Thursday, June 3, 2010

Revenge of the Stupid

Well now! I havent been posting in a while, lemme fill you readers in on the details:

I am in CoH mode now..... god, that game rocks! Playing my newest 50, Black Soldier Widow (called BSW) is the most fun i've had with a toon in a MMO in a loooong time.

I finally got a mic! Now i'm inhabiting and annoying the Chronos channel, in which i met 2 new friends, who are.....

1) Viggy.
Viggy is a Zoalord, a funny person, and a very compassionate "internet wierdo" who has so far been totally awesome to me. Also, he owes me a bike, a rematch, and 2 nem farm runs. I think his name is "mike" or "michael" or something, and he recently had teeth pulled. I think he's going to Florida soon.

2)Hot Lips.
Another girl on the channel, she is viggys bff. occasionally chiming in to comment on the idiocy of other players (such as super-Derek, a retard who spammed a raid with retarded macros the entire time) and the stupidness of ITF quitters. I dunno how old she is, but she sounds mature.

Also on vent i met a few other characters of note:

1) Guyver.
He is the leader of Chronos, and to be honest, he gives me the willies. If he's reading this right now, dont boot me for my opinions, i am not trying to insult you. I am simply stating that those who like to lead (IE me) dont get along with other leaders. I have rather prominent authority issues, but I am not so stupid as to insult him in full, but I just think something's off. On top of that, he is a nice guy, or should i say guyVER (terrible joke, no?) and he seems to love leading.

2) Dark Lord Death.
Now, heres an interesting one. This guy is, in my opinion, a completely idiotic immature bitch with no talent and a horrible temprement. I honestly could name 10 times where I and other members of both Chronos and DK have gotten him kicked. He was GlobalBanned from DK, not sure about Chronos, but the only reason i dont have him on global ignore is cause i feel sorry for him. This guy is so annoying it honestly amazes me how oblivious he is. I think he needs to go find another mmo, cause I am close to seeking him out and taking a ballpeen hammer to both his tower and his face.

3) King.
Ah, King. That was MY name, you namestealer! King Dragon Blade, or just "King" was MY thing! He gave me a BaseBuilding job, so I can't complain, and the 30-40 mil he's given me has helped me tolerate this rip-off of my identity, but I still have to remind myself to not respong to King in broadcast or coalition chat.

4) Bane Shake.
My biffle..... man, he's awesome! Ive ran with him for as long as I can remember, and this guy totally knows how to make me laugh. from saying "Hai!!!!" to me in Coalition to just plain being great, this guy totally deserves some prize.

5) Kiyoshii.
This Fire/Kin has PLed me a lot, and I have taken a liking to him/her. 'Nuff said.

Ok, thats all I can think of!



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