Friday, April 30, 2010

Missing Person Alert!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This is an emotional post. No funnies, no jokes, no laughter please. This is a serious issue Iwant everyone to know about..... sigh.

A while ago, after I got my 40 on WAR, I made a new character who wasnt invited to my guild. I got to chapter two and joined The Forces of Order just as soon as I saw my future idol, MythicDraclas, advise a person about talismans. Well, at the time, he wasnt my idol. I had no idea Mods existed outside of soulless CSRs, who talk in "Robotic Monotone" and cant solve anything at all whatsoever themselves. So, he was talking, and my response was:

[Guild][MythicDraclas]: Yarr!
[Guild][Syvii]: Buh! Buh! MODS?
[Guild][MythicEresite]: Say whaaaaaaat?
[Guild][Syvii]: THEYRE MULTIPLYING ARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
[Guild][MythicDraclas]: Where?
[Guild][MythicCindab]: Mods? Who are these "Mods" you speak of?
[Guild][Syvii]: Now theres THREE!

As you can see, I was mildly alarmed. I mean terrified. But, heres the thing. This Draclas guy, I call him Drac, was awesome. As he would say, Pure Awesomeness. He did. He called me that several times. I always liked, the guy.... oh who am i kidding. I was in love. Full on game crush love. He was the person I could talk to. I always thought he was really nice, but on Valentines Day, when i asked him to be my valentine (eValentine....... :P) he said, and I quote,

[Guild][MythicDraclas]: Im not sure im the best person for you.... you could do a lot better then me.

Then he logged out. Sigh. Some people told me he was saying "Go AWAY!" in Mod language. THey arent allowed to express candid opinions, cause the boss reads the logs, so I think he doesnt like me at all..... Still, I cant help but wonder....

Flash foward a month. I am twinked on my DoK, rolling Prudent and a Gale Cape, and farming order for gear aplenty. I log on to my twink, who, by the way, is on a trial account seperate from my subscriber, to talk to Drac. I made an AM on my sub account named Istather, to supervise Part-Time when the Mods go on lunch break. I have made my guild by then, but before I found Nael. One day, I hear Drac talking to Jita.... In a way that would suggest a relationship. I promised myself not to do this anymore. It was pathetic. He was obviously a grown man, and I am only 14. He desnt like me! i remind myself. I cant help it.... And then comes the day I say no more.

I told him I was quitting WAR. I didnt quit war....

He told me NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO and I asked why, cause I thought he thought I was annoying and never liked me, only put up with me to hold onto his job. He said....

He said I was Pure Awesomeness.

And then.... flash foward a week or two.

I log onto my DoK after missing a day.

I ask for Drac, I dont see him, i think "Oh well" and log onto my main. The next day, he is gone too. I skip a week of asking....

Then, when I ask later.....

A helpful person points out that hes been gone for a while. They say he was fired. Drac is gone. The Mods are gone... All gone. I never got to say goodbye.

Flash to now, a month later. I still miss you, Draclas. I want you to come back. I dont know if you are reading this, I dont know if you remember me, I dont know who you are, but I want to know. This seems pathetic, but Im not sure what else to do.

I thought I was over this. Im not. Last night, I had a dream about meeting him in real life. Im so sad...... I feel so wrong for liking a probable old man with no life whos 30 years older then me, and I feel worse for telling you guys.

Thats why im writing this. I need to get it off my chest. Its not right for me to like an older man, expecially not at my age. I just.... i just want to know who he is. I know hes out there somewhere, i just dont know where to start looking, other then walking in MythicHQ's front door and asking, but it is against the law and company policy to reveal personal information about current and former employees, and besides i dont know who to ask.

But... but SOMEONE has to know, right? SOMEONE must know Drac in real life. He couldnt tell me his real account cause of policy, but he must have told someone outside of his employee account.

Someone has to know...... thats all im holding on to right now.


Wasdstomp said...

You never know what can happen. He could make a trial account later on down the road to try to find you.

Rienuaa said...

I dont... i dont think he will...

Rienuaa said...

I just wish I could get over him, but its just not that. Ive been bored of WAR, and bored of CoH, and im just bored, bored, bored. All I have left is my Arachnos Soldier, and when she dings 50, im done.

Balderon said...

I wish you the best Rienuaa. I hope you may find him even if just to say goodbye, who knows it is a small world and maybe you'll run into this person someday when you least expect it.

Rienuaa said...

Thanks, man! Maybe I will!

beausjo said...


I had such a bromance with Draclas, it wasn't even funny.

(Maybe a little bit)

I talked to him on a regular basis whenever I played WAR on my trial account for a couple months. I kept playing because of his awesomeness!

We talked about music and all sorts of stuff all the time. Didn't even care there were like 50 other people in /gchat. Ran lots of instances with him for the newer players to learn. Tanking for him, teaching others. Was such awesome times.

I stopped playing for a while and tried logging in a couple weeks later to tell him I wouldn't be playing anymore and would give him my AIM or something, but. He was gone. :(

We were total buds (at least it seemed that way, hah) and I was looking forward to having him as a cool online friend, playing other MMO's with him and such. I still think about him every so often, and in fact, tonight I tried seeing what I could try to find about him on the internets, and all I could come up with was your post on the WAR forums @ the mods and this blog.

Seriously. YOU'RE NOT ALONE!

Lol. My AIM is my username, so. Shoot me an IM if you see me on and want to wallow in our semi-pathetic missing-ness of him.


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