Monday, May 24, 2010

Warhammer: I miss u!!!

I miss WAR. I logged on Rienuaa today..... the new patch seems to be going good. I figured that with the Scen Currency x3 i'd have enough to at least afford one trophy, but that is not the case. I dont think the multiplier has applied yet, or maybe the idea was nerfed, but I remember reading in the patch notes they were getting multiplied. Anyway, after flying around on my gryphon a bit, saying hi to Arcis, Oldsoul, VVrath, ect, I logged on Rienuaaa to completely skullfuck some lowbies in their PQs...... I don't know how to say this, but I saw 0 people in t1. RvR, scenarios, not even in the root towns. I jumped into their WC, and saw a shammie at the mailbox, but nothing else.... at least he /laughed my corpse though. Shows SOMEONE here is awake and/or alive. Maybe theyre all at some obscure PQ, planning something, but I rely on killing people in t1 to find my twink gear, so I can make a profit at the new AH. Took me half an hour to find a lowbie...... killed him, loled his corpse, got another Twisting Tentacle Pie kill..... (PIE ASSASSIN!!!) but nothing else.

However, my Saturday was much better then I thought. As some of you may realize, I am playing City of Heroes/City of Villains nowadays. In CoH, instead of Guilds and Clans its SGs, for Super Groups.

Well, actually...... I found an old old old blog I wrote about CoH. It explains some things, sooo

lemme copypaste it lol

It was a while ago, excuse the poor spelling and terrible grammar. It goes off-topic a bit at first, but gets to hardcore leetspeak later on.

HERES MY OLD BLOG! The bottom is the first entry.

The Darkest Brotherhood is up and running! We are a mirror of the oblivion's Dark Brotherhood. I am the listener, then there are the speakers, then assasin, then exicutioner, then murderer. We have a SG costume required for everyone but the top rank, speaker. The costume is a mirror of the shrouded armor that is given upon your joning of the dark brotherhood. The top costume is a mirror of the black hand cloak and hood. The shrouded one is all exproto set, with a hood for a head and the "boneface" for a mask. The better one is a robe with hood and cape. Everyone has either one or the other. I am making a statie of the night mother for the first base room, and am thinking of making the crypt of sithis, the daedra of death. We already have quite a few beacons, and I have all the money/salvage, all I need is the prestige. I am also soon thinking of making an entrance exam that involves stealing from a big SG. Also, they will have to know a bit about oblivion and hopefully already have a costume. I know! How about when you get your costume, you get promoted! Then, only the good people can access the base! This is going to be awesome!

No time to really go into detail, but Im making an oblivion SG and its gonna rock i have everything planned out!!!!!!!!!

Nothing happened on CoH last night, all of my gaming time was spent getting a flu shot. I got both the seasonal shot, and the H1N1 inhalent. My left arm is sore. When I got back home, I did a lot of homework, then played Spore for a bit. I also get Benji to watch the "Zero Punctuation" videos. This guy (his screen name is "the escapist" ) does complete and funny video game reviews - Without pausing at all! Heres the opening from the fallout 3 movie:
Alright, alright. If I had Ryam Mason’s Phone number, I'll tell you what Id do. Id nervously call him up, blurt out something about how Darkman was good, then slam the reciever down and run away. But hypothetically, and I wasnt an idiot, Id talk him into playing a character in my video game. His name would be Captain Dynamite and hed have the face of fred zappin and nuclear missiles for legs. He'd fly around the world for the entire course of the game in a magical space buggy sprinkling rose petals and friendship. The point Im trying to make here is that Bethesda Software seems to hire the best voice actors in the industry and have them drop off the face of the earth before you've even picked a class. They did it to captain piccard in OblIVion, and now theyre doing it again to _____ (insert name of voice actor, I forget).
Please note that oblivion is the fourth morrowind game. Hence oblIVion. You know, IV? Four? Oh well its still a nice touch. Heh they are so funny, and VERY true. EVERYTHING in his reviews are true.

