Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Alright alright

Seems like every time I open my mouth I dig my grave a little deeper.

Ben left for Taiwan yesterday, hes gone all summer.

I miss him....


Friday, June 25, 2010

The Best Description

I wish I had superpowers. I want to be super. I want to be happy, I want to do
things I can't do in real life. I want to be someone, something, not just the
background. I feel so alone... There are so many things I want to do before my
mind becomes totally blank.....

Thats what I wrote a while back, when I was all depressed and shit. I still am depressed and shit, mind you, just this time, it isnt Guyvers fault.

I think, this time, its totally my fault.

I shouldnt have raided the base. Viggy says people are afraid of me now. I wanted to have a reputation, just not as a terrible person...................

Huh. Karma, you really screwed me this time. Last time, all you took was my family. This time, you took my escape from reality.


The Final Update

Viggy, this post is for you.

I'm sorry, Viggy. I still don't honestly know what I did wrong, but... but... but... I want to still play. I just don't want to play like this. The group that you made, it's all my friends. I don't steal from friends. I want to talk to them, but I can't because you'll ban me. I think I overreact a lot, but I'd never destroy anything!!! I MADE the base! You finished it, yeah, but.... I'm sorry it took so long. There've been a lot of things on my mind, mostly why everyone seems to hate me online. I knew it... i knew that you didn't like me. I thought that you just took me in so you wouldn't feel guilty. I'm not a good player, am I. I am horrible with other people. I've alienated almost all of my friends, and you Global Ignoring me is the mark of you hating me. I don't know what to do, or what to say.... Please, un-ban me! I live for this game! I'll do whatever you want... I just want to see my friends again. I want to talk to you again. You were my first friend from vent. you stuck up for me. I left Chronos for you. You introduced me to Brooke. You let me build, apparently horrible builder I may be. I'll remember this game not for the game but for the people, and you are the first one that comes to mind. I'll also miss Brooke, Paul, Allastair, Rezzez, Platinum man, TnT, and the rest of you guys. I love City of Heroes..... I don't know how to apologise for something I can't apologise for, but here I go anyway....

I'm sorry, Viggy. I really am.

Thanks for listening, thanks for reading, thanks for the boyfriend advice... Thanks for sticking up for me, for making mey laugh time and again.

I really.... I.... I.... I'm sorry.

And, if you don't accept my apology, feel free to take my Enhancements from the bin. They we're mine... All of them. I had 7 in my inventory, plus the ones I crafted, plus the ones I got from reward rolls. I swear to god I made all of them. I'll take you to the blueside base, on Virtue, to see the logs, too. You can look at all of the logs. On Dark Kingdom, I put ALL OF IT BACK BEFORE you asked me to. I took one, worthless IO. Its not stealing if I made them 100k prestiege before I joined Chronos. I don't steal. I scavenge. Dead bases are free for alls, you know that. I was flipping through the base along with someone else, who had a lower rank then me so I got the best things. You can have the blueside stuff too. Theres some nice stuff on Kinetics Stalker. If you want, I'll strip my toon and pass you the IOs. I want you guys to have good stuff.... I'll just blow my money on some nice crap then put it in the bin.

And finally, goodbye, Viggy. If you don't accept my apology, at least let me say goodbye.


Sunday, June 20, 2010

Of course

Honestly..... I not sure where to begin.

Why do you guys always explain things slower to me? Treat me like a bad player, not like a child.


On another note, according to my blog (miniature blog) i met LegacyX befor he joined Dark Kingdom. Huh. Small world. Small Paragon City, that is.

I was also the first to join Dark Kingdom on my Fire Fire dom, Fire Enforcer.



Friday, June 18, 2010

Ventrilo.......... what a stupid name for a program.

Teamspeak was better. I mean, you SPEAK to your TEAM.

Right now, all vents doing is puttin me with my enemies.

Yeah, i know. I was finally banned from Chronos vent. Fuck you, Red Hot Lips. Drama? MY ASS! YOU are starting this drama. I just logged in. Thanks for the warning. I still dont know what I did wrong.

At least Viggy, my newest best online friend, is being cool. He's a nice person.... a very nice person. I think maybe he is smarter then everyone thinks. I know he gets a lot of flack from Chronos... Sigh.

I miss talking to Brooke.

At least Rezzez seems nice, i suppose.

She can build bases though. Not as good as a certain someone, *ahem*, but still, her desks are stacked well.


Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Viggy's Playhouse

Of course, what a great name. >:P

Hehe.... my little groups been running strong now!

Seeing as Chronos is reforming, im pissed as hell, but killing the head of the Hydra is good, right?



Monday, June 14, 2010

Whoop de DOO DAH!


Holy shit holy shit holy shit holy shit CHRONOS DISBANDED! GUYVER QUIT COH! THE COALITION IS BROKEN!

I'm being serious here..... this is awesome. We... the little group I've been with, the ones who quit.... we single-handedly TOOK THAT SUKKAFISH DOWN!!!!!

Special thankies toooooooOOO:

Viggy, for being a very very good friend.

Brooke, for consoling me with the Vent harassment and being a great eSister.

