Monday, May 10, 2010


Well, derr..... WAR is suing

I dunno what to say, other then this is the single funniest legal suit ive seen.

Theyre SUING their FAN CLUB?

Whiskey Tango Foxtrot, yo!


EDIT: I completely misunderstood. All of this is false. 'Cept for the WTF part. Thanks to the alert reader who has an IQ over that of toast that helped out!


Lokax said...

Lot of misinformation going around.

1) It's Games Workshop. Not Mythic or EA or the WAR dev team with the complaint.

2) They're not suing, they're asking them to take down the copyright infringements.

3) The website is classed as a business, not a fan site due the fact that Curse/IGN own the website and make money from advertisment, the curse client etc.

4) The basis of the suit is that IGN/Curse are using the Warhammer intellectual property (which they do not own) to make money - which they are from said advertising/premium content.

5) GW have no problems with fansites so long as they're not asking people to give them money (which then turns the website into a breach of copyright)

Brett said...
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Synic said...


This does not relate to copyright infringment, the complaint more or less pertains to the trademark infringement of the WARHAMMER trademark. Games Workshop filed a complaint against Curse, so Games Workshop is essentially suing Curse. The complaint is seeking to recover damages and obtain the domain (see last page of the complaint).
Anyways, this is something that will probably be settled out of court.

Rienuaa said...

Im still loling that Curse is kinda their FAN CLUB! You know, theyre helping players PLAY THE GAME! >:P