Oh man oh man i think CoH is better then ever. I played more with Liam and Benji last night, but only for a little bit cause i had to go eat dinner. I also worked on my Spore adventure a long time. I think I can submit it now. Also, I think that i might start playing Warhammar online...... oh whats the point all i feel about writing about is what happened in 3rd pd. My exboyfriend, Rahul, who I broke up with a few weeks ago (we both broke up w/ each other. No one really dumped either one. It was mutual) was talking during class and i got blamed and I said it was him. Then, later, he said that I was creepy. he said that he really never liked me, and that he only went out with me so i would not go crazy on him. He said that he stopped emailing or talking to me to try and give me the message. He started spreading horrible rumors about me, and how I "went over to his house" and "wouldnt stop calling him" and how I was a creeper and stalking him. He says he dumped (again, the feelings were mutual, i didnt get dumped) me because I was "scary" and "wierd" and tells everyone else that i was crying when he told me. Now my reputation is down the toilet, in english im stuck next to the guy who about 15 mins after we broke up got a new girlfriend and rubbed it in my face, and I feel like such an idiot for not realizing it sooner. *sigh* and everyone think I like Liam. And Tal. *sigh again* And I dont know what to do. I didnt go over to his house and try to break in, i know I didnt. YOU believe me, right? Someone has to. I wish I knew how to get back at rahul, somehow. *sigh* its just so hard. I dont know why i ever went out with him. Hes just mean. Oh and he also says that our dates to the parties once a month were cause he thinks only assholes go there. He lied to me so many times, and hes lying right now probly, about how I kept showing up at his house in the summer. I think maybe, with the right amount of luck, I can keep a paper bag over my head for the entire school year.

On CoH, I am playing a bit more then usual. Mostly because I started Skyping while playing with Benji and Liam. They both have the trial account, and I am showing off big time. We are playing throiugh the game on redside. I promised to take em on a mayhem mish (mahem missions are redside only, when you go into Paragon City (set of the heroes, also in Rhode Island in real life.) and blow things up, such as cars and civilians. A mayhem's goal it to break into the vault (by blowing things up) and steal money. It is timed, but you can get more time by killing things and people.) And so the closest mayhem mish is lvl 15, and there are 6 days left in their trial, and we are only lvl 8, so i think that if I play MY way and get to lvl 15, then get the mish myself and let them team w/ me. Also, I might let them do a GM w/ me blueside on my 50. Theyl be SSKed to 49, and we can get a few other 50s, and see what happens. Also, my dad is in singapore, so I get to play more! *sigh* My dad is ALWAYS on trips. I hardly see him anymore. But on a llighter note, I gt the Spore Expansion Pack! Its called "Galactic Adventures, and its got this "planet editor" that lets you choose everything from water color to tree types! You can drag and grop buildings and people and walls and plants and its AWESOME! I cant wait to go home and play.... Oh and according to Tal, Liam likes me. Like, LIKE likes me. Apparently he sent me "virtual Flowers" but I dont trust Tal at all! Oh well..... Its not like I like Liam. I mean, hes a friend, but.... oh dea this is hard to explain. Ill just chat for a bit about the new CoH thing. Now theres a "herocon" which is a comic con that if you go will get you cool online stuff! Last time, it was the "freakshow" armor, which is basically adding metal grafted directly to your skin. I hope this time is going to be maybe like fish stuff, or something. Theres also rumors on the CoH forums about i17, which is rumored to be about base building. If it is, then we can go on the test server and get a prestige bonus!!!!!!!!! Yay! Maybe I can make a SG that gives everyone a spot to build! Like a museum! Ill call it "The Building Showcase" and give everyone a 1x1 spot to do whatever! Heh i think that it will be awesome. Ok so I also just wanted to say that CoX is a great game, and that I hope that I can get Liam and Benji to buy a subscription, cause thay can be in my SG and earn BUCKETS of prestige. I can make the group only for us and our alts (alternate toons, a lot of SGs dont allow inactive alts) and they can be in awe of my building prowess! Heh I cant wait for tonight when I can convince them to buy the game.

