Saturday, April 3, 2010

Links Ahoy!

Well, online I have standards. Not very good ones, of course, I am the master at flaming people, no matter how popular they are. Well, today, I believe the person I used to envy, and thus made jokes about, was..... well...... a lower RR then me in WAR. I'm talking about Krogust, the multi-bajilionaire in WAR. (That IS a number!) He's got, like, a couple MILLION G. I have..... OVER NINETHOUSAND! Actually, 9k even. Over on my 40/80 on Gorfang, I helped Mr. Krogust with his guild, WAR IS LIFE. My 40/80 will not be named, she is retired and Magi suck now.... Anyway, today I figured out the ruler of the server, the top of the heap, the king of the castle is..... is..... 29 ranks below me. 80-51=29... right? Anyway, he is not only crap, but his gear is crap, too. Primevil shoulders? What the crap? I'm in Sov, and I'm lighting shrines to THIS? (Link below to Krogust's profile!) Oh, you can see my newest WAR 40 here, too! Read on, readers! Also in the links in Zero Punctuation, whom I envy, too. I steal his jokes as well. (Secret shame) This one is for FF13!

Ok, now, I'm going to start posting my CoH blog, cause WAR is tiring me out.

Me! (This is my newest 40, not my 40/80)
Krogust (Pity him.......)
Zero Punctuation FF13!!!! (WATCH IT OR ELSE /fistshake)

Until next time!


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