Monday, April 5, 2010

Skool Sucks

Holy crap. It's Rien in school. Betcha didn't see that coming!

See, my first period is Tech. And, I disabled the blocker (SHHHH!) so, I play on AddictingGames and watch The Escapist.

Moving on: Spring Break is over. I'll try to update every day, but Kilmer has a lot of homework.... BAHAHA Im just kidding! I just play MMOs from 3 till 10, so I got no time for the "blog" crap. I guess I could do it in school, but then I'd have to do tech at home, and I wouldn't be able to keep up with Gaar and AriseChicken's blogs. KUDOS to Chicken for being not only hilarious, but nailing the contribution of a BW. "Stacking 3 red-haired mouthbreathers in a group totally screams I AM AWESOME to the world!"

Speaking of Brightwizards, I HATE bomb groups. Being critted to death before my goddamn lion will stop freezing in place and attacking walls, cause, god forbid, they might attack me somehow and thus need to be burst damaged to oblivion. I really hate my lion. Although it is, technically, a heat-seeking auto-locking high damage unkillable 75% negated 70% resist missile with legs and teeth, it doesn't obey me at all! It'll be on passive, then LAUNCH itself at the guards, killing me and my team. It pulled the goddamn KING! How do you DO that?? It's bad enough I managed to infiltrate a King group, but pulling it, which one-shotted me, and revealed my lack of Wards, got me booted so fast I didn't even have time to ask for a rez. Sheesh. At least I'm gonna be rocking Tyrant soon enough. I hope I can snag a Hide of Djaf on my first ToVL run, my Precurser Hide looks like crap. Well, my GuildCape looks leeter then Sov, cause

MY GUILD GOT TO LVL 20 w000000000t!!!!!!!!

Only..... 20 lvls to go!


Now we have the Black and White awesomeness instead of the gold origional crap. I totally love the design, I might post a screenie soon. I was totally hoping for a red hand on black, but only destro has that. I wsh I could do a guild transfer for realms, not just servers. Bah. I also wish for a RR80 Tank and a guild full of 40s who ran t4 with me. All I have by ways of t4 awesomemess is Naelal, the bestest healer and my bestest friend. She watches the guild wile im at school, I atch it when shes asleep. Officers are one thing, shes the co-leader!

Crap! Teacher says "Get to work" so I'd better go!


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