DOUBLE EXP WEEKEND HAS BEGUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! From 9 this morning to midnight on monday night, there is double exp, influence, and infamy, and prestige! Im so pumped! Also, I got plans to meet Liam tonight in AP (atlas park) and show him how epic I am. I think maybe ill go on as my kheldian (sigh, look. If you want to know what a kheldian is, then scroll DOWN!) and her name is Blazing Sunrise. She wears all baggy ultirior clothes, and is a tri-formed build. (tri formed means that you are a kheldian that specializes in shapeshifting. A build is when you get to lvl 15, you can get your 2nd build, which means you start at lvl 1 and can train (visiting trainer to get new powers and slot yourself (slotting is when you add spaces for enhancements or enhns) up to the lvl you are on your 1st build. Some people have several builds, one for fighing, and one for shifting.) Anyway, Blazing Sunrise is lvl 32 i think, and If I play a bit before liam shows up, she can probly get to lvl 35. I really also want to play of King, cause if i lure him into my base, then i can mess w/ his mind by adding stuff and trapping him in a room or something. also, if you double click while in build mode, then you can teleport instantly so I can really be cool.

On CoH, I'm getting pumped. On the 8th, the double exp weekend will begin! It is five days long, I think, and I'm getting both Liam and Stephen to play. Theyre my classmates. They have the impression that im "ledgendary" so I'd better get a reputation by the 8th. Otherwise, I'm gonna be humiliated. At least I get to freak em out. See, Im going to lead them to my base, then into a room, then block the door off. They will be suprized, and Ill make a throne are, and freak them out by adding things like guns and wild robots. heh. Its gonna be great!

Day whatever. Ok, so I was watching my bro play CoH last night, on Frost-Freeze (his lvl 50 hero.) and he was flying around the map called "Eden" which is the place with a LOT of Devouring Earth. Anyway, he was looking for DE (Devouring Earth are plant-fungi monsters created by the one, the only HAMIDION!!! The Hamidion (or Hami) is THE BIGGEST, BADDEST MONSTER IN THE ENTIRE GAME!!!!! The Hami is a large cell0thing, that has about 300 monsters inside of it, and he/she/it (the hami) spawns more every minuite. The reccomended team for killing it is 60-80 people!!!! Wow! Usually, the GMs (Giant monsters, or Game-masters depending on context. GameMasters are Admin with lvl infinity people, and they show up when you find a bug in the game. You type /petition, and then fill out the boxes, and withing 1 min a GM will send you a tell, asking if you need help. They can alter the game in cool ways, such as deleting enemies and completing your missions. Ive needed to petition twice, once on GB (genesis bot, fav person o play on) and then 3 days ago on Lord Rae, for the cape mission.) Ok, so now youve lost your place in the origional sentance, so take a min to re-read the first part. Usually, the GMs have a team size of 6 or 7, max 10, but this one needs (really!) 60-80! Ive heard it takes 2 hours to kill, and thats with 80 lvl 50s, all working together! I was hoping he would spawn infront of Frost, but alas, no such thing happened. Hey, so I made a person on Virtue, the incredible server full of people who spend their time not playing as a superhero, but playing as a mage or wizard. Heh. I mean, REALLY NOW! This game is supposed to be for people who want to have superpowers, not "magical essence." Ok, so since I have no more spots on Freedom, I made a toon (remember, thats the slang for character) called Atlantian Warrior, and he looks like a fish-man! I copied his idea from someone else, but oh well, no one knows and/or cares. I think that if i get the vanguard (vanguard is the both hero and villain thing where they can team up to fight Rikti, which i believe I told you about. If you complete certain missions, then you get costume parts that look awesome) costumes and the.. uhmmm, if i remember ill say..... oh right its the Greek armor sets. I need the winged boots and vanguard belt to make my costume complete, and then I will enter a lot of CCs. (CCs are costume contests. CCs are not official, and they are when a person gets a lot of people to compete for a lot of money by showing off their costumes. The sample prize is about 100 mil, which is a LOT of money. If i win a few, then I will change the money into either bribes, PLing (powerlvling) or prestige. You can change 1 mil into 2k prestige. So, if i get say... 100 mil, then I can get 200k prestige! Well, im outa time to write, Ill be on tomorrow!

Ok, so I went on Rae and designed the base over again.It is now a hi-tech base, set inside a mystical ruins area. I have stuff like supercomputers, and racks of salvage. I also did more with desk stacking. Hey, there is a DOUBLE EXP WEEKEND SET UP FOR OCT 8!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

On CoH, im getting bored. Lord Rae hasnt lvled in a while. Ahh oh well, i guess. My bro is taking over my stuff, i think

Ok, so online, Lord Rae is lvl 23. He has 4 minions, still. Im outa time for today, ill write more tomorrow.

