Saturday, April 3, 2010


I hate laptops. Especially this one. The letter U fell off. I just have the tiny stub it was glued to. Moving on, right now I am on vacation, with nothing but a gamecube and a laptop with no U. Fuuuuuuun. So, no MMOs, cause even though Macs work better then windows, my games arent working. Boo.

So, bored out of my mind and wishing for an escape, I tried Harvest Moon, AnWL. I am even MORE bored now, AND my gamecube (Dont ask how) was submerged, so it caught on fire.

So did my toaster.


When you think of how well toasters work, its amazing how anyone gets on an airplane.

Well, now my laptop is out of power, theres even a time in the corner saying I have 4 mins 36 seconds to go. I wish you all were here. I'm having a blast........ T.T


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