Monday, June 14, 2010

What Really Happened (sorta)

Well, well, well...... this is a messy situation. Very messy indeed......

I'm not sure where to begin, other then the beginning, so I guess I'll start there.

long story......... dont trust ANYTHING red hot lips says about it. Shes lying, or just not saying anything. Guyver presents a one sided story. theyre using Viggy as a scapegoat for the recent blueside base destruction. its messy stuff, sis. messy. Asking Viggy is the best bet, he doesnt wanna talk about it tho. Deasile is biased. Bear is biased. There are no right answers. I pieced together a basic story tho.... Viggy is leader, as you know. He was friends and teaming with Deasile. Guyver is blaming Deasile and bear for the blueside base destruction, in which an entire base was ransacked and destroyed. All the IOs were gone, the salvage made stuff was destroyed. There were screenshots in which a oon that looked like Bears was in. Theyre using viggy as the scapegoat which passed red star to Bear who then tore it apart. Viggy was conftronted by guyver, he denied the claims, he was forced to choose between Chronos and his friends. Viggy stepped down, a lot of people like TnT ragequitted Chronos, and the fractured propaganda is being filtered throughout Chronos making it look like Viggy and our gang planned the whole thing. Taz and her DK took us in, offered us a home (DK Pvp) but we declined, Viggy started Viggy's Playhouse, and here we are. We're using a borrowed vent and minimal prestiege, but I'm building for us and people are having fun. We wont recruit for this. I guess we finally made a home. Also, Bear is only SUSPECTED of basecrashing, never proved.

I wrote this for Brooke, copypasting works well for me. This is what i THINK happened, not what did. I think I am wrong, honestly, but with the minimal clues I've gotten this seems like the most logical choice.


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