Friday, April 2, 2010

Look out world! It's the First One!!

Well, look. I've gone out and started a blog.

I honestly didn't see this coming.

Usually, I'd be the person laughing at those bloggers for doing crap like this, but, hell, I guess even people like me can be both hypocritical AND geekyaweomesauce at the same time.

Oh, well, plenty more fish in the see to look down on!

Whoops. Totally forgot about my actual blog title and all that. Talk Nerdy to Me..... This blog is about guilds, Geeks, Games, and Awesomesauce MMOs. Everything from WAR, my fav, or WoW, or even some Aion bashing, for old times sake. Baaaah Aion! /barf.
Mostly, it's about guilds. See, im a guildmaster by heart and a leader by soul, as well as an asshole by nature.

See, he problem with MMO guild systems is that people know jack shit about em. I mean, everyone knows how to blind invite, but do you know how to cover it up? Can you make a macro that invites everyone in the entire MAP? How about everyone online? In an (not making this up) AoE Arc? Well, that last one is, as far as I can tell, impossible and most likely will make your computer spontaneously combust, but it's totally worth a shot. Going back to original nerd rage rant: How about make a guild that fits everyone? Something unique? And no, a guild for people who don't want a guild isn't unique, its annoying as shit STOP INVITING ME! I mean, my latest guild, on WAR, is modeled after a faction in a rpg for murderers and assassins (The Dark Brotherhood, on Iron Rock) and just spamming "What is the color of night?" into the region chat gets me 4 or 5 recruits, ready to pledge themselves cause they relate to what the topic is.

My final point: Please, please, please, don't make a guild that is A) Spelled incorrectly. B) Uncapitalized. C) Named "Guildless" cause people won't join cause if they dont want a guild, then why make one for them!?! or finally D) Something so bland and generic that it makes my monitor start coughing up wallpaper paste when I view your bio.

Read on, readers! Tell your friends (not that you have any! Hey, niether do I! I'm hypocritical, remember?) or even your parents! But, most importantly, DONT SCREW UP YOUR GUILD! And follow this blog. And read it everyday. And send me money in a box.

~Rien (pronounced "rain")

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