Friday, April 9, 2010

Mythic Meeting!

Well, word on the Internets is that Mythic got a few top bloggers into the HQ to interview to devs. I didn't get picked because... Uh.... I dunno. Maybe because half of it is about non-WAR things and I have 10 posts. Oh, well, you can still read the transcripts at , where Gaar from good ol' Iron Rock / Order got to meet the devs!

In other news, I just got Chicken's answers to my interview, most of the answers were Bacon. She got most of the answers right. Cough.

In other other news, Rien had a great idea. Its where you pay three thousand IRL $$$ and all of your toons are upgraded to rr80 and gifted a set of Sov. And you get an 80% mount that looks like a dragon, with White for Order and black for destro. And you get cake. And Belgum.

I have to quote her on one thing:

Is Krogust still owning the AH with his millions? Yeah,
Who IS Krogust? He is... the pain
you feel when you scrape your knee while learning to roller skate. He is the
moment after you drink out of the Dr. Pepper can that was there for 2 days on
the coffee table instead of the new one next to it that you took out of the
fridge. He is the soy sauce that was spilled on your new white Gucci dress that
you got for your birthday and you barely even wore it for 30 minutes before some
dumbass baby in a stroller though it would be really funny to swipe at your
table while it strolled by in the food court. Krogust is neither man, nor
machine. But he does exist, and he fucking blows.
Why does joining
WAR IS LIFE seem so.... cheap, even though its easy money? Because Mr. Moneybags is using you guys to make himself more
money. His "business" model depends on you, the unsuspecting guild members,
being dumb enough to use your spoonfed gold to buy up his auctions while you
level, thus returning all the gold he gave you to himself. Like one of those zen
desktop fountains from Bed Bath & Beyond, the gold cycles back into his
accounts and the money never belongs to you unless you shove your meaty little
rebel fist in there and TAKE IT. Or your cat drinks out of it...or something.
Did I mention Krogust blows? Hes smart but he blows.

Happy Hunting, Happy Healing, Happy Suicide Pouncing!



Rudepox said...

If you want to read all the questions and the answers you can look in to them on Gaarawarr Gabs, Werit’s Blog, Shadow-WAR or wait for Mykiel and the always NSFW P-O-D-C-A-S-T!

I've collected all the questions and answers so far at: Q&A about patch 1.3.5 with the Mythic Dev Team


Rienuaa said...

Great blog, dude! Im putting this one on my sidebar!