Saturday, August 28, 2010


My 60th post. Yay....?

Well, over the 60 posts ive seen my reader count jump from 8 to over 180, then down to 18.

What happened, guys?


Monday, August 23, 2010

Wonderful news!

Ohkaaaay here we go!

Alright, so I have this friend named Brooke, and she is like my big sister! I totally love the girl, and she reads this blog, and so then she showed it to her professor at school, and apparently he loves it! He uses it as an example in class, and has suggested his students start a blog!!!!

I got her like a million gajillion extra credit points too :D

So, Mr. Professor, can you do me a favor? I AM actually aspiring to be a writer, and would LOVE constructive criticism, and my email is right over this way <~ so it would be nice for you to get in touch! I LOVE more people reading my blog, and yes, I DO look up to Brooke! She is a lovely, sweet, caring, and brilliant person, and I am sorry I skipped over her, but I... uh forgot, i guess. I have a short attention spa-i bet you were waiting me to say something like 'oOOOH A SQUIRREL," but, sadly, no squirrels live inside a monitor of a PC. to continue-n, so I apologise... Oh, and THANKS FOR SHOWING MY WORK!!!!!!!!!!!! No amount of exclamation marks can show my gratitude, so instead I just found a picture of a lion riding a horse:

And now that my thanks are done and said, heres the news!!!!

I am playing RydahStory now, the popular hack of Maplestory. Yeah, yeah, ethics and such, but, hey! Its a fun game! Its a private server, no one else is on it but hackers!!!! hacking is only bad because of the disadvantage it gives to players, but with only hackers, there IS nothing wrong. I am Rienuaaa, a Warriorbased female with over 80 reborns. Maxxed str, dex, and luk, almost done with Int. I have a 60% scrolled Timeless Excecutioner, and a WOmens Bathrobe, and then transparent everything else that covers dragon armor, zakum helm, and a 53/53/53/53 horntail pendant. Godlyness. Period.

And in OTHER news: I am STILL hooked on WAR t1 twinkies. I AM GOD IN THAT GAME! Over 2,ooo solo RvR kills, and 38 deaths. My gear is not only godly, but it doesnt exist anymore. I am the ONLY ONE WITH MY ARMOR!! *grins evily*

Alright, ran outa typing time cause my dads doing boring work crap.


Monday, August 16, 2010


Ah, my altitis makes a comeback, and I both character and server hopped! Now I am WassupWorld, a level 35+ Aran with a Blizzard Polearm and an awesome haircut! I am so loving how easy Maplestory is...

Ah, I got my braces off, too, so now I just have a retainer!

Today must be "good news day" or something.


Tuesday, August 10, 2010


Well...... ahaha i cant stop laughing!!!!!! Hehehe! Wow.... hehehehe!!! I mean... ahaha!!!!!! Ok, ok.... *snicker snicker* ok ok ok! I was playing Maplestory, alright, and in maplestory you buy NX at a rate of 1k for 1 dollar, so like 10 bucks gets you 10,000 NX. And, with every currency-tied in game, there are hackers. Maplestory has a hacker rate higher than any other MMO besides combat arms (i actually looked it up... lol i can haz no life) but its mostly injectormemory packets, stuff that gives you powers or godmade or crap. No one really strays into the area of NX, seeing as you can get into HUUUGE legal trouble for literally counterfitting money. So, im walking to the FM, and lo and behold, a megaphonepops up, advertising for gamecom, the #1 hack website, with a special deal. 10,000 NX for only $11.5. Now, I just figured something out. Why the hell would anyone pay an extra $1.5 for counterfit NX? You get your account banned for only a dollar and a half more then you would pay for the NX. That makes no sense. Who the hell would pay for that? It seems so dumb for them to try to charge more for something thats readily available.... I honestly cant stop giggling in my head.... I think that might be my new forum sig for MS forums: "$10 NX for only eleven fifty! THAT makes sense!"

Moving on: I just finished re-reading "Funny Misshapen Body," a memoir by Jeffrey Brown. I think that might be my second favorite book, my favorite being "Gamer Girl," by Mari Mancuosi. Its the story of him having Crohns disease and him writing his other books. i reccomend it for any summer reading.

Well, im heading back to Maple World.

Rieniuiaa, level 42 Evan!!!!!


Thursday, August 5, 2010

A long and overdue goodbye.

Well, here it is....

1) Viggy: I am going to miss you the most. I am not kidding. You are like my father I wanted to have, I don't want to say goodbye but I think I have to. I know the day I heard your voice was the day you had teeth pulled... I also know that you are a good person. Never forget that. You have the intergrety I don't, and I always appreciated your crude sense of humor... I mean, listen: If you were able to make such a difference on a 14 year olds life, you can't be stupid or a bad person. I see the good in you, and you know what I mean. I've tried to tell you this before, but I never found the oportunity. You are my best friend, Viggy. Think about that.

2) TnT: Well, I am finally going to say it. You didn't like me, did you. Well, see, I have this saying: If you like me, then alright, if you don't, FUCK YOU! Well, TnT. Fuck you. There have been reasons for me to jump to the conclusion that you don't enjoy listening to me, but, yeesh. I am just glad I wont have to listen to you correct me anymore. Oh, and by the way. Jew camp.

3) Paul: Well.... Paul doesn't know who I am anymore. FAIL, Paul.

4) Phantom: My god, you are a good person. I will be logging in from time to time, you know, so don't boot Psionic Ninja from the roster, I'd love to work on your base while you were out then you come back to a brand new room! Oh, and... Phantom, I appreciate your friendship. It seemed to me that you really appreciated my work. You were the only person that still trusted me after Viggy lost his trust. Thank you.

To be continued ~


AKA: Server: Galacia:
Rieniuiaa, 40+ Evan, guild: DragonStar

come visit me..... please!

Monday, August 2, 2010

Maplestory Time!

Ahah! I KNEW I was due for a MMO change, and, by god, I've found it! Maplestory may not be invlving in the people sense, but it makes up for it with cute graphics and the fact that I pwn.

My characters:

Rieniuiaa, 35+ Evan;
2BladesohYeah, 40+ Acolyte (my bros);
TwilightGrip, 10 Cygnus, used as a bank.

I started WAY later then my bro, but I am catching up fast!

Oh, and bad news....

CoH.... I dont think I will be playing anymore.