Wednesday, September 22, 2010


Well, well, Rien is here AGAIN cause she is once AGAIN addicted to some new game....

Minecraft ftw.

Also, I logged back into CoH.

I made a new bio:

This character is a memento. I ruined 1,600 people's fun. I brought the
house down ontop of my enemies... I had friends in the same room with them. I
miss Guyver. I miss the big SG vs small SG wars, the DK vs Chronos fights. I
miss building for King, Viggy farming on Vicodin. I miss jumping from group to
group, browsing members and items alike.

I miss being the natural outcast.

I want it all to go back to when the empire crushed people, but we never
lost hope. With nothing to fight for, I fell.

I am 14, I deserved to be exiled. I fought the odds, my "friends" destroyed
the structure.

I wish I never bought that stupid mic.

Now, I have no group. I am ashamed to be with Chronos, guilty if I am with
my "friends."

I'm sorry, Chronos.

Thats me. BSW. The memento.

I am tired, so damn tired, of this whole thing.

I need to get Guyver back.

I need Chronos back.

I need to never play an online game again. If my friends get hurt when I am angry, I don't want to make other people sad.

I need a second chance. I need another way. I need to make everything right again, I need to find the solution.

Which is why I am asking you, readers, to help. Right now, all I know is Guyver is playing WoW. If you play, scour your server.

Help me look for him.

I need to make things right.