King, for letting me basebuild,

Taz, for taking us in after we quit,

Hawks, for being a good guy, being awesomely hilarious, and for keeping Brooke informed,

Me, for being a bystander who did nothing but is taking credit for this,

Deasile, for his (maybe his, not sure... O.o whos vent IS this???!!!!??) vent,

She-Woman, for AV, EB, Boss, Liutenna(however the hell you spell it, i give up), minion, and underling class types,

Hell's Surgeon, for i19: Stranger Danger,

Blue Shadow Flare, for teaming with me so many times I lost count (stalkerz!!),

Bear, for doing nothing I can report seeing as I have only heard him in passing,

Dark Lord Death, for being retarded,

My Dad, for forcing me off the computer at 9:30 sharp so I can JUUST miss all the fun... oh, wait... why is HE here?

My Brother, for all of the stuff I stripped off his retired toons,

Seth Adonis, for being my BFF like 8 months ago, leading me to talk about him on my mini-blog, so then he googles himself while oversees to find me and send me a heartfelt and awesomely kind message reporting that seeing his name on there changed his week around for the better,

As well as anyone else I may have missed and/or skipped over cause I hate you secretly.

Tah Tah for now!!!!!


What Really Happened (sorta)

Well, well, well...... this is a messy situation. Very messy indeed......

I'm not sure where to begin, other then the beginning, so I guess I'll start there.

long story......... dont trust ANYTHING red hot lips says about it. Shes lying, or just not saying anything. Guyver presents a one sided story. theyre using Viggy as a scapegoat for the recent blueside base destruction. its messy stuff, sis. messy. Asking Viggy is the best bet, he doesnt wanna talk about it tho. Deasile is biased. Bear is biased. There are no right answers. I pieced together a basic story tho.... Viggy is leader, as you know. He was friends and teaming with Deasile. Guyver is blaming Deasile and bear for the blueside base destruction, in which an entire base was ransacked and destroyed. All the IOs were gone, the salvage made stuff was destroyed. There were screenshots in which a oon that looked like Bears was in. Theyre using viggy as the scapegoat which passed red star to Bear who then tore it apart. Viggy was conftronted by guyver, he denied the claims, he was forced to choose between Chronos and his friends. Viggy stepped down, a lot of people like TnT ragequitted Chronos, and the fractured propaganda is being filtered throughout Chronos making it look like Viggy and our gang planned the whole thing. Taz and her DK took us in, offered us a home (DK Pvp) but we declined, Viggy started Viggy's Playhouse, and here we are. We're using a borrowed vent and minimal prestiege, but I'm building for us and people are having fun. We wont recruit for this. I guess we finally made a home. Also, Bear is only SUSPECTED of basecrashing, never proved.

I wrote this for Brooke, copypasting works well for me. This is what i THINK happened, not what did. I think I am wrong, honestly, but with the minimal clues I've gotten this seems like the most logical choice.


Saturday, June 12, 2010

In Conclusion

Well, this is it. I finally quit Chronos. Seems they kicked Viggy, too, which is a biiig part of why I am leaving. He's a really nice guy. To bad Guyver is so selfish he fails to realize how much we've done for the Coalition. I build bases for him. Viggy gets millions of prestiege and farms people. We both make jokes on vent, do mishes to help, badgehunt with lowbies and people needing accolades. He did literally nothing wrong in my eyes. I don't understand the politics of groups in this game. I honestly think WAR was easier to understand. The people there followed patterns, more so then in here. I am a people person, but not in the way anyone understands. I play online games to dominate people in my minds. I guess I'm crazy, I think I might be insane, but I honestly don't think it makes a difference. I play to play with people. In real life, I don't have any leverage. In online worlds, I can make some.

I'm not sure how to handle this situation.

I think maybe I should quit CoH altogether. I downloaded the Worl of Warcraft 30 day trial, maybe I can make some peons.....

More so then in Paragon City or the Rouge Isles.

I miss The Mystic Defenders. My god, what a fun SG. I had people to obey me, back then. Man....

Sigh. It seems nowadays my age gets ahead of me. No one takes me seriously. I am 14, yes, but do I act like one? Do I talk like one? I am mature, more so then anyone I've met my age. I feel so oppressed, like I can't find myself in my characters anymore. I base them off of what I wish I was.

I wish I had superpowers. I want to be super. I want to be happy, I want to do things I can't do in real life. I want to be someone, something, not just the background. I feel so alone... There are so many things I want to do before my mind becomes totally blank.....

I want to meet the Joker. He is my idol, more so then Kor. The perfect example of who I'd like to be. No remorse. No powers. Just what I want to do.

I feel insane. I probobly am insane.

I don't know what to do.........


Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Death Roll

Yeah, I feel like I'm on it.

I am so tired of Vent. I am so tired of Chronos. It's just so hard to.... withstand being wrong ALL THE TIME!

God, I suck at this game.

I wish I never told anyone about my age.

Sorry, Brooke.... Sorry. Thats it. There you go. Have fun, have a nice time, I hope I'll still be in Chronos when you get back from wherever you're going.



Monday, June 7, 2010

My side of the story

Like anyone cares.