Day 10: Lord Rae is lvl 18!!!! He now has a quartet of zombies that follow him! My best zombie comes in 8 lvls, though. Closer to my goal: lvl 20! At lvl 20, you can do a special mish (mission) that can give you the ability to put on capes at the tailor/facemaker (tailor for heroes, facemaker for villains. They allow you to alter your costume.) My toon (character) is gonna look so cool! Oh, and at lvl 30, I get auras! (auras are costume things that you can add. They are things like adding flaming fists, or electricity coming out of your eyes. They dont do anything but look awesome!) Lvl 30 is a long way away, though. Im settling for just working toward 20. Yesterday, my VG got its first teliporter to mecy isle! Yay! Im out of prestige, though. :( But, my freinds Lord Recluse jr and Seth Adonis are earning prestige by the hundreds, and we are gaining members! We have a full teli set on our coalie base, so Im not in a huge rush. I also learned that Seth Adonis is apparently old enough to drink, because in the middle of chatting he shouted "beer run" and went afk (away from keyboard). I also learned that people in my VG think Im great with desk stacking. This is my first desk base, so i was surprized. I was chatting in spanish class today, and Christian said that he was going to start playing the game. He thinks it sounds pretty cool. He wants to be on blueside, though. I was really exited to have him join my VG, but then i remembered that only paying members can join SGs or VGs. he can go into my bases though, but he has to be on a team. People came up to me in PAWS yesterday and asked if i was famous online. I said "sorta, i guess" and they left. Sammy asked too. I wonder if theyre asking just to make fun of me. And i really hope christian isnt joining just to see how nerdy I look. Im worried. I also am thinking of making a team of lvl 1 mms, and watching that as they lvl, their summons go up. I think that a team of all mms would be so cool. mms can naturally heal everyone, and can put up shields on their teammates. I think that if all of us just buff our summons completely, none of them will die. We could make an unstoppable team. Especially if they are zombie summons, becuase i got a power that when one of my summons dies, I ca revive it more powerful then it was before, but it stays for only about 3 mins. I wonder if it would be better with summon gangs, because they have a power that tempararily calls about 10 gang members to attack. Or maybe ninjas, cause.... I have no idea..... Ive never played with ninjas before. Id better try it over the weekend.

Day: 8 (again, i dont know). Ok, lots to tell about my CoV campaign. First off, my VG got a few new members! They are Astonoshing Arrow and Amythyst, who are boyfriend and girlfriend. This really shows how diverse the people in the game are. I think they are pretty cool. Ok, so Lord Rae is lvl 16 or 15, I forget which. I think he might get to lvl 18 today. I think I get my Lich (most powerful summon) at lvl 30, so Im halfway there! My new best online freind, Lord Recluse Jr. is now my 2nd in command at my SG. He does most of the recruiting, and I make the base and get prestige by organising SG events. See, my SG was formed when a lot of people got to be friends through teaming. I started the VG and invited most of them. Im also getting a coalie (coalition. It means the SGs or VGs can access each others bases and talk in coalition chat, so all of our coaltions can hear.) from Dark Ninja of Doom's friend LegacyX. Ok, Lord Rae can also rez allies now, but the power has a large recharge time. After I get my third summon, Im getting all the sheilds and stuff (sheilds are buffs (powers that help our allies, the opposite of debuffs) that give a bonus to dafence. My sheilds are fire themed, so they give a large resistance to fire damage and also smashing and lethal (non elemental attacks))

Day: 7 (I think...............) Well, guess what! I got christian to go online last night. He said that he couldnt download the game till the weekend, but im happy anyway. In the game, Lord Rae got to lvl 14. He can fly now. My VG is going well. Ill have enough money for teliporters today, i think. (in case i didnt say, teliporters are objects you can put in your base that allow you to go directly to the zone you want.) My 2nd in command, Lord Recluse Jr. (lord recluse is the main "bad guy" in the game.) is doing very well in both inviting and earning prestige. I hope that someday, I will be known throughout the servers, but right now, I'm settling for being famous on one. This is about SG Helper, by the way. I think that now, after everyone is accustomed to i16, more SGs will be started, and people will have more of a use for a builder. Actully, I really hope that my frinds on my SG come back on (The mystic defenders) because they earned the most prestige.

