Thursday, August 5, 2010

A long and overdue goodbye.

Well, here it is....

1) Viggy: I am going to miss you the most. I am not kidding. You are like my father I wanted to have, I don't want to say goodbye but I think I have to. I know the day I heard your voice was the day you had teeth pulled... I also know that you are a good person. Never forget that. You have the intergrety I don't, and I always appreciated your crude sense of humor... I mean, listen: If you were able to make such a difference on a 14 year olds life, you can't be stupid or a bad person. I see the good in you, and you know what I mean. I've tried to tell you this before, but I never found the oportunity. You are my best friend, Viggy. Think about that.

2) TnT: Well, I am finally going to say it. You didn't like me, did you. Well, see, I have this saying: If you like me, then alright, if you don't, FUCK YOU! Well, TnT. Fuck you. There have been reasons for me to jump to the conclusion that you don't enjoy listening to me, but, yeesh. I am just glad I wont have to listen to you correct me anymore. Oh, and by the way. Jew camp.

3) Paul: Well.... Paul doesn't know who I am anymore. FAIL, Paul.

4) Phantom: My god, you are a good person. I will be logging in from time to time, you know, so don't boot Psionic Ninja from the roster, I'd love to work on your base while you were out then you come back to a brand new room! Oh, and... Phantom, I appreciate your friendship. It seemed to me that you really appreciated my work. You were the only person that still trusted me after Viggy lost his trust. Thank you.

To be continued ~


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