Saturday, April 17, 2010

So damn LOUD!

This is my second.... uh..... "post" today. Or maybe its my second "blog" today. Or whatever. I cant think clearly, because my brother, resident BaseBuilder of CoV (Im the CoH one) and nerd-hater (Closeted Geek is the term describing him) has Band Practice today. At MY HOUSE! H plays the drums, too. All I hear right now is BAH DAM DAM DAM DAM BOOM BOM DOM BAM BAP BAP BOM BOOM DAM DOM BOOM BAH BOOM DAM DOM DOM BOOM BAM BAM BOOM DOM DAM DAM BOOOOOOOOOOM buhdahbuhdahbudahbudah BAM! BOOM! BAHBOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOM!

He just walked up and asked me what a Closeted Geek is. I say hes in denial. He is a nerd! He should be PROUD of it!


Also, wasting your life is to damn fun to miss.

In the news of the day. Rien is almost to renown 41 on her WL. I want my goddamn conq wrists! I want the set bonus! I want to stop wearing my [Wristguards of the Fallen Explorer] to imitate conq! I also want my Sentinal Mane, too. It looks better then the conq one. And I get 66 Wounds from the set bonus. Yay! Maybe now I wont suck.

In more news of the day, I got a sweet BaseBuilding job. 100 Mil for an Arcane Base, with just about 20 million prestige to play with. This doesnt include the plot or the rooms, which are already placed. Im thinking of a Mythic Defenders Control Room reprive, with a pool overlaying the ground Control rings, with black light and torches behind the Spheres to make them have a Halo.

In even MORE news of the day, I got my 12 month CoH/CoV Vet award today. Now I have the 1337 run powers and the Sands of Mohawk. No, its the Sands of Mohave. Or Mohekan. Or Molotov. It starts with an M, THAT I know. I also got the BaseBuilding Vet items, so my Museam can be completed! Part storage, part vet reward place. Everything sterile looking and clean.

In MORE more news of the day, House Mortale gave me a Prudent Mantle of Brawn for Syvii, my DoK twink mirror. I can has no Destro, so I can has no farmers. Thus, the free shoulders brightened my loud day considerably.

In the MORE more more news of the day, this blog was featured on several blogs, whom I dont know. This means my popularity is spreading! Or maybe theyre laughing at how stupid I sound. Blah.

In the last news of the day, VOTE IN MY POLL OR ELSE I WILL COME TO YOUR HOUSE AND UNPLUG YOUR COMPUTER RIGHT BEFORE YOU ARE ABOUT TO LOOT A COOL ITEM OR SOMETHING! I dunno. If you dont vote, leave your Name, Address, and when you are online in the comments section. Or else! /fistshake



Synic said...

Gratz on the veteran award, "Sands of Mu" ;) definately comes in handy when you are playing a lowbie alt.

Rienuaa said...

Thanks for the name. Funny, when you're on a MM its often the only attack power you get that kicks ass.

Synic said...

NP. I see what your saying, often you are just supporting your pets in bodyguard mode.