Friday, June 25, 2010

The Final Update

Viggy, this post is for you.

I'm sorry, Viggy. I still don't honestly know what I did wrong, but... but... but... I want to still play. I just don't want to play like this. The group that you made, it's all my friends. I don't steal from friends. I want to talk to them, but I can't because you'll ban me. I think I overreact a lot, but I'd never destroy anything!!! I MADE the base! You finished it, yeah, but.... I'm sorry it took so long. There've been a lot of things on my mind, mostly why everyone seems to hate me online. I knew it... i knew that you didn't like me. I thought that you just took me in so you wouldn't feel guilty. I'm not a good player, am I. I am horrible with other people. I've alienated almost all of my friends, and you Global Ignoring me is the mark of you hating me. I don't know what to do, or what to say.... Please, un-ban me! I live for this game! I'll do whatever you want... I just want to see my friends again. I want to talk to you again. You were my first friend from vent. you stuck up for me. I left Chronos for you. You introduced me to Brooke. You let me build, apparently horrible builder I may be. I'll remember this game not for the game but for the people, and you are the first one that comes to mind. I'll also miss Brooke, Paul, Allastair, Rezzez, Platinum man, TnT, and the rest of you guys. I love City of Heroes..... I don't know how to apologise for something I can't apologise for, but here I go anyway....

I'm sorry, Viggy. I really am.

Thanks for listening, thanks for reading, thanks for the boyfriend advice... Thanks for sticking up for me, for making mey laugh time and again.

I really.... I.... I.... I'm sorry.

And, if you don't accept my apology, feel free to take my Enhancements from the bin. They we're mine... All of them. I had 7 in my inventory, plus the ones I crafted, plus the ones I got from reward rolls. I swear to god I made all of them. I'll take you to the blueside base, on Virtue, to see the logs, too. You can look at all of the logs. On Dark Kingdom, I put ALL OF IT BACK BEFORE you asked me to. I took one, worthless IO. Its not stealing if I made them 100k prestiege before I joined Chronos. I don't steal. I scavenge. Dead bases are free for alls, you know that. I was flipping through the base along with someone else, who had a lower rank then me so I got the best things. You can have the blueside stuff too. Theres some nice stuff on Kinetics Stalker. If you want, I'll strip my toon and pass you the IOs. I want you guys to have good stuff.... I'll just blow my money on some nice crap then put it in the bin.

And finally, goodbye, Viggy. If you don't accept my apology, at least let me say goodbye.


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