Alright, alright. Fine. Fine. Ill get off your fucking vent server. You guys have banned people before, no need to TAKE A FUCKING VOTE! Just send me a kick, ill move along, but nooOOO! You guy just HAVE to drag this out! I mean, OH MY GOD!

A 14 year old in vent. Imagine how I FUCKING FEEL!

You have no IDEA what its like to log onto a server and get massive logs from people! You guys have NO IDEA! I dont CARE if im a leader, if my FUCKING PRESENCE DISTRUPTS THINGS KICK ME FROM THE MOTHERFKKING SERVER! ITS NOT THAT GODDAMNED HARD! You guys are AFRAID to kick me! AFRAID! Jesus christ! And you guys treat me like a BABY! Im 14, yes, but IM MORE MATURE THEN A LOT OF PEOPLE AND DESERVE TO BE TREATED WITH RESPECT! I curse my ass off in there and NO RESPONSE! I am NO DIFFERENT then anyone else! TREAT ME FAIRLY!


Well the thing that REALLY sets me off is your COWARDICE! you guys are AFRAID! That somehow MR KARMA is going to walk up and kick you in the FUCKING BALLS! I am a nerd, NOT A 14 YEAR OLD GIRL! I will NOT call the police, show up at your house, make you feel guilty, ect. Suuuuuure, being nice to me is great, but do what is the best intrest of the SG, not what your personal concience says.


And I cant honestly stress the importance of kicking people. Thats what makes you a good leader. Its right there in the F'ING DILBERT PRINCIPAL! GET RID OF THE ASSHOLES! IF IM AN ASSHOLE, GET RID OF ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


*Bangs desk with head*

Dont get me wrong, i love it when you people stick up for me, but reforming the vent situation, changing all the rules, screwing with the order of things is.... iss..... pathetic.


Another update.

Now Viggy only owes me a bike.



Saturday, June 5, 2010

An update is in order, i suppose

Viggy now owes me a bike and a rematch, he gave me the exps already.

Also, forgot to include Brooke, my NEW big sister, who seems to enjoy being a girl on the net as much as I do. Like, I sign into vent to hear her, and my respnse is "Oh my god! A girl on the internet? Those exist?" :P

Also also, i apologise Guyver, I do not think you're odd, its just like a sort of sibling rivalry. You should feel proud, usually I'm not jealous of anyone I meet, but right now i sure as hell am. I want ur SG guyver!


Thursday, June 3, 2010

Revenge of the Stupid

Well now! I havent been posting in a while, lemme fill you readers in on the details:

I am in CoH mode now..... god, that game rocks! Playing my newest 50, Black Soldier Widow (called BSW) is the most fun i've had with a toon in a MMO in a loooong time.

I finally got a mic! Now i'm inhabiting and annoying the Chronos channel, in which i met 2 new friends, who are.....

1) Viggy.
Viggy is a Zoalord, a funny person, and a very compassionate "internet wierdo" who has so far been totally awesome to me. Also, he owes me a bike, a rematch, and 2 nem farm runs. I think his name is "mike" or "michael" or something, and he recently had teeth pulled. I think he's going to Florida soon.

2)Hot Lips.
Another girl on the channel, she is viggys bff. occasionally chiming in to comment on the idiocy of other players (such as super-Derek, a retard who spammed a raid with retarded macros the entire time) and the stupidness of ITF quitters. I dunno how old she is, but she sounds mature.

Also on vent i met a few other characters of note:

1) Guyver.
He is the leader of Chronos, and to be honest, he gives me the willies. If he's reading this right now, dont boot me for my opinions, i am not trying to insult you. I am simply stating that those who like to lead (IE me) dont get along with other leaders. I have rather prominent authority issues, but I am not so stupid as to insult him in full, but I just think something's off. On top of that, he is a nice guy, or should i say guyVER (terrible joke, no?) and he seems to love leading.

2) Dark Lord Death.
Now, heres an interesting one. This guy is, in my opinion, a completely idiotic immature bitch with no talent and a horrible temprement. I honestly could name 10 times where I and other members of both Chronos and DK have gotten him kicked. He was GlobalBanned from DK, not sure about Chronos, but the only reason i dont have him on global ignore is cause i feel sorry for him. This guy is so annoying it honestly amazes me how oblivious he is. I think he needs to go find another mmo, cause I am close to seeking him out and taking a ballpeen hammer to both his tower and his face.

3) King.
Ah, King. That was MY name, you namestealer! King Dragon Blade, or just "King" was MY thing! He gave me a BaseBuilding job, so I can't complain, and the 30-40 mil he's given me has helped me tolerate this rip-off of my identity, but I still have to remind myself to not respong to King in broadcast or coalition chat.

4) Bane Shake.
My biffle..... man, he's awesome! Ive ran with him for as long as I can remember, and this guy totally knows how to make me laugh. from saying "Hai!!!!" to me in Coalition to just plain being great, this guy totally deserves some prize.

5) Kiyoshii.
This Fire/Kin has PLed me a lot, and I have taken a liking to him/her. 'Nuff said.

Ok, thats all I can think of!