Monday, June 14, 2010

Whoop de DOO DAH!


Holy shit holy shit holy shit holy shit CHRONOS DISBANDED! GUYVER QUIT COH! THE COALITION IS BROKEN!

I'm being serious here..... this is awesome. We... the little group I've been with, the ones who quit.... we single-handedly TOOK THAT SUKKAFISH DOWN!!!!!

Special thankies toooooooOOO:

Viggy, for being a very very good friend.

Brooke, for consoling me with the Vent harassment and being a great eSister.

King, for letting me basebuild,

Taz, for taking us in after we quit,

Hawks, for being a good guy, being awesomely hilarious, and for keeping Brooke informed,

Me, for being a bystander who did nothing but is taking credit for this,

Deasile, for his (maybe his, not sure... O.o whos vent IS this???!!!!??) vent,

She-Woman, for AV, EB, Boss, Liutenna(however the hell you spell it, i give up), minion, and underling class types,

Hell's Surgeon, for i19: Stranger Danger,

Blue Shadow Flare, for teaming with me so many times I lost count (stalkerz!!),

Bear, for doing nothing I can report seeing as I have only heard him in passing,

Dark Lord Death, for being retarded,

My Dad, for forcing me off the computer at 9:30 sharp so I can JUUST miss all the fun... oh, wait... why is HE here?

My Brother, for all of the stuff I stripped off his retired toons,

Seth Adonis, for being my BFF like 8 months ago, leading me to talk about him on my mini-blog, so then he googles himself while oversees to find me and send me a heartfelt and awesomely kind message reporting that seeing his name on there changed his week around for the better,

As well as anyone else I may have missed and/or skipped over cause I hate you secretly.

Tah Tah for now!!!!!


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