Thursday, May 13, 2010


Bad news, evveryone. Im officially WAR-free, but your poll ( over there <-----) told me not to. Im shifted into CoH..... Even Andy says not to go! Ah, well. Least this song is so completely bitch-ass awesome!

I'd suggest you watch it. The claims for my stuff and guild are on! Leave your requests below in the comments section.


ONE rank 22 guild, The Dark Brotherhood.
ONE Sov SM chain, net worth 500g.
TWO pairs of Warlord Boots for WL
FIFTEEN bottles of Midnight Blue dye
A BANK WORTH of misc. Anni, Conq, Invader, and Warlord gear, looted from ORvR, not bound
A GUILD VAULT WORTH of Misc low lvl gear, unbound, net worth 300g
500G in guild vault.
ONE well-mounted skull, event item you use on dead bodies of ppl.
THREE Ushabti charms, worthless, but collect 10 for a tome thing
A LOT of really crappy heal pots.
3 STACKS of Linment of WAR: Blood
NINETY FOUR Twisting Tentacle Pies (Pie Assassin)

and other assorted things.

Limit one per person.
Can only claim 50g at a time
Guild goes to the highest bidder, the money will go to you all.

(NOTE: I reserve the right to AT ANY TIME deny the custody of the items to any person.)



Sarlyna said...

You're leaving? D:

My brother and I were both wondering wondering why the DB was soo empty. What about Nael? Has she moved on to CoH as well?

Rienuaa said...

OH MY GOD!!! SAR!!!!!

How... how did you get to this blog?


Sarlyna said...

Well, after seeing that I'm usually the only one who is online in the guild, I needed to find a way to contact someone. I saw the link to this place in the announcement page.

Rienuaa said...

You can quit if you want, i retired from WAR.

HAve fun with 1.3.5, Sar...

your welcome to come visit me in the Rogue Isles, tho...... :D

Sarlyna said...

Eh, I'm not sure if I'll be staying long myself. With nothing new to do, I might move on to another MMO as well.