Day 6: I don't know if it really is day 6.... oh well. Yesterday afternoon, I gave more thought to the after school thing I might start. I think its a great idea. Back to the game:I made my VG (its a SG but on the villain servers.) called The Legion of Villains. I made some of the base. It uses desk stacking a lot (desk stacking is using the set of desks to stack, not the safes and tiles. The desks auto stack, which takes more time but looks better. They are either rounded corners or blocks. I realized that if you use the "rustic" desk set, and use firelight, they glow like gold. This could be interesting.) My new base only has 3 rooms, as opposed to my big base's over 30, but my VG is full of cool people. Lord Rae reached lvl 13, and got his very first Grave Knight (medium summon). He still has 2 zombies (low lvl summon) but at lvl 18 he gets his third. With my minion count at three, I can do much more damage. Also, I met a really annoying person while teaming (teaming up with) a few other people. His name was "over killer" and he begged for a rez (ressurect, for when you die) and a "summon (I assumed he meant a teliport. Some characters can choose to teliport their freinds away from danger.) Also, people who don't capitalize their name are usually annoying. Well, some good news is that at lvl 14, Lord Rae gets to fly! Flying in this game is the best. Other games have fly powers that are time-limited, cost stamina or endurance or magic power, and are really unnecesary. Fly in this game costs nothing, has no time limit, quadruples your speed, and allows you to go over five miles in the sky. You press -space- to go up, and x to go down, then use the arrows to move. All my characters choose fly over teliportation, superspeed, and super jump. Finally, I think that I have found an archype thats right for me. Ok, now going back to the blueside (blueside means on the hero part of the game) characters, I went on Helper and visited a few bases. One of them copied directly from -base builder's base for Dragon Star. (-base builder, whos global name (member address, all your characters have the same one. Mine is HelloJoJo) is stacker, build the base for Dragon Star then posted it on the forums. I watched him make almost the whole thing. The entrance looks like an elevator. I sorta copied him, but only for the basic idea for the medical room.) Anyway, I can't wait to work on Lord Rae. If he gets to lvl 18 today, which he might if he keeps teaming, Ill get a total of 4 minions! My best mm (remember, mm = mastermind) is called Genesis Bot. He has a small army of robots that follow him. He is lvl 35, so he has all 6 main summons, as well as a force feild generator, an acid-shooting moartar, a pair of small drones that explode on contact, and a thing called a "trip mine" that does "extreme" damage. He belongs to the SG "Darkness of the Apocalipse". Everyone there just calls me GB.

Day: 5. Over the weekend, a lot happened. Well, I was playing on one of my other characters I made on Friday, named Lord Rae (you may notice most of my characters are guys. this is because the costumes are more advanced on boy characters, and also everyone is "male till proven female" and I dont want to be suspicious.) and anyway, he is a mm. (mm=mastermind. It is a villains only archtype that lets you summon things. There aer 5 types: robots, thugs, ninjas, zombies, and soldiers. I can summon zombies. I only have 2 right now, but at lvl 12 i get a stronger type, and at lvl 18 i get my 3rd of the weakest.) I can shoot "dark" blasts at enemies and fly. I am making a lot of freinds through teams. We might make a new SG. Anyway, I dont think im going to play on Helper anymore. Base building gets boring sometimes. Ok, so I said I would elaborate on the Rikti. The Rikti are an alien species that the heroes are against. They walk upright, and somehow speak english. The Rikti moonkeys are the weakest rikti, but they can be a challenge. Rikti monkeys are a summon by people who are fire controllers (or fire trollers) and they can have 3 at a time. Other trollers can summon things too, but the most is by illusion control. they can summon 3 "decoys", 1 "phantasm", and the phantasm can summon another phantasm, and also a special not-monster summon that causes "fear" (fear means the enemies tremble and do not move). Also, i gave more thought to the semester long RPG class. I can write to NCscoft and ask em for a private server, and to reset the names on it, because if we make all 1,000 kids in the school play, thats a lot of money. the school could take a part of the prophits to help fund programs. Also, i want to be recodnised as the best player in the school. Ill just usemy knowledge to lvl up fast, then use the newer players to boost my rating. I can also make a school wide SG, and base build. Im starting to think I had a good idea. See, if you charge 20.00 to start the program to each person, NCscoft gets 15 (the required thing) and the school gets 5. thats 5,000 $ for the school, and theyre having fun and learning teamwork! Also, it could be an opportunity for extra credit. you could be graded based off of your progress in the game. Im thinking of scheduling a meeting with the school's administrators to start this program up. I really also recomend this game, it is by far the best RPG ive ever seen. The creators deserve a thousand new people playing.

Free write! Ill write about how CoH is dying..... Well, the devs (administrators and other employees at NCscoft) took away the AE farming, and people are leading the game. Its getting less and less fun. I miss some of my old freinds. Anyway, people are moving out of AP (atlas park, the lvl 1 place where everyone hung out) and into PI (Pendragon Isle, a different map). The game has changed..... I like the old game better. Meanwhile, I met one of my old freinds again. He is from the SG "The Imagineers." They were a really popular group a while ago. They know all the best SGs, like Ravenshield. Anyway, I remade their base a while ago, and the leader, Infectious Smile, kept saying how cool I was. Turns out that the origional base was built by none other then Iz a Bunny Man, my brother! I thought my bro's reaction was hilarious. He got mad at me for ruining the base. Now that AE was nerfed (completely trashed by the devs with no thoughts) people are getting desperate for the sense of accomplishment of lvling up. On a lighter note, when the devs nerfed AE, they opened up i16: Power Spectrum! Now, you can change the look of your powers. They also added a bunch of new powersets (powers thet you can get when you lvl up, such as flying and invisibilty) and I see a lot of F/kins (Fire/Kinetics controller, the best and most powerful archtype in the game. They can trap enemies and use kinetics to drain their damage) with different colored Imps (Imps are fire Rikti (space invaders, more on them later) that a controller can control if they have fire control, they attack enemies along with the players). This game is huge........ Oh and yesterday, someone asked me if I was an Admin (NCscoft employee) because I was so nice and polite to everyone. I said no, only because if I lie about that, my account will be deleted.

Day 3: On CoH, things are starting to unravel. I went on King yesterday, only to find all of my best freinds (Like Electropsy, LadyAgent, DiamondEagle, VolcanicBlast, Mind-Freek...) have been offline for 20+ days. I did, however, meet one of my first base editing deal's owner, NightFather. We chatted for a while, mostly about Oblivion, which is what his SG and characters are based off of. Then, I made a new character on Virtue (another server, less populated but full of RPers.) called SG Helper II. She is a PB (Peace-bringer, an epic archtype, who can fly automatically. The PBs and WS (warshades) are unlocked after getting a hero to lvl 50) and she advertised free base building. However, I forgot that the people on virtue are RPers (roleplaying) and they thought that I was "a freedumb awesomesauce AE noob" See, my real characters are all on Freedom, where there is a lot of "farming" (This means abusing AE, architect entertainment, to make a large mission with lots of people in it to get a lot of exp and money fairly fast) and "awesomesauce" is the unnoficial motto for Freedom. And a "noob" means a new player. One player, did, however, let me tour his base...... It was so cool I have to try it for myself! Now, when I save up enough money, I am going to build a floor with fire shooting out! Back on freedom, I started a new SG called The Builders of Freedom, where every person who joins gets a place to edit. No one joined, though..........

Day 2: Yesterday, the new issue (new patch) came out, now you can customize your powers' colors. I made a new character called "Electric Elf" and she could hit people with large amounts of white electricity. Then, I switched to "King Dragon Blade" to check on my SG (supergroup. Its like a group of people that can access my base, which is a special map that I can design!) My King is my only lvl 50 character (max lvl) and he can use DB (dualblades) and fire armor. Anyway, my SG is really cool. Moving on, my best freind (Ro) and I were talking last night, and she wants me to be her "backup." See, Ro is THE MOST FAMOUS BASE BUILDER IN THE GAME!!!! and people send her tells (private messages) asking her to design their bases. Anyway, one of my old freinds "Moon Watcher" wants Ro to make his base, but I get to do it instead! I think that maybe, one day, I'll be just as famous as Ro!

Day 1: I am getting payed, in online money, to base build. I retired from lvling up altogether. Life is good online, people are giving me compliments wherever I go. Oh and CoX stands for City of Heroes, City of Villains


Friday, May 21, 2010

City of Heroes

Well, my lvl 44 Bane, Black Soldier Widow, is off to a good start.

And by good start i mean she has more badges then most lvl 50s.

I miss WAR, i wish it didnt die.

Im getting tired of blogging about MMOs, actually.

Ah, everything seems off recently.

I dunno.


Thursday, May 20, 2010

Im late tellin yu about this, i know...... but, back when I was sad about not being in the roll call, some ppl said "oh em gee ur gonna be in the next 1 u kno it!!!1111!!!!" but ZOMG IM ON THE WAR WEBSITE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Oh, and I still feel like shit, thanks for caring.


Im sick.

Hi, all. I haven't posted in a while, and right now, seeing as I am sitting in my tech class with the flu, seems like a good idea.

Yeah, Rien has the flu. It isn't fun. It also sucks, because everything hurts. Literally. My hair feels sore. It actually hurts to stare at a screen, for the first time in my life. I don't know how I got it, I don't care. I wanna go home.

I really wanna go home.

Sigh. The clinic lady sucks. Everyone I know says my forehead is burning, I am literally shaking with the chills, my pencil case seems to have gained 30 pounds, because lifting it started to hurt. Anyway, the asshole clinic lady watches me walk in, asks me whats wrong. I say "I have a fever." and she..... she nods, then goes back to her work on the computer. I sit there for 7 minutes, 34 seconds (timed it via digital wall clock) and she looks up, sticks something in my ear, and gets a reading of 97.1. I ask her, in despiration, to at least try with a mouth thermometer. She says if i raise my voice one more time im gonna be written up. I go back to class...........

I spent all gym curled up, in the fetal position, in the corner of the gym.

Im cold. Im very cold. im cold, and im sore, and my head hurts, and my stomach hurts. I have no idea how im gonna survive my hour long bus ride. (not kidding, its 1 hour 4 minutes with normal traffic.) I want to lie down, I want some tums, and I want to just curl up and die right now..........

This sucks so much.


Thursday, May 13, 2010


Bad news, evveryone. Im officially WAR-free, but your poll ( over there <-----) told me not to. Im shifted into CoH..... Even Andy says not to go! Ah, well. Least this song is so completely bitch-ass awesome!

I'd suggest you watch it. The claims for my stuff and guild are on! Leave your requests below in the comments section.


ONE rank 22 guild, The Dark Brotherhood.
ONE Sov SM chain, net worth 500g.
TWO pairs of Warlord Boots for WL
FIFTEEN bottles of Midnight Blue dye
A BANK WORTH of misc. Anni, Conq, Invader, and Warlord gear, looted from ORvR, not bound
A GUILD VAULT WORTH of Misc low lvl gear, unbound, net worth 300g
500G in guild vault.
ONE well-mounted skull, event item you use on dead bodies of ppl.
THREE Ushabti charms, worthless, but collect 10 for a tome thing
A LOT of really crappy heal pots.
3 STACKS of Linment of WAR: Blood
NINETY FOUR Twisting Tentacle Pies (Pie Assassin)

and other assorted things.

Limit one per person.
Can only claim 50g at a time
Guild goes to the highest bidder, the money will go to you all.

(NOTE: I reserve the right to AT ANY TIME deny the custody of the items to any person.)


Monday, May 10, 2010


Well, derr..... WAR is suing

I dunno what to say, other then this is the single funniest legal suit ive seen.

Theyre SUING their FAN CLUB?

Whiskey Tango Foxtrot, yo!


EDIT: I completely misunderstood. All of this is false. 'Cept for the WTF part. Thanks to the alert reader who has an IQ over that of toast that helped out!

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Guess What?

Lets just say this picture is epic, and get on with our lives. Ok?

Thursday, May 6, 2010


I got my Gryphon! I got my Gryphon! Yessssssss!!!!!!!

It also shits black dye, too! Great for parties!

Anyone get the Skull White box? Im interested on the shade of white it is.


Monday, May 3, 2010

Smart me

Well... I dunno. Im feeling super depressed lately. In CoH im stuck in DGotA, in WAR i feel guilty about quitting, and it turns out all of my friends got into TJ and I didn't even apply...

Someone cheer me up, please...