no one could afford the rare stuff, but couldn't sell the common drops? What happens if it all becomes worthless? Two things would happen: One, the Gold Sellers would finally shut up. Two, it would only take one person to amass everything, which was free before, then start inventing his OWN prices! We have a solid economy on Iron Rock, one that can't be changed much, but what if Krogust comes around?

We'd be bowing to his personal army while coughing up free gear to him, so he can enjoy owning us all.



Anonymous said...

Oh, looks like Heretoday finally switched servers...

Rienuaa said...


Chappo said...

Just found my way to your blog, have to say I love your style of writing.

I've heard of AH dominition in WoW where glyph spammers just control everything, but this sounds even crazier. Wonder how much spam that guy must get. :S

Rienuaa said...

He has a macro he uses. Not even his guild can PM him. Here, let me get a quote of this.

"I am sorry to inform you but I do ot change or lower my prices as that would give an unfair advantage. I can, however, give you an invite to WAR IS LIFE, where you can get easy money by leveling up."