Saturday, April 10, 2010

Missile Launch!

Shoop Da Woop! Seems I made a mistake with my previous entry:

Now, I like WAR lots, specially cause of the PvP. My WLs awesomeness makes my 80 Pally look like a scrub! I mean, a lot of people underestimate White Lions. Just cause we suck as a DPS, are a literally 1-shot kill for the enemies, and pull the guards all the time doesn't mean we aren't a good class, right?

Let me put it this way: Theres a reason we suck, but that makes the best part all the better.

As Yahtzee (My idol) puts it: Theres a reason they're no Assault Rifles in Cyrodill.

They get swords. They get shields.

We get heat-seeking missiles.

Yeah, you heard me. My Lion is IMMUNE to cc, can NOT be taunted off its target, has a crap load of health (Just around 15k HP, with 75% negation and resists of 70%) and enough damage to out-heal even the best zealot. I mean, I, myself, suck, but hiding behind scenery while still topping the charts for solo kills beats tanking any day. Also, if you are flagged, you can put lion of defensive, go AFK at a PQ, then come back to a full inventory.

It should have said "75% Negation '50%' resists."

Also, the best part about WLs is NOT thier missiles or armor right out of the lore: It's Pounce!

Yeah, you heard me. Theres nothing like launching yourself 100 feet up hills or over gaps at forty thousand miles per hour.

In other news, I am looking for Gaar's Email, if anyone has it please share!


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