Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Just Kidding!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Well, due to the outstanding amount of not only comments BUT emails from everyone who read my blog over the last few weeks convinced me to come back.

Well.... not convinced. More like hounded till I died. :P

In other news I might just be quitting WAR anyway. At least until my Gryphon comes in. (No jokes about that quote)

In other other news, My Arachnos Soldier is lvl 27 now, with a whopping 11 merits! Farming? Me? Howd you guess?

In other other other news, my lvl 50 Scrap has 4. No, I didnt buy anything. He went into Atlas AE and never came out, cept to build my 40 room base. Which, by the way, has a pool. And a sacraficial pit. And a library. And a podium. And a throne room. And a dance club. And an outdoor garden. I love my SG.

In other other other other other news, Read this blog:http://monkeyfish.mmofansites.com/

In other other other other other other news: I love "I'm Awesome" by Spose.

Heres me trying to sing it:

Im awesome!
No your not dude dont lie
Im awesome
drivin round in my moms ride
im awesome
quarter of my life gone by
I will run away from a brawl
im awesome
No voice mail, nobody call!
Im awesome!
cant afford to buy 8 balls
and i talk to myself on my facebok wall!
now i let my pants sag low
even tho
that went out of style like ten years ago
i got the swagger of a cripple
got little biceps getting fatter in that middle
(mumble mumble.... skipping a bit)
now ill nevah date an actress
got to many back zit
plus my own home aroma is cat piss
every show i do in poorly promoted
and if you like this, its cause
my little sistah wrote it!

In the last other other other other other other other other news, I ran out of news. Hey, were not all perfect! Well, I am..... hehe


Till next time! AKA when im bored of doing to 8:00 EST IC push! (Its every night. I timed it. The message pops up at 8:00 EST every night. How bout